World Peacekeepers Action Figure - Collectible 12 Inch Military Action Figure Army Man - Army Men Toys w/ 6 Accessories (Tan)

  • FULL SIZE ARMY ACTION FIGURE: World Peacekeepers Collectibles are 1:6 scale, 12 military action figures. This aint no pocket-sized wannabe soldier.
  • OVER 30 ARTICULATED POINTS: This durable army man features a super articulated body with over 30 moveable points. Adopt any firing position in double time the bad guys wont wait!
  • WELL EQUIPPED: Like all serious army guys, this action figure comes ready for battle with highly detailed and authentic camo uniform components and accessories.
  • MODERN ARMY INTER-OPERABILITY: All World Peacekeepers action figures pack weapons and gear thats fully interchangeable with other 12 action figures.
  • COLLECTIBLE: In the field or on display, World Peacekeepers toys make a statement. That statement being Have you got what it takes to join our squad?

 Take Command with Your World Peacekeepers Action Figure

The world needs a hero. Answer the call with this 1:6 scale, 12 army man. Reporting for duty with detailed, modern weaponry. Able to blend into almost any terrain with authentic camo uniform and combat boots. Ready to defend, at home, in the field or proudly displayed in a place of honor in your home or office.p>

Assemble your Army

Whether youre adding a collectible action figure or looking for the perfect gift for your young fan of army toys, World Peacekeepers are mission-ready. As part of the collection of World Peacekeepers toys, this army man can operate alone, or maximize the fun and pair him with other World Peacekeepers accessories, Humvees or military vehicles.

Fully Equipped, Completely Lethal

Your World Peacekeepers action figure packs serious firepower with a modern, compact assault rifle with folding butt, tactical-length forestock, high-capacity magazine and all-weather scope. And for extra stopping power, a silenced combat handgun. Nothing is getting by this army guy.

Authentic Camouflage

For added realism and collectability, this military action figure features the same chocolate chip camo pattern fatigues worn by soldiers on famous modern battlefields a tribute to military men everywhere, and a nod to your own eye for details that matter.

Rugged and Durable

World Peacekeepers action figures are ready for whatever you throw at them. Constructed with hard-wearing plastic, this army man is built as tough as they come.

World Peacekeepers Action Figures Include:

12 Inch Army Action Figure

Authentic Military Camo Uniform

1 Rifle

1 Handgun

4 Other Accessories

Secure your World Peacekeepers collectible action figure now.

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