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Multiplayer Games

Some toys are better enjoyed with friends and family, just like these multiplayer games from USA Toyz! From classic and glow-in-the-dark foam dart gun battles to duo drone racing, from buildable model cars to flexible race tracks and construction set, these for-sharing toys are sure to bring fun until sundown! Perfect for family game nights, the 2-pack Scoot drones can get every family member up on their feet, trying to fly these mini hand operated drones. See who can keep these motion sensor drones hovering longer! Let's talk about floating ball target games. Honing your sniping skills alone may be great on its own but to better test your skills, you have to have an opponent to compete against. Grab a friend, a sibling, or a parent and have a friendly competition of taking down anti-gravity hovering ball targets. Play day or night, we have target shooting games that glow in the dark. Want to take the fun out in the backyard? The pump action ball popper target shooting game set may be a good choice for it. The easy-to-assemble standing target can be placed to up to 20-feet away to make the shooting game extra challenging. stand up! This game is better played on your feet. Target the space aliens and score the highest points. See who can load the foam bullets, pump the ball popper gun, and shoot the fastest! Now, who's up for playdates? These building toys are the perfect ones to have when inviting friends and relatives over. Grab the ratchet and build your own car! Create over 1000 toy car variations with the Kid Nitro car building kit and have a showdown to see who's car is the "baddest". Or create your own race tracks and see whose car can get to the finish line first. What's your favorite multiplayer game?

Take target shooting to a whole new level with this zero-gravity target shooting toy! Take turns in shooting floating ball targets with the included foam dart blaster. Orb module plays intergalactic sounds while you shoot for added thrill and excitement! Recommended for kids ages 6+.

Love the classic AstroShot floating orb target set? Say hello to its glow-in-the-dark sibling, the AstroShot Zero GX! Target floating balls but with twice the fun this 2-in-1 set. Fire at floating orbs and after you’re done, use the included flip targets instead. Great for nighttime toy gun battles and recommended for kids ages 6+.

Perfect for the great outdoors, this 2-popper gun Gemini set with a giant target module is just what you need for backyard picnics and pool parties! Shoot targets at the giant module and earn sweet points as you compete for who’s the better marksman. Includes 24 foam ball bullets and a pump-action gun that needs zero batteries. For kids 6+.

Build endless race tracks and your own construction site with the Snap Trax race track set! Includes 247 pieces total of buildable tracks and toy details, including 2 LED cars, construction signs, bridges, tunnels, and more. Bond with family and friends over this cool race track + construction site set for boys and girls ages 3+.

Two drones are better than one - that’s why we love the Scoot Duo! This two-drone set includes two Scoot Classic drones (1 red and 1 blue) - drones you can fly with simple hand gestures. Toss these two drones to launch, gently catch them to stop and guide them with your hand to direct them where you’d like them to go. When you’ve mastered the art of flying these ufo drones, it’s time for indoor races and volley-drones (like volleyball but with the Scoot drones)

Do you wanna build a snowman? How about a race car? With the Kid Nitro, you can construct endless race car designs with your tiny tots at home. This DIY car set for boys and girls includes realistic car parts like screws, tires, car frames, and a toy power drill. Enjoy building and taking apart these small cars and race them after! Suitable for kids 3+.

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