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Top Toy Trends of 2019

Top Toy Trends of 2019

So long, eggnog lattes, Valentine’s Day and polar vortexes!

Seriously - is it almost Spring?!? How did that happen? That’s anyone’s guess – BUT – with 2 months under our belt, it’s time to start asking: What kind of toys are people looking for in 2019?

Everyone wants to know: Which toys are best for bringing kids together, for learning, for all-around fun?

Keeping up with so many new toys on the market can be overwhelming. We’re making it easy by highlighting trends and toys that have everyone’s heads turning this year, sound good?

Rest assured, there’s something for everyone, so read on and find the fun toy trend that fits!

Multiplayer Games

The best way to have fun is to get everyone playing. This drone lets you actively play with your friends in a unique way. Scoot mini hand operated drone allows you to control your drone with your hands.
Before you go full-on camp counselor, consider these options that’ll keep kids playing for hours. These toys emphasize fun for 2+ players and most importantly, you don’t need a computer for these multiplayer games: Have you ever hosted a playdate for your kids and heard the phrase, “we’re bored” or “there’s nothing to do”? Sometimes, it’s only a matter of minutes after their friend arrives! You wonder if you should have organized more activities?

Scoot is a mini hand operated drone for beginners that can be flown by multiple people! All it takes is a gentle toss to get these flying toys for boys and girls up in the air for plenty of hover drone fun! Circle up with friends (multiplayers!) and let this motion sensor quadcopter use your hand movements to guide him as he darts, dashes and zooms around the room! 

While we’re redefining what a multiplayer game can be, here are a couple more outdoor and indoor multi-player toys that’ll keep high-energy kids busy:

Our Dart League Tactical Vest Set lets kids start their own epic foam dart teams with custom-designed masks and Nerf-ready ammo that’ll keep them hyped for hours on end.

Want to get hi-tech? Pick up our family-sized Laser Tag Gun 4-Pack – no vests required! Laser tag is still trending in 2019 and provides plenty of fast-paced fun for kids, teens and competitive families!

Conversation Starters

Walkie Talkies are great conversation starters for kids. The best way to enhance your children's social skills while they are having fun. Encourage play pretend and creative imagination.Some kids can be shy; this is totally normal. Toys that encourage communication in a fun way can be great for bringing kids out of their shells as they practice social skills. Not only that, our conversation starter toys can also help kids working to master a second language. That said, what’s the perfect toy to get kids talking? Classic kids walkie talkies, of course!

Walkie talkies are 2-way radios that rely on 2-way conversations!  Kids love to explore, and our Vox Box walkie talkie set provides tons of long-range fun! Organize a backyard safari or pack them with camping gear while hiking and adventuring in the great outdoors, over and out!

Know what else connects kids? Music. Some people call music the true universal language. Fun fact: John Denver and Bruce Springsteen were both very shy and used their guitars as a way to open up conversations with classmates.

The Hape ukulele for kids is a great starter instrument for young musicians. If your young one is looking for a guitar for beginners, the ukulele is a fine choice and a delightful entry-level instrument for learning music basics.

Travel Toys

Have fun anywhere by taking your toys with you. Travelling and having the convenience of taking your favorite toy is the fun way to go. Most of these toys come in convenient travel totes.Everyone loves a toy you can take anywhere. From sleepovers to family vacations, road trips to airplane rides, kids can always find comfort in a portable travel companion. (And parents can rest easy knowing they can always have a fun activity on hand.)

Portability is precisely what makes Whipz mini racers the perfect mini toy for 2019! Put away those fidget spinners and make way for these micro racers! These mini cars with LED lights will fit in a pocket (even that small coin pocket in your jeans)! Not only are they mini and mighty, these micro-sized, hi-tech car toys come with a stunt racing globe that doubles as a fun carry case for your car!

If you’re looking for tactile toys for tots to take anywhere, our Moosh! modeling dough comes with a travel tub of its own! Kinetic dough and sand make the best sensory toys, and with a plastic tote tub to pack or stow this colorful clay, Moosh! is ready to go anywhere.

Gender Neutral

Encourage play between boys and girls by having gender neutral theme. It is more fun to have plenty of playmate for your kids. Let them expand their social circle and invite both boys and girls to play.All our toys are built for anyone, anywhere, anytime. After all, shouldn’t fun be for everyone? If you love playing with it, then it’s the perfect toy for YOU.

We gladly stand by all our toys - no matter your gender - but there’s one toy we especially love recommending: Our kids teepee tent.

All kids love to have their own home base, playhouse or fun fort. These play tents for kids are easy to set up for indoor camping fun, outdoor backyard adventures on a clear day, and most importantly, they’re for everyone. Not only is this teepee perfect for the playroom, it’s also fully portable to take to the beach, on a trip, or to a sleepover!

Of course, we’ve got plenty more gender-neutral toys to consider - DITTO, our talking robot toy is an across-the-board crowd pleaser – like our timeless teepee tent, this blurs the gender lines and is fun for boys and girls to play together!

Full-Throttle Imagination

Take building and creativity to a whole new level with BOLTZ STEM toys. This educational toy enhances your child's critical thinking while enjoying play. This is one of the best educational toy in 2019 that you should get your hands on.We’ve seen awesome construction toys through the years like Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys. But those basic engineering toys have had their time in the spotlight. It’s 2019 and there’s a new, fresh-faced building set in town: BOLTZ!These days, parents are on the lookout for educational toys. Young imaginations are hungry for big concepts and STEM toys allows kids to unleash all kinds of creative fun while exploring skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Kids learn best when they can be hands-on in the classroom, playroom and beyond. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect STEM toys to recommend …

There’s no wrong way to create with BOLTZ building toys. These durable, brightly-colored toys push kids to think outside of the box while building with nuts, bolts, gears and wheels. These 101-Pc. and 163-Pc. kits are safe for little hands and include an inspiration guide to get you started!

So, teachers and parents: Set aside those craft projects and introduce BOLTZ to the play space!


2019 is truly packed with fun for everyone and, we’ve highlighted our favorite trends here. But it doesn’t stop there – we’ve always got our ear to the ground. If you or your child has a favorite toy to suggest, tell us in the comments below!

Stay tuned, keep us in the loop, and carry on with your own fun!

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