Top 10 Best Drones For Beginners

With drones being the biggest breakthrough in technology and entertainment it can be difficult to determine which drone is right for you. That’s why we have compiled this list of top 10 beginner drones so you can know which drone is the best fit for your first fun flier! Below are some of our favorite drones especially for beginners who want an easy learning experience and the fun of a powerful, well built drone.

10. UDI U32 Inverted

U32 Inverted Drone For Beginners

This drone, while small, packs a lot of punch! If you are someone who isn’t sure if flying drones is for you this is an inexpensive way to test that out! In addition it has some powerful brushed motors and the unique ability to fly inverted which is a unique feature, as well as an easy flip function that makes it well worth the cost.

The drone itself stays light weight by integrating the circuit board into the frame of the drone, but is well protected by low profile propeller protectors, motor landing feet, and a solid plastic body for the important internal electronics. This also allows for onboard LEDs to be used which are great for beginners!

This drone is also very easy to fly with multiple speed modes and 6-axis automatic gyro stabilization.  While it doesn’t have a camera or some of the features of the drones higher on this list, if you want to ease into the world of drones, this is the drone for you!

9. UST Enterprise

UST Enterprise Drone For Beginners

This is another fun way to dive in to the world of FPV with a design that’s unique and will set you apart from other beginner pilots while making your flying look like a pro. This drone is easy to learn on and by keeping four propellers but designed to look like it only has three, this drone is still as fast as a four propeller while having the unique steering characteristics of a three propeller quadcopter.

Multiple speed modes, propeller protection and 6-axis gyro stabilization are some other great features that make this drone great for beginners and the easy flip function is always a crowd pleaser. The LEDs on this drone are also helpful for beginners and make night flight great! The unique USA Toyz colors also won’t be found anywhere else setting this drone apart!

8. UX5C

Syma UX5C Drone For Beginners

Comparable to the X5C Syma this is another one of our top picks for a beginner drone. With its 720p camera, this is a great way to get an eye in the sky without leaving your drone in the ground. With detachable propeller protectors and a solid shell body, this drone can take a hit and keep flying. Its multiple speed modes also allow for more advanced flying or a speed easy for beginners to learn on.

The 6-axis gryo stabilization is also a great feature for beginners because it keeps the drone stable so you don’t have to LED indicators are also helpful for beginners. And of course what would a drone be without a flip function. With the added 720p camera for photo and video, as well as the versatile speed modes for fast or slow maneuverability, this drone is a definite go to for beginner pilots who also want the ability to film from the sky.

7. UFO 3000

While the UFO doesn’t have a camera, because of its flight performance LEDs, and unique design, this is one of my personal favorites and definitely a great beginner drone. The LEDs as you can see on the box are really unique and look the best out of any drone on this list.

In addition the tri-prop design is unique and gives this brushed motor drone some added lift. The body of this drone is also extremely crash resistant and safe for indoor and outdoor flight because of the 360 propeller protection. The three speed modes are also great for adding speed as you become more comfortable with the control of the drone, not to mention easy flips are always fun.

For the price, this drone is by far one of my favorites and gives you a lot of room to grow, as well as a visually appealing drone to show off to your friends. These drones are also all on a unique bandwidth allowing you to race with friends in the light or the dark!

6. U842 WiFi FPV

The best part about this drone— it’s big. The sheer size of this drone makes it a super fun drone to fly, as well as fun to show off to friends and family, bigger is better right? This drone is one of the biggest on this list and also one of the more stable fliers. If you are worried about a drone running away from you while you learn to fly, this is the drone for you.

Its large frame size means it is able to hold very steady in the air which makes flying a breeze for beginners. It’s propeller protectors and overall frame design also leave you worry free during a crash. One of the best parts about this drone is the WiFi FPV. This means you can connect your phone via a self generated WiFi signal to see exactly what your drone sees in near-real time, as well as take HD 720p photo and video!

The WiFi APP also allows you to take pictures and videos from your phone as well as fly by just by tilting your phone or by using on screen controls! The controllers also gives a clear readout of multiple settings which can be very helpful for new pilots. If you want a beginner drone that is stable with tons of added features, this is the drone for you!

5. UDI U28 Kestrel

While this drone is considerably smaller than the U842, this has some distinct advantages. This tiny but mighty drone can reach fast top speeds and because of the low-latency video transmission straight to a built in controller screen, it makes this ideal for anyone who wants a fun drone to learn on, but eventually be able to race around obstacles with ease.

The motors are very powerful for the size of frame making this drone super fast and agile. As with all these other models, it has a great flip button which is especially fun to see through the built in FPV controller screen. The low profile propeller protectors keep this drone light and zippy while protecting your propellers.

The FPV camera also doubles as a video camera allowing you to take HD 720p photos and videos with ease. The controller is also very unique in design and is the only drone on this list with a low latency video transmission! If you want a easy drone to fly with the potential for speed, this is the drone for you.

4. UDI U45 Raven

This drone is one of the coolest looking drones on the list as well as the only drone with altitude hold function. This function is what earns in the #4 spot on the best drones for beginners because without the worry of maintaining a hover, the learning curve is reduced in half. You no longer have to worry about your drone flying away or crashing down and can simply experience the joy that comes with flying a drone.

Whether that be around objects or high in the sky, whatever height you want to fly at, this drone will hold for you. Using this function with the 720p camera makes this drone great for steady aerial photography. The propeller protectors, multiple speed modes, LEDs, and easy flip button are also great additions to make your beginning flying experience enjoyable.

3. UDI U818A HD+ Green

As we reach #1 what starts to set these drones apart is what makes them ideal for beginners—durability. With the flexible 360 propeller protector, self parachute fall design, bubble frame, and replacement parts. These HD+ models from UDI are some of the best drones for beginners, not to mention they fly great and take great HD 720p photos and videos.

The LEDs and easy flip button are also must haves for any beginner drone. The controller read out also gives you important information on flight status which is important to any pilot, new or experienced. The multiple speed modes with the geared brushed motors also allow for stable flying and high top speeds which are both essential for anyone wanting a drone.

The 6-axis gyro stabilization, as with all these other models, is great for keeping the drone steady for beginners.  If you want an all around beginner drone that can take a hit and keep on flying, this is the drone for you!

2. UDI U818A HD+ Black

This is the same as the HD+ green but in a sleek matte black design and is ranked above the green because of its bonus power bank which allows for longer flying time as you can charge batteries on the go!

1. UDI U818A HD+ WiFi FPV

This drone has all the features of the HD+ and then some! This drone has an upgraded battery allowing for more power to the motors and increased speed and stability. The motors are also bigger to handle the bigger battery meaning you get more bang for your buck!

This drone also comes with WiFi FPV which allows you to see everything the drone sees in real time, as well as capture this HD 720p photos and videos! This also comes with a bonus power bank for charging on the go. The LEDs and flip button are of course a part of this top beginner drone.

Headless mode is another great feature for this drone as it ignores any change in rotation meaning it will always move the direction you want it to without a long learning curve. If you want the best of the best in the world of beginner drones, this drone is for you and with all the added features this drone will not only satisfy your drone craving temporarily, but will allow you to enjoy this product even after mastering the controls.

We hope you found this post helpful and informative and a good indicator of the best selection of beginner drones currently on the market!

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