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Ultimate Easter Basket Stuffers + Coupon Code

Ultimate Easter Basket Stuffers + Coupon Code

Ultimate Easter Basket Stuffers + Coupon Code

Of course, there’s all that Easter candy – but what else are you gonna put in those Easter baskets?

You’ve seen the Easter party supplies at the grocery store, the pastel palette of Robin’s Eggs, jellybeans and hard-shelled chocolates. (You’ve probably been strategizing for a Peep’s marshmallow microwave battle too!)

BUT – what about fun Easter toys, Easter party favors, and Easter activities for kids?

The big bunny is fast approaching – April 21! – and we’ve got the ultimate Easter basket stuffers for the big day. There’s something classic, something new, and plenty of toys that’ll last well beyond Easter Sunday.


Enjoy a different Easter Egg hunt experience. Imagine having glowing eggs and have a night time search on Easter. These glow in the dark eggs will surely bring a whole new level to Easter egg hunting.

A glow-in-the-dark egg hunt? We’re as excited as you! Picture kids’ faces lighting up with every glowing egg they discover – and then add to that the treat you put inside each and every egg. It’s a recipe for egg-cellent fun!

Glow Eggs are the perfect small containers for Easter candy, Easter gifts, and small prizes. Get 24 plastic eggs and use them again and again with 72 mini glow sticks included in every pack.

Put a new spin on the classic egg hunt this year with these colorful indoor- and outdoor-friendly plastic eggs for kids!

Glow in the dark Easter Eggs are a brand new product for USA Toys (yay!) and if you want to add a special twist to your Easter celebration we are offering an exclusive 20% off for our blog readers. When checking out, use coupon code EASTER2019 to save 20%.


What could be a perfect addition to Easter hunt surprises but the hand operated Monarch drone that looks like a pretty butterfly? This glittery motion sensored drone is small enough to fit the Easter basket. Plus, it doesn't come with a complicated remote. Fly one and have fun with friends on Easter.If you think about it, Easter is all about flight; bumblebees are buzzing, birds are flitting through the air – why not join the fun with a small indoor drone that matches the season?

The Monarch Hand Drone for Kids is packed with playful fun for everyone, and small enough to fit in those Easter baskets.

Anyone can guide this mini drone with the hand gesture remote. The Monarch drone sensor will detect your hand movements to flip, fly, and navigate around the room!

Take your Easter celebration to the next level this year with these mini flying toys for girls and boys that’ll delight the whole crowd.


Easter fun events won't be complete with the perfect Easter goodie bags. The Easter party favors is perfect for giveaways and freebies for kids. Let them enjoy colorful assorted toys that will definitely make the even memorable.This Easter Party Favors Pack is a goldmine.
If you’ve ever wondered where the Easter bunny gets all those marvelous toys – wonder no longer!

With tops, stamps, pinball games and more, there are plenty of party supplies to keep Easter baskets and goodie bags teeming with toys.

Use these Easter egg hunt toys for scavenger hunts, treasure box prizes and stuff plastic Easter eggs with this unique assortment of small party favors.

Go big on April 21st with 100 tiny toys designed in blue, yellow, pink and green pastel colors – the perfect palette to match your Easter picnic!


Another perfect addition to your Easter basket is this awesome micro car. This fidget toy can be brought anywhere anytime so you could say goodbye to boredom. Plus, it comes with its own unique kind of eggshell; well not really an eggshell but a shell.It can be tough finding fun toys that’ll fit in those Easter baskets, but it doesn’t have to be.

Add some zip to Easter morning with Whipz Mini Racers.

These little toy cars are just the right size, and even come with their own eggshell … sorta.

An included stunt globe (more sphere than egg) lets you zip and flip these LED toys in the palm of your hand!

They also happen to be fast little speedsters on the ground, in case you’re wondering.

Above all else, these mini toy cars for boys and girls are the perfect size to tuck into a pocket, a goodie bag, and of course - Easter baskets!


Easter isn't only for egg hunting, you can also incorporate fun sensory toys for activities. These Moosh! clay set is the perfect addition to get boys and girls sit down and create their own animal kingdom. It is mess free and non toxic which makes it even more fun to spend time playing with friends.So, what do you do after the egg hunt? After posing for Easter Bunny pictures? After the honey-glazed ham? It’s always good to have another activity on deck that’ll let kids wind down at the end of the day.

Moosh! modeling clay is just the thing, for a couple of reasons: First, Moosh! modeling dough is a stress reliever. For any kids who are disappointed that they didn’t find that last egg – let them squeeze and squish this sensory, fluffy dough to create something new. Second, it’s an activity that lets kids refocus after the high-energy day.

Moosh! is colorful, nontoxic, and safe for kids aged 3 and up. Play tip: Challenge them to design their own Easter bunny sculpture to cap off the day!

Throw the best Easter party ever this year! Ditch the plastic grass and stock up on supplies that’ll make your Easter basket pop at its woven basket seems. What are you waiting for?!? HOP to it, and make the Easter Bunny proud! And don’t forget to use code EASTER2019 to save 20% on your 24 pack of glow stick Easter eggs!

Happy Spring! 🐰 🐰 🐰

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