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Top Toy Gifts For Grads - Graduation Gift Ideas 2021

Top Toy Gifts For Grads - Graduation Gift Ideas 2021 - USA Toyz
Graduation season is upon us and school is finally OUT! As we celebrate our beloved graduates (of all ages!) of 2021, it's time to stock up on the best gifts to help the new grads kick off their summer! Don't worry - we've included the best graduation gifts for all ages, whether they graduated pre-school, middle school, and high school.

Pre-School and Kindergarten Graduation Gifts

Ditto The Babble Bot

Ditto Mini Talking Robot - Babble Bot From USA Toyz

Get your hands on the toy robot sidekick that talks back! DITTO is the talking kids robot that echoes every sound. Your new bestie is this smart robot who repeats everything you say – repeats everything you say … got it?
This babblin’ toy robot made of die-cast metal, featuring LED eyes and 11 flex joints, will introduce your kids to the world of robotics. Get gabbing with Ditto and see why everyone is adding this robot toy to their wish list!

Shop Ditto The Babble Bot


Under-The-Sea Play Tent

Under-The-Sea Play Tent For Kids | USA Toyz

These beautifully designed Under-The-Sea play tents lets kids create a play space that feels like their own uniquely imaginative world. Check out the colorful, original illustrations on the floors, side panels and wide tie-back doors! The cozy, mermaid-themed tent displays the oceanic world, including a mermaid, rainbow narwhal and kid’s favorite sea creatures. This spacious hideaway features breathable mesh windows, a roll-flap door, and vibrant illustrations.

Ahoy - a bonus toy! Look through the included, mini kaleidoscope toy that comes with each kids play tent like it’s a ship captain’s telescope! 

Shop Under-The-Sea Play Tent


Truck Bots Take Apart Truck Set

TRUCK BOTS Take Apart Robot Truck Set (3 options) USA Toyz

Let kids develop basic engineering and mechanical skills as they build and take apart the 19-piece Truck Bots take apart robot truck set. Customize your truck bot, your way by swiveling, folding, clicking, or taking apart the set pieces with the included screwdriver.
There are three different truck bots to choose from!
  • The yellow construction truck variant transforms into an excavator truck, cement mixer truck, tow truck, and dump truck.
  • The red fire truck turns into a lift truck, fire truck, and boom arm.
  • The green garbage truck morphs into a ladder truck, garbage truck, and lift truck.

Shop Truck Bots


Elementary School Graduation Gifts

Rocket Ship Play Tent

ROCKET SHIP PLAY TENT with Projector Toy and Storage Tote USA Toyz

Ready to have a blast? ‘Cause this kids tent is ready for liftoff! This planet-bound playhouse tent lets pals pile in for epic out-of-this-world fun. The star-spangled tent for kids is decorated with silver rocket fins, galactic blue walls and a silver-coned roof. Easily set it up as an outdoor tent under the stratosphere, or as an indoor tent in the bedroom. Plus, a bonus space-projector flashlight is included with this play tent for boys and girls!

Shop Rocket Ship Play Tent


AstroShot Gemini Target Practice

ASTROSHOT GEMINI Foam Ball Popper Gun Set (2 blasters, 1 target) USA Toyz

Load, pump, and shoot! Divide into teams and play against friends and family! Turn family game night into an active competition with the AstroShot Gemini space-themed standing target set. Enjoy multi-player fun with two included pump action foam ball blasters, 12 green foam balls, 12 blue foam balls, and one galactic target stand with a score tracker to see who gets the most points!

Shop AstroShot Gemini Target Practice Set


Snap N' Glow Trax LED Race Track Set

SNAP N' GLOW TRAX (LARGE) Glow-in-the-Dark Race Track Set (360 pieces) USA Toyz

Race all day – and all night – with Snap N’ Glow Trax! This rainbow-colored, 360-piece glowing race set lets you create roads, slopes, bridges and more! Construct your speedway, turn off the lights, and start your engines! 2 LED light-up race cars light up these colorful race tracks for boys and girls. Not only does the glowing race set deliver on fun, it allows kids to tackle STEM science and technology learning skills.

Shop Snap N' Glow Trax (Small) and (Large)


Middle School Graduation Gifts

AstroShot Gyro Glow Shooting Target Set

ASTROSHOT GYRO GLOW Rotating Target Shooting Game (with 2 blasters) USA Toyz

Fine tune your shooting skills with the new AstroShot Gyro Glow! It’s a shooting game with an easy to assemble, glow in the dark rotating module for target practice. Set comes with two blasters for fun, head-to-head games with family and friends.
This fun, multiplayer target practice game is also available in a standard, non-glow version!

Shop AstroShot Gyro Glow and AstroShot Gyro


Scoot LED Drone


"Look, mom - no hands!" That's usually what kids say when they first try out our line of Scoot hands-free drones.
The Scoot LED hand-operated drone is perfect for beginners and kids alike! Simply toss Scoot in the air and watch it fly on its own. This intelligent quadcopter features advanced sensors that detect and avoid obstacles!

Shop Scoot Hands-Free LED Drone

3-in-1 LED Constellation Globe

3-IN-1 LED CONSTELLATION GLOBE World Globe / Constellation Map / Night Light USA Toyz

Inspire your inner explorer - and pint-sized pioneers, too! - with this 3-in-1 interactive illuminated globe of the world that wows in any room as a world map, constellation guide and soothing nightlight. Get ready to chart the stars with the LED globe using the included illustrated star map.
Did we mention the 3-in-1 LED globe is STEM certified? That's right! This innovative world globe has earned the Authenticated Trustmark from's mission is to make quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education accessible to all.

Shop 3-in-1 Constellation Globe


High School Graduation Gifts

F100GP Ghost Drone

F100GP GHOST DRONE WITH HD CAMERA 1080p HD Camera Brushless Drone Force1

Brave the wild blue yonder with the F100 Ghost brushless drone - an advanced flier with easy controls and a detachable 1080p action camera that captures crisp, clear photos and video. The F100GP Ghost drone has a flight distance of 500 meters and three swappable RC drone shells that come in blue, white, and black.
This advanced quadcopter also comes with two bonus batteries for even longer flight time!

Shop F100GP Ghost Drone


Whipz Mini LED Cars

WHIPZ MINI RACER LED CAR LED Toy Car (with mini car clip) USA Toyz

Turn down the lights and Whipz up some serious spin! Rechargeable Whipz mini car keychain racers whip and whirl with bright, flashing LEDs. Put your Whipz LED toys on a pencil, in a glass or in the included stunt car globe and watch ‘em blaze brilliant light circles. These make great desk top toys, travel toys, and fidget toys!

Shop Whipz LED Mini Racers


AstroShot Zero GX

ASTROSHOT ZERO GX (GLOW-IN-THE-DARK) 2-in-1 Glow-in-the-Dark Floating Target Game USA Toyz

Level up your shooting game with the AstroShot Zero GX kid-friendly foam dart blaster! It’s a target shooting set featuring two fun shooting modes both kids and kids at heart will enjoy. Plus, you can shoot hovering orbs and knock down targets from day to night—enjoy AstroShot Zero GX even at night time because it glows in the dark! 
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