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Toy Cars That’ll Floor You … Or Not?

Toy Cars That’ll Floor You … Or Not? - USA Toyz


They’ve been around since what, 1885? (We Googled it.) But when you think about it, have they really changed that much? It’s always been 4 wheels, an engine, and somewhere to sit … more or less.

And toy cars?

A lot of the same. Sure, there have been giant toy dump trucks, pocket-sized race cars to zoom around the carpet, and even remote control cars that deliver the thrill of driving right to your fingertips. But where are the next level toy cars?

It’s time for a change.

Toy cars have been the same old toy cars far too long. After all, playing is about letting your imagination go wild! When it comes to toy cars, the fun possibilities should be boundless!

You want full throttle toys that go above and beyond the floor? Keep reading.

Ever seen a car that defies gravity?

When you think about wall racing, it feels entirely impossible. But not until you tried our gravity defying wall caring RC car. It literally allows you to drive vertically wit the use of vacuum technology.Sometimes there’s just not enough space to race your RC car. There are people, furniture, and of course – pets to contend with. Why can’t someone invent RC cars for kids that race on walls?

BOOM – here ya go! Our gravity defying RC Cars use vacuum technology to drive vertically up your walls!

Make playdates truly epic by flipping the switch and watching your remote control car take gravity and floors out of the equation.

Did we mention ceilings? Look up. It’s not a bird or a plane, it’s a car!

These mini remote control cars for boys and girls do indeed race upside down! Not only that, these durable remote control toys can turn and spin on all flat, smooth surfaces  - read between the lines – windows!

And they come with a rechargeable battery and charger.Oh, and one more thing: They’ll race on the flat ground too, if you ever need a break from all the awesomeness.  

A whirling weather system in a car?

Flip with one switch! Enjoy rough roads and feel the thrill of a flipping RC. Oversized rubber tires are best for all types of terrain and work well with all the twists and turns.Meteorologists would agree: The Cyclone stunt RC car is a force of nature.

This twisting, turning remote control car for boys and girls is equipped with oversized all-terrain rubber tires for plenty of off-road action. But what sets it apart from other RC trucks and cars?

Cyclone Mode.

All it takes is the push of a red button to set this car flipping and spinning like a Tasmanian devil. This rumblin’ fast RC car never wants to stay in its lane, and that’s a good thing.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about this RC car landing upside down – it’s double-sided – every way you drive is the right way!

With so many radio controlled cars to choose from these days, the Cyclone stands out as one tough terrain-tackler with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

A portable orb of lightning!

There are ways to entertain your child in school without the need of carrying bulky toys. Imagine a mini RC toy car that hangs as a keychain on his bag. Wether your child is on break or having fun on recess, this toy can shoo away boredom.Yes, you read that right. We’ve now reached the portion of this post where we cover how to wield lightning in the palm of your hand.

Whipz mini racers are light-up toys that zoom and zip with bright, flashing LED lights. They’re easy to take anywhere in a pocket, backpack or purse, but here’s what really makes them epically awesome:

The Stunt Globe.

Whipz micro racers easily fit inside the included stunt ball for kids to unleash some serious speed.

Watching these cars light up a room as they race and glow in the dark is a hypnotic sight to behold.

And think about it: Who wouldn’t want to show up to a play date with a magical globe of light in tow?

This LED mini car also comes with a keychain that kids can attach to their backpacks for a little bit of fun for the bus and travel. Kids can also spin their pocket racer round and round using the keychain. Yep, no floors needed for these toy cars that take fidget toys to a whole new level!

Race in the dark!

Picture a sleepover. The kids have played all day, had some dinner and it’s starting to get dark, but there’s still a little more play time in the tank. What comes next?

Glow Trax.

Playing in the dark was never so popular but wait until you try the glow trax. Having kiddie cars ride through 360 colorful glowing pieces makes these race track unique. Allow your kids to enjoy the dark rather than get scared of the the dark.

Keep the fun going with a glow in the dark race car track! This 360-piece race track set for kids includes 2 light-up mini race cars, bridges, ramps and track pieces for kids to build their own speedway. There are endless configurations to create, but the coolest feature is simple – they glow!

This is no ordinary race track toy. Grab your kit today, flip the lights off and buckle up for a magical rainbow race track experience for kids of all ages!


Wheels that roll are sooo yesterday.

Another unique race car with side driving tires is our Skid Kid. Skid Kid RC car can actually drift and tilt sideways. Show off awesome rc car maneuvers with this awesome side driving car toy.Rolling wheels. Pffft. Been there, done that - what else can wheels do?

How ‘bout drift?

Skid Kid is a side-driving RC car with wheels that actually tilt! These RC drift cars navigate any surface by not just driving, but gliding forward, backward and side to side.

Not only that, Skid Kid is quite the show-off with skills like popping a wheelie and 360 spins.

Rest assured, this is not your ordinary electric drift cart.

Skid Kid takes driving to the next level, and fun for kids aged 4 and up to drive on hardwood floors, carpets, the pavement and beyond!

And don't forget the built-in seatbelt so your favorite action figure can go for a cool ride!

Car toys don’t have to be boring. There’s a lot of fun to be had – and a lot of cars that are changing the game. And, if you’re asking yourself: What about flying car toys? Umm, we’ve got a few drones you might want to look at.

Why stick with the usual rc cars when you can have all these unique features? Whether you flip and turn, ride off the wall, tilt sideways or glow at night, these rc cars delivers you the best car racing experience. Let kids enjoy an amazing time having a stand out awesome race toy.

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