Best FPV Racing Drone RTF Full Kit + Coupon!

Best FPV Racing Drone RTF Full Kit + Coupon!

Force1RC DYS XDR220 FPV Racing Drone

Overall, this package is AMAZING. I have tested many other drones both ready and custom made and readymade and without a doubt this is the most cohesive, and easiest racing drone package in existence. If you want to dive into the world of FPV flying or racing, this is the best way to get started. Buy it here and use the code FORCEDYS to receive 10% off at checkout! We want you to have this drone so use the coupon and get it right now!

There really aren’t any other truly Ready To Fly (RTF) kits out there that actually have every aspect needed to plug and play and that is exactly the idea that fostered the creation of the Force1RC racing drone kit. This package is all plug and play with a little minor setup to allow full customization to the desires of the pilot. Super fun and easy to take out and just fly! Camera is very nice with a CCD sensor which allows for perfect FPV. The CCD sensor is a step above the lower end CMOS sensor cameras allowing you optimal FPV experience. Goggles work perfect with this drone as well as an amazing, customizable and comfortable controller. The drone functions great, receiver nests perfectly in the shell and comes pre-bound and ready to fly. There are so many amazing aspects to this kit but overall the cohesiveness of this unit as well as the amazing performance of the drone itself are the best features.


  • This drone overall has amazing controllability and flies smoother than any drone I’ve tested.
  • It comes pre-tuned so there is no need to spend hours fiddling with settings to get it to work.
  • All needed tools are included which again allows almost plug and play functionality.
  • Flies AMAZING, much better than lots of expensive custom made drones. Extremely smooth and easy to fly.
  • Additional purchases to allow differing camera angles are also a great feature.
  • With three programmable flight modes, you can start easy with auto level mode, train yourself with horizon mode which combines auto level and acro rate mode, then fly and race like a pro with acro rate mode which allows full 360 flying.
  • Adjustable video transmitter allows for many pilots to fly at the same time as well as indoor/outdoor functionality.
  • Powerful racing spec. brushless motors.
  • Manual flips while in horizon or rate mode! Allows for some crazy flips and acrobatics not possible on non-racing drones!
  • Integrated electronics allow for a lighter more reliable drone.
  • Crazy top speeds and extreme cornering ability.
  • Overall light, fast, strong, and powerful, a must have!



  • Battery works well, plugs right up and holds a charge a long time. Easy USB charging and mounts comfortably in the head strap.
  • Channel changing is fast and easy with the one button auto search. Connects to the drone easily with no struggling over finding the right channel.
  • TV video setting buttons on the side allow fine tuning of the different video settings such as brightness contrast and color.


  • Easy functionality, set to 1.3 amps 3 cells (11.1v), plug up battery and balance wires, press start and it charges fast, easily and safely.
  • Loud beeps to alert you when it is finished charging.
  • Comes with a US DC adapter.


  • No extra battery needed, works with AAs!
  • Color LCD Screen with endless amounts of customizable settings.
  • Works with other models of drones if you decide to buy other drones in the future.
  • Programmed “drone mode” which has settings catered specifically to a quadcopter. This is rare in current controllers an makes this extra special and easier to use.
  • Settable timers to time your flights.
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable for long flights.
  • Highest controller resolution on the market, allows for precision control.
  • Bus protocol is the current fastest method of RC communication. This allows for the fastest and most accurate response. Range Is around 1km!

If you have been looking for an FPV drone but don’t know where to start, this is the best kit to set you up for success. Buy it now here! Use the code FORCEDYS at check out to get 10% off!

 If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Want to get an eye in the sky and fly like a bird with a powerful racing drone at your fingertips? This is the ULTIMATE drone kit for any level of flying. Check it out and get flying, you won’t ever want to stop flying!

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