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Pump Up the Fun - It’s Summer Time!

Pump Up the Fun - It’s Summer Time! - USA Toyz

Can you feel the heat? It’s here! Summer is actually here! It’s s the season for active play and fun outdoor activities and well, a great excuse to stock up on pool toys, glow in the dark party favors, kid tents - and while we’re at it, why not some Hawaiian party leis? Preeesenting …  our summer favorites. 


Llama Pool Float

This Llama Pool float is an easy-inflate floaty deflates and stows easily for trips to pools, lakes, rivers and beyond

Summer is just around the corner - have you stocked up on sunscreen yet? 

We hope you have because these uniquely-designed pool floats will keep you in the water and under the sun for hours!

Heads up! There’s a llama pool float cruising your way! Custom-designed with the image of this gentle South American animal, this swim float keeps kids and toddlers floating safely in the water.



It features two leg openings and 2 easy-grip handles, so little swimmers aged 2-6 are securely saddled up and ready to ride the waves. Grab them a trusty water pal today!

Animal Pool Floats

KID-FRIENDLY CUSTOM POOL FLOAT 3-PACK: These inflatable pool toys feature one of a kind designs: dogs, cats, fish

One, two, three! These pool floats come in three.

Jump in the water with these custom-designed pool floaties featuring fun, colorful designs to entertain little swimmers for hours on end (while keeping them safe in the water, of course!)

Illustrated with goofy dogs, fluffy cats, and golden sea creatures, these durable and easy to inflate swim rings for kids and toddlers aged 3-10 are a definite must-have for the summer!

Creature Pool  Floats

Two's company but three's a pool party! Bring these unique inflatable pool floats on your next visit to the pool, lake, river, and beyond and watch your little paddlers giggle with joy. Featuring in-house designs of majestic unicorns, daffy dinosaurs, and adorable aliens, these swim floaties are perfectly-sized for toddlers aged 3-10. Bring these swim floaties to the pool as trusty buddies to keep your children safe as they enjoy the water. Adults, no worries, you can stay with your kids and join in the fun, too!

Flashing Freedom Necklace



Pump Up the Fun - It’s Summer Time! - USA Toyz

You can! These light up necklaces feature bright LEDs to keep you shining bright for any patriotic party.Wanna be as flashy as the fireworks on July 4th?

Wear it with pride as the red, blue, and white stars light up the mood and show your own Star-Spangled Banner spirit.

With broad stripes and bright stars, these patriotic LED necklaces are your all-in-one fun light up necklace accessories for Independence Day!



Glow Sticks

Huge variety of glow in the dark light sticks, connectors and LED light up rings allows you to create varied glow necklaces and braceletsWho needs a party venue when you can bring the party anywhere? These glow sticks party favors make awesome glow party decorations for birthdays, anniversaries, family get-togethers, July 4th celebrations, and more! Easily bendable, you can create neon bracelets, necklaces, and glasses to wear for concerts, carnivals, and camping excursions. These nontoxic glow in the dark party sticks are safe for kids aged 3-99 (yes, kids at heart, you can have fun with these, too!), and are basically required for all star gazers and free spirits who like glowing inside and out!  

Rocket and Unicorn Play Tents

Perfect for dress-up with the unicorn horn headband. Great as a private reading nook that your kids can snuggle into

It’s warm outside! It’s the perfect time to set up a private play space on the lawn outside! Throw an awesome camp-themed playdate with these play tents for kids - choose between rockets or unicorns (or have both, no one’s stopping you). Add some pillows, trees, bears (plush ones!), and s’mores! Lots and lots of s’mores.

Be it a space travel adventure or a visit to the magical unicorn kingdom, these tents for kids let little adventurers have their very own secret hideaway for reading, relaxing, playing, and imagining!


Bonus: Our rocket tent features a space projector flashlight, and our unicorn tent includes a unicorn headband!  

Glow Pack

hese glow party favors are fun candy alternatives for goody bag and pinata fillers. Use as glow in the dark decorations indoor and outdoor.

How do you spell Summer? C-O-L-O-R-S. That’s right! Bright, lively, dynamic colors! And that’s exactly what these jewelry party favors are all about. Create bracelets, necklaces, glasses and amp up the party fun with all 100 light sticks and jewelry connectors that glow ultrabright for up to 12 hours! But wait, there’s more - these neon party light sticks are totally nontoxic, so kids and adults alike can enjoy their summers worry-free and in style.

Party Sticks

Perfect for glow party supplies for school dances or disco dance party, classroom prizes, treasure box gifts, pinata fillers, candy rewards and camping games.

Glow in the park (or anywhere, really!) These neon light sticks let you party like it’s the 4th of July every day! Set the party mood and keep the fun going for up to 12 hours; these glow sticks are nontoxic, great to wear as a necklace, and easy to hang anywhere. Indoors or outdoors, these glow in the dark party sticks are ready to brighten up any and all summer parties!







Party Leis 

Assorted party leis great for luau party decorations and Maui costume themes
Want to know a little secret? It's not just kids - adults also like dress-up parties. And, these eye-catching and brightly-colored Hawaiian party leis are just the necklaces to get everyone in the celebratory spirit. They’re soft, fluffy, and stay full all party long! Summer is the perfect weather for tropical parties, weddings, and pineapple upside-down cake - so bust out the tiki torches, and get the luau started. Aloha! 



We love summer (can you tell?)! We hope you make the most of the season with family, friends and products designed to bring people together. Pick your summer favorites and share your experiences with us! One last shoutout for sunscreen: Wear it!

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