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Back-to-School Homework Strategies for 2023

Back-to-School Homework Strategies for 2023
Summer is coming to a close, which means that the back-to-school season is just around the corner! But don’t hit the panic button just yet, we’ve got some mind-blowing hacks to increase your kid’s productivity and make their upcoming homework a breeze. So, sit tight and grab your notebook, as we lay four useful and powerful strategies to help your kids conquer the toughest of assignments.

Set Up a Homework-Friendly Zone at Home
Set Up a Homework-Friendly Zone at Home
By setting up a designated study area at home, your kids will have a safe and distraction-free space to tackle their homework confidently. No more hunting for missing materials or struggling to find a quiet spot, they’ll have everything they need to handle their studies in one place. You can motivate your kids even further by asking them to customize the area to their liking. For example, a cozy chair, a well-lit desk, and some healthy snacks at arm’s length will help make their study time more enjoyable, helping them concentrate without feeling uneasy.

Schedule a Regular Study Time
Schedule a regular study time
You can set up a consistent study schedule in your home to help your kids stay on top of their homework. Not only will this help them tackle their daily assignments in an orderly manner, but it will also boost their productivity in the process. This is because they’ll be creating the habit of switching their brains to “learning mode” when they get home, turning homework time into a seamless and stress-free experience. The power of routine also goes beyond academics, helping your kids develop a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Use Positive Reinforcement
Use Positive Reinforcement
After your kids finish their homework and close their notebooks, you can use positive reinforcement to reward them for their hard work. Remember that your kids are doing something difficult that takes time every day, so it’s ok to reward them when they succeed. You can start rewarding them for simply completing their homework, and as they get used to the routine, you can switch to more academic-oriented goals. The best part about positive reinforcement is that the rewards can be anything you or your kids want, just ask them what they’d like to do and cater to their needs. From watching TV to playing outdoors together, rewarding your kids can also be the perfect way to set some quality time together. If you’re looking for multiplayer toys to play with your kids, our Galaxy Sword Light Force set or our Laser Tag 2-pack are excellent choices.

Add In Some Break-Time!
Add in some Break-time
No matter how much your kid’s study sessions last, you should always include a space for them to relax and recover. Break times are essential for a healthy study habit, since they enhance information retention, boost productivity, and prevent studying from becoming a mental marathon. From letting them check their social media to allowing them to play with toys, you can cater your kids’ break time to their tastes and needs. And if you want something fun to add to break time, you can check any of our best-selling toys, like the Scoot Pro and UFO 5000.

By teaching your kids to create and maintain their own study schedules, you’ll be helping them become masters of their own workflow and academic goals. Which of these strategies will you be adding to your kid’s studies? Let us know in the comments below, and share these tips with other parents you know that are prepping for the back-to-school season. And remember to tag us to your back-to-school social media posts by using @usatoyz or #usatoyz.
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