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Top 6 Green Toys for St. Patrick's Day

Top 6 Green Toys for St. Patrick's Day - USA Toyz

Irish or not, it’s exciting to celebrate St. Paddy’s day with friends and family and just maybe, have the luck of the Irish rub off on us! 🍀

Besides searching for that elusive pot of gold and celebrating all things green (from outfits to food🥑🥦🥒), how about a rundown of our favorite green favorite green toys for St. Patrick's day? From flying UFOs and drones to robots and cool cars, you’ll be seeing green with these toys! 

1. Truck Bots - Dump Truck

This stealthy dump truck transforms into a green crime-fighting robot in just a few moves. Sounds familiar? This truck bot might be one of the Autobots’ long-lost tiny brothers, who knows? 

Top 6 Green Toys for St. Patrick's Day - USA Toyz

Maybe it's another autobot?

What makes it special:

  • Shapeshifts into not one, but 3 different kinds of trucks: Ladder Truck, Garbage Truck, and Lift Truck
  • Morphs into a mighty robot
  • STEM toy - cool bot encourages basic engineering skills in kids
  • Kid-friendly and BPA-free

Check Out Truck Bots Here

2. UFO 3000 Drone

After being gone for too long, the prodigal drone has returned! This mini UFO 3000 drone is an obvious choice for St. Paddy’s day because of its glaring green hue, but that’s not the only reason why it’s one of our favorite drones 😉 

Top 6 Green Toys for St. Patrick's Day - USA Toyz

It's so cool it's definitely out-of-this-world...

What makes it special:

  • Epic stunts!
  • Easy-to-learn and smooth controls make it perfect for indoor flight lessons
  • Made with glowing LED lights for night flying sessions and your very own light show
  • Portable size (5.5” width)

Check Out UFO 3000 Here

3. Syma Wind Hawk

We’re loaded with mean green flying machines! For our next St. Paddy’s toy pick, we present the UFO’s cousin, the Syma green helicopter. Though tiny (fits right onto your palm), the Syma chopper packs a mean punch!

What makes it special:

  • Tiny flyer for serious pilots
  • Great for indoor flying 
  • Cool LED lights
  • Stable flight control + one-button lift/land (how cool is that?🤩)

Check Out Syma Wind Hawk Here

4. Moosh Fluffy Clay

Create green dinosaurs and cute zoo animals - and maybe shamrocks and leprechauns too - with this revolutionary sensory clay. We love the Moosh not only because of its bright, neon green color - we love it ‘cause it’s unlike any other clay you’ve ever seen!

What makes it special:

  • Feels like foam, molds like clay, but doesn’t feel sticky!
  • We kid you not, this better-than-clay is mess-free (moms, you’re welcome)
  • Comes with animal molds and its own bucket for easy storage 

Check Out Moosh Here

5. Ditto

We don’t have a leprechaun, but we do have a Ditto babbling bot - that works, right? This pint-sized friend dittoes everything you’ll say, like the good friend that he is 😁

Top 6 Green Toys for St. Patrick's Day - USA Toyz

Ditto can be your forever friend 💚

What makes it special:

  • Since it’s durable - Ditto can be your best friend for keeps 
  • With LED eyes 👀 that light up when you talk 
  • Tiny size makes it the perfect travel toy or quirky work-from-home office toy 

Check Out Ditto Here

6. Snap ‘N Glow Trax

Last but not least, our final pick for St. Patrick’s day - the Glow Trax race track set! We recommend this fan-favorite race car set because it’s a super fun activity for the family (hence the ‘fan favorite’ 😉)

What makes it special:

  • 360 pieces of custom race track fun 
  • Comes with 2 glow-in-the-dark LED cars
  • Some track pieces glow green too 💚

Check Out Glow Trax Here

Hope you liked our top green toy picks for St. Patrick’s day! Since Easter is just around the corner, we’ve got this awesome Easter sale just for you - visit our Toy Egg-Stravaganza sale page and get 20% off on all Easter gifts with the code EASTER20 🙂🐰

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