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103 Valentine’s Day Candy Alternatives

103 Valentine’s Day Candy Alternatives - USA Toyz

We’ve Got Sweet Valentine Toys & Gifts A-Plenty!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all candy hearts and bonbons. Whether you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day party in the classroom, spreading good cheer at the office, or just flying solo on Cupid’s big day - we’ve got you covered with 103 Valentine toys, gifts, and prizes you’ll totally 💖💖💖!

Glow sticks are fun for Valentine's Day parties, give instead of candy or with your Valentine's day cards. Use for pinata fillers, goody bags and Saran Ball game gift ideas. These party favors come in bulk from USA ToyzGive the Gift of Glow: Flashback: You’re in 3rd grade. You’ve got your Valentine’s Day shoebox sitting on your desk with perfectly-cut heart decorations and bubble lettering.
Everyone drops their Valentines cards into the slot, but you’ve got something different to give: Glow sticks! Every party is better with glow in the dark party favors! Plus, a glow stick will fit easily into that box full of Valentines. Stock up on fun glowsticks for boys and girls with the USA Toyz 300-Pack of Glowsticks. Make glow bracelets, glow necklaces and more! This bulk glow sticks party pack will keep you stocked for not just Valentine’s Day, but St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and beyond!


Celebrate with Bling:

Give glow jelly rings to friends and classmates for Valentines Day toys. No worries of food allergies with these light up rings - they are the perfect candy alternative that kids love.A ring? - You shouldn’t have! Not only a ring but a light-up, glowing jelly ring! Who needs diamonds and pearls when you could be wearing a squishy, LED ring? And the best part? There’s 36 of them!

Get glow jelly rings for every finger, every kid in the class, or every waiter in the dimly-lit Italian restaurant you’re going to. (But don’t forget to tip them, too!)


Valentine’s, Schmalentine’s ... 

Flying solo this year? No problem. We’ve got the perfect toy for you: A toy that listens to everything you say; a toy that will truly cherish the poetry you speak; a toy with deep, gazing eyes …

No, not a puppy - a talking robot, of course!

If you haven’t met DITTO yet, do it now! This interactive robot can’t wait to spend hours talking to you. Seriously, DITTO listens and repeats everything you say in his own voice! Never spend another Valentine’s Day alone when you’ve got the DITTO talking mini robot to share the last strand of spaghetti with.

Gift Ideas for single friends on Valentine's Day. Funny Valentine's Gift - talking robot from USA Toyz - he's cute, a good listener, he'll even repeat what you say. He's in total agreement. A perfect match!


Did We Say 103 Toys!?!

That’s a lot. But you’ve scrolled enough. Let’s get to Cupid’s treasure trove … 

To truly go head-to-head with all those sweet treats on Valentine’s Day, you’re going to need an epic pack of bulk party favors, featuring tons of toys in the perfect ratio of pink to purple to red.

Luckily, that’s exactly what you’ll get in our 100-piece Valentine’s Day Party Supplies Pack! Get assorted gifts and prizes for classroom parties, kids’ birthdays, princess playdates and of course, Valentine’s Day! Your party pack for girls and boys includes mini frisbees, noisemakers, tops, wands, carnival whistles, yo-yos and more! 

Get a whole bag of fun prizes, gifts and trinkets from USA Toyz to use for your Valentine's Day party, birthday party favors, piñata fillers and goody bags for kids. Get yo yos, and glasses and games for a scavenger hunt or other party games!Get your party favors value pack today and prepare for February 14!

Are you a masterful Valentine’s Day gift-giver? A lover of random acts of kindness? A permanent Valentine hero to everyone in your circle of friends? Of course you are!

Rise above the froufrou chocolates this year with truly unique gifts and let everyone know you’re the best Valentine!

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