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Toy of the Month

And just like that, we survived 2020! Let’s welcome the new year with our January Toy of the Month, the snap-on, glow-in-the-dark building set, Snap N’ Glow Trax!

With the Glow Trax, kids can enjoy building their very own glowing race tracks with this 360-piece race track set. Glow Trax includes easy, snap-on roads, glowing LED cars, mini road signs, and more! 

And for this month’s TOTM promo, you’ll get a free TokTok mini talking, voice-changing robot for every purchase of the Glow Trax race track building toy. To enjoy this month's promo, add both the Glow Trax and TokTok (yellow) to your cart and use the code JANTOTM to get the TokTok for free. Promo runs till January 31. Conditions apply.

  • Rated 4.8 out of 5
    Based on 160 reviews

    Snap N' Glow Trax (Small)

    🏎️ Design and build your own race track with this lighted car race track set! With 360 vibrant track pieces, you can create endless Snap N’ Glow T...

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  • $18.99

    Tok Tok Mini Voice Changer Robot with 3 Robot Voices and Faces

    Get Tok Tok talkin’! This mini talking robot repeats what you say in 3 different robot voices--Happy, Grumpy, and Speedy. This quirky voice change...

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