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A July 4th Parade of Toys

A July 4th Parade of Toys

A July 4th Parade of Toys

Fireworks: Locked and loaded.
Grass: Mowed.
Guests: On their way.
Potato salad recipe: Perfected.
Barbecue: Bring on the burgers!
Toys: Wait, who’s on toys?
We are!
July 4th is fast approaching and we’re lowering our prices from sea to shining sea! Use code: 25FIREWORKS and celebrate the stars and stripes with colorful RC cars; replace screen time with outdoor exploration toys and team games; or create awesome summer sculptures with 3D building toys!
It’s all on sale now through July 4th, so shop now and play all summer long! Let the parade begin!

The Red, White and Blue

Patriotic red white and blue remote control car for boys and girls | fast double sided RC car for racing
Just like those rockets’ red glare, these bright car toys are blazing trails with vibrant red, white and blue colors!
Check out the Cyclone RC car - a two-sided stunt car that flips and spins like a true Midwest twister. Flip into Cyclone Mode to see your remote control car become a whirling, twirling blur of red, white and blue! Whip up some patriotic power this Independence Day with a car that’s got it all: grippy rubber tires, easy directional control, and a scrappy American spirit at the heart of it all!

Big Country, Big Buildings  

STEM and STEM learning toys for boys and girls to get hands on building skills, create custom cars buildings and robots with educational toys
Empire State Building, Sears Tower, Mt. Rushmore – there are some truly great structures in this big ol’ country. Give your little ones the chance to master their own building skills as they create the next great American monument with Boltz!
Get Boltz building toys and use interlocking gears and beams, wheels and bolts to construct towers, vehicles, creatures and more! An included building guide gets kids started with simple and complex designs right out of the box. And most importantly, there’s no click and drag for this non-screen toy – just hands-on STEM learning and enjoying for hours on end. And cleaning? It’s a cinch with the included travel tub; break down toy creations easily and stow them, save them, or take them to playdates in the durable container.

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out!

40 foam darts keep Nerf toy guns stocked and loaded for endless fun. Use your compatible Nerf gun vest as a convenient dart holder to store ammo for quick access with 4 clips and 2 wrist straps

July 4th is an exhilarating day. Loud booms, sparklers, family fun, great food – what else could you need?
Answer: A high-stakes game of foam darts vs. foam darts. Gear up with Dart League vests, glasses, Nerf supplies, clips and ammo, and launch an epic Nerf game of darts at the backyard barbecue.
For fans of Nerf gun games and good old-fashioned sibling vs. sibling rivalries, these Nerf-ready tactical vests, masks and foam dart ammo clips come together in one complete 2-team kit.
Suit up, choose your side (2 custom Dinos and Skeletons tube masks included!), and let the battle begin!

Martha, this is George – Do You Read Me?

2 Vox Box Walkie Talkie with wide coverage range best for indoor and outdoor use. Comes with detachable belt clip, earbud jack and built-in LED light. It has multichannel too

When Washington was crossing the Delaware, know what he was wishing for? Vox Box Walkie Talkies, of course! How are you supposed to coordinate a revolution? Letters? Carrier pigeons? One if by land, two if by sea? (… Oh yeah, that actually worked.)
Luckily for you – these two-way radios are just an “add to cart” away! Stock up on our blue and green walkie talkie exploration toys and stay connected for hikes, camping excursions, or just free-roaming with friends across the neighborhood. What sets these above other regular walkie talkies for kids? They’re voice-activated! That’s right, all it takes is your voice to send a message.
Benjamin Franklin. Pffft. If only he would have invented walkie talkies back in 1776. 😉

Over the Moon

The adjustable dart holder keeps foam darts and bullets at the ready for birthday party games and impromptu Nerf battles. Double the fun with 2 included blaster guns for boys and girls; Fun party games.

Neil Armstrong would have totally loved the Astroshot Gyro as a kid – and as an adult!
Who wouldn’t? This Nerf target practice shooting module brings galactic fun to any space. Flip it on to set target windows rotating, then aim for the targets and fire away! 2 Nerf-ready dart blasters are included, so grab a friend and see who’s the top sharp shooter!
As if these Nerf accessories, blasters and target game weren’t enough, the Astroshot Gyro includes a galactic beats soundtrack – flip the switch and make your starship dreams a reality - with music!
Neil Armstrong probably had to settle for basic building blocks, but you don’t have to – get the Astroshot Gyro and get a head start on your NASA application.

Land of the Moosh!

Moosh modeling clay for kids to make endless 3D designs; Great as therapy molding clay or sensory play foam for kids; Less mess than kinetic sand, floof, magnetic sand and other kids clay

Oh, beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of … Moosh?

Dig into the best kinetic modeling dough in the land with fluffy, non-sticky modeling clay! Moosh! might just be the best foam and hands-on sensory toy we’ve seen since Silly Putty. Seriously – it’s light as a cloud, reusable and comes in a portable storage bucket to take to playdates, classrooms, summer camps, vacations, and beyond! And, in every Moosh! kit, we’ve included unique clay molds to create animals and shapes for your wild wonderland of kinetic modeling clay.
For little ones that won’t be staying up late for the fireworks, make their July 4th Moosh-tastic this year with a unique hands-on experience they can play with again and again!
Score big with our July 4th Sale!
Happy Independence Day to all of you from all of us at USA Toyz! If we could bake a country-sized apple pie for all of you awesome customers, we would - but until we figure out the logistics, an epic sale will have to do.
Use code: 25FIREWORKS on Amazon today and get 25% off all of these products through July 4th!
Yay, USA!

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