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Family-Fun 4th of July Activities

4th of July Blog - USA Toyz
It’s July! Half of the year has gone by, we’re now in the middle of summer and 4th of July is right around the corner. Whew! So much has happened already but now that more people are vaccinated, small gatherings like backyard barbecue parties and small house parties are now safer to host and attend. 

Which is why now’s a great time for more outdoor activities for the whole family. Read on for the list of our hottest summer toys for fun-filled family activities everyone can enjoy during your 4th of July celebrations!

Llama Pool Float
Summer parties equals pool parties! Paddle in the water safely and in style with this llama pool float for kids. This custom-designed inflatable pool float is designed with 2 leg openings to secure younger kids inside the float. The cute 27 inches tall llama design makes swimming time extra fun!

Tons of fun for tots guaranteed with this easily inflatable kids pool float that also deflates and folds easily for portability and safe keeping. Bring your llama pool float to the beach, pool, river, or lake. This durable swimming float is crafted with quality materials and designed to carry the weight of kids ages 2 to 6. 

Parents, don’t feel left out. Though this pool float can only fit kids, you can join in the fun, too, by swimming together and making great memories while you waddle in the water.
Rocket Ship Play Tent
With warmer weather and longer daylight hours, playing outdoors is simply inevitable. Kids just know that it’s time to go out and play! Well, feel free to let them have their very own private play space in the backyard, play alone or invite friends over with our Rocket Ship play tent.

This pop up tent is easy to assemble and fits up to 3 children comfortably--perfect for play dates and hours of imaginative play in their own little world. Grab the included flashlight projector toy and learn more about the outer space projected through the 24 image slide discs.

The breathable design with a wide tie-back door and mesh windows allows parents to still monitor their kids while they play. Another treat for parents is that this playhouse tent is water-resistant and can be easily cleaned by wiping it down. 
Fog Runner Monster Truck
This patriotic holiday is celebrated with festive blue, red, and white! From decors to food to clothing and accessories, party treats and gifts, we prefer everything in these colors for this one special holiday. Speaking of gifts, the Fog Runner remote control monster truck fits the color code of the party.

This high-powered, high speed RC truck features swappable toy truck shells. And you guessed it--it’s blue and red! The Fog Runner is a 1:16 scale remote control monster truck with oversized grippy rubber tires to expertly maneuver the rough trails of the backyard and showcase its cool RC toy stunts while everyone enjoys their food.

What’s more, while this RC toy truck climbs up and down slopes, runs around and delights everyone, this fast RC car also shoots out rear exhaust fog for added entertainment. See what more this super cool remote control toy truck has in store when you take control with the easy 2.4GHz remote transmitter.
UFO 4000
Blue, red, white LEDs lighting up the sky is a perfect treat for 4th of July! Fly this remote control drone with ease by grabbing the chunky remote control and enjoying the easy directional controls and epic light trails in every flight.

Kids and adults will love piloting this mini drone with its 1-touch 360° flips and 2 warp speeds. This high tech drone also boasts beginner drone features like Altitude Hold to hover at a set height and Headless Mode for no-fuss drone orientation. 

The UFO 4000 also makes a great alternative for when you run out of fireworks. Visual treat guaranteed when you fly this super fun RC toy drone.
Scoot 2 LED
Patriotic lights + visual treat = ultra bright hand operated drone! The Scoot LED hand controlled drone is another great addition to your party toys this July 4th. This mini drone lights up with vibrant red and blue LEDs as it navigates any indoor space all on its own. That’s right, this cool self flying drone flies by detecting objects or “obstacles” around and avoiding them by flying towards the opposite direction--no remote control needed!

Simply toss this small drone into the air and let the smart infrared sensors do its thing. Also, designed with a flexible yet tough drone shell, this mini toy drone is safe for kids and adults to fly as this shell keeps fingers, walls, and furniture away from the drone propellers.

And did we say this hand controlled drone performs 360° flips yet? Well, it does! Simply place your hands on both sides of the drone then swipe a hand under this flying toy drone when the lights start blinking rapidly. Get the party going by turning any indoor room into a fun-filled arena where you can have fun with family and friends.
Velocity RC Boat
Barbecue party by the lake sounds like a really sweet 4th of July celebration, don’t you think? Go out to the nearest lake, pool, or any wide body of water and race this high speed remote control boat like a pro. 

Whether you camp by the lake or have a pool party at home this 4th of July, good company plus good food makes for a great Independence Day celebration already. But if you want to make it “extra”, toss in some really fun toys for the whole family to enjoy.

Easy maneuverability, superb waterproof capabilities, fast speed, and high capacity battery all leads to a very delightful boat driving experience for kids and adults. 

Great news! The Velocity RC Boat is our Toy of the Month for July! Get a FREE Techno RC Car when you purchase the July TOTM.


4th of July is the day to honor tradition and celebrate the American independence. For most of us, we celebrate it by having good times with good people over good food. Some throw parties while some prefer smaller gatherings. No matter how you celebrate, may we all have a good one this year.

Happy Independence Day, America!

P.S. Don’t forget to share your 4th of July photos with us! Tag us on Instagram @USAToyz
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