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Dads & Grads Gift Ideas: Practical Luxuries for your Loved Ones

Dads & Grads Gift Ideas: Practical Luxuries for your Loved Ones

It’s June! Can you believe it? Where has the first half of the year gone? While the world is at a standstill in many places due to coronavirus, the calendar pages still turn and it’s telling us that despite the situation for many of us, we still have many reasons to celebrate. Let’s celebrate Dads for their awesomeness, and celebrate Grads for the next chapter in their lives.



Dads and Grads Treats

Father’s Day and Graduation Day take place annually, and we still wonder what to give our loved ones every year. We’ve been there (we still are) and so, to help out other gift hunters out there, we made this list of gift ideas for you:



For Dads

There are many types of Dads: techie dads, nerdy dads, thrill-seeker dads who like to try new things, step and foster dads, and even moms that wear both hats in the family. For the big man in the house, you can give him one of these big drones with advanced features yet very easy controls.

Launch and land these drones with a push of a button, perform stunts and 360° flips, capture images and video footage from the sky, and build great memories with loved ones. Whether he’s a pilot hobbyist with an ever-growing drone collection or a first-time flyer ready for his first drone, these flying drones make great gifts for him.


For Grads

Post-graduation spells a lot of fun and a lot of excitement as they prepare for the next chapter of their lives. This also means changes and breaking out of their comfort zones. One thing you can do to help smoothen the transition is to send them off with an exciting gift as they move out of the house. 

Learning how to fly a drone may just be a great new hobby for College freshmen or for the young adults about to land their first jobs. These drones are very easy to pilot, takes HD photos and videos, and make a great conversation starter for when they’re hanging out with new friends and colleagues.

Family Fun Shooting Games

For Dads

Dads with younger children or granddads with active grandchildren will love to have these target shooting games. There’s a set with rotating targets, one with floating targets, and one that glows in the dark! Hold a family shooting game competition and see who stands at the top rank.




For Grads

And then there are young champions graduating from kindergarten, elementary school, high school, and beyond - all very important milestones in a person’s life. Watch them hang another achievement under their belts when they play with friends, siblings, and parents and win a friendly target shooting game. These indoor shooting galleries are easy to set up, play, and make great indoor play equipment during the summer break.

Battery Tester and Organizer


The volt vault battery organizer keeps all your AA and AAA batteries neat, safe, and secure. Plus, it comes with a free universal battery tester that's compatible with almost every battery in the market!

Here’s a gift idea for the workshop warrior who needs to keep the batteries in the house checked and neatly organized. No more hunting for batteries when you need them and no more guessing which batteries are live and which need to be disposed of.

For Dads

Dads will love these battery testers as they are powered by the batteries they check. The battery organizers, on the other hand, feature a compact design that can be mounted on the wall in the kitchen, the garage, or placed inside a drawer. These are truly a great gift idea for the handyman at home.

For Grads

These make another practical gift for someone who’s about to take charge of their own place. Help them organize their new home with this no-hassle battery storage box. In addition, the battery testers come in handy for making sure the batteries for the remote, flashlight, clocks, and all other battery-operated home essentials are working.

View the Battery Tester and Organizer here

Bug Zappers

get this bug zapper for an extra layer of protection for your family

 For Dads

It’s a “Dad thing” to protect his family and keep them safe from biting insects, especially during this mosquito season. This might just be the reason why Father’s Day is being celebrated during the season when mosquitoes have all agreed to attack. A mosquito zapper might just be the perfect gift for the family man. 

Let it stand on a table or hang it indoors or out, these mosquito zappers are efficient pest control devices that will please dads and the whole family.

For Grads

Fresh grads preparing for the next phase of their lives will greatly appreciate a thoughtful and practical gift for their new place. A bug zapper is a necessity that most grads might not think about buying for themselves, so it might just be the practical luxury you can gift them with and one they can truly benefit from for years to come.

Cheap Luxuries

For the younger generation of graduates this year, we have a special list of cheap luxuries and little treats you can give kids to celebrate their big accomplishments:

Their Very First Drone 

Do you remember the first time you rode a bicycle or the first time you swam at the pool? Sure you do. Here’s another “first” your little champs can experience and feel great about: flying their very first drone. 

Reward your kids for this big accomplishment in their lives by giving them a kid-safe and super easy-to-fly drone they can fly on their own! Watch the glee in their eyes and that huge smile on their faces as they fly their first drone.

 Summers are more fun with laser launchers, a laser tag target shooting game. Best played with family and friends, indoors and outdoors.

Engaging, Active Games This Summer

Summer break is on and that means kids will be spending more time at home. To keep them entertained, you’ll need something exciting, something new. The Laser Launchers are taking the traditional laser tag game to the next level. This laser tag guns set features flying drone targets! 

This is a fun graduation gift to keep the kids moving without leaving the comforts of your home. Gather the family and play laser tag around the house while keeping the flying targets afloat at the same time. Or, play solo and hone your shooting skills for the next group battle.


Something for the Older Kids 

We’re capping off the list of graduation gift ideas with something for the older boys and girls who might be too old for the mini remote control toys yet still too young for the more advanced tech toys. Here’s a remote control monster truck with a twist — it dances! You read that right! This RC truck dances when you push the Boogie Mode on the chunky remote transmitter. 

The cool-looking multi-roller tires and deep spring suspension make these dancing trucks really eye-catching for kids and adults alike. Race these RC cars in the house or in the backyard or have a dancing RC car showdown. Discover more ways to play with these remote control dancing trucks!


So, there you have it. Happy gift hunting! And Cheers to all Dads and Grads!

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