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Getting the Gang Together!

Getting the Gang Together! - USA Toyz

Sound the fun alarm! Rally the neighborhood! Recruit your friends! Gather round! Assemble the squad! Wrangle the fun-seekers!

Playing with pals is the best kind of fun, isn’t it? Whether it’s after school, over the weekend, or late at night during a sleepover – nothing beats an epic round of play with best friends.

But what are the perfect toys for bringing everyone together? What toys go above and beyond board games? What toys will groups of kids have a blast with?

We’ve got great toys and gifts for all-ages multiplayer fun! Keep reading and find new toys, old classics, and everything in between …

Target Mastery. Defying Gravity. Galactic Beats.

AstroShot blaster nerf target for shooting practice has never been this enjoyable along with your friends. This range target compatible accessories is good for your nerf guns. Practice your scope sniper and have endless fun. We think Nerf target practice is a great way to bring friends together.

Why? Because the AstroShot Zero-G and the AstroShot Gyro take Nerf target practice games to the next level.

For starters, the AstroShot Gyro has two rotating targets. Go head to head with friends and see who can get their Nerf darts past the rotating obstacles to take out the disc of targets.

Or, throw a Nerf party with the AstroShot Zero-G.

This module is elevated far beyond your average Nerf shooting games – literally – the target orbs float in the air!

Tell Isaac Newton to take a hike when you take gravity out of the equation with the Zero-G!

Both of these Nerf target practice games are compatible with your Nerf compatible accessories and include a galactic soundtrack to rock out to while you’re blastin’!

Defend Your Nerf Turf!

Nerf vests for tactical kids game makes sure that safety glasses protects your eyes. It comes fashionable with mask and jacket for rival outdoor game. Let their imagination run wild with this perfect multiplayer game accessories.After you’ve honed your Nerf target skills, you might be wondering where to take your skills next.

If you’re a fan of running covert missions across the neighborhood with your friends, we’ve got you covered with our Dart League Nerf Vest Kit.

After all, it’s not just about skills, it’s about looking good and staying fully stocked in the heat of battle.

Our ultimate Nerf vest tactical accessories pack includes:
2 custom tube mask designs (Dinos and Skeletons)
2 camouflage vests
compatible Nerf glasses
darts and clips.

Coordinate your own dart league, separate into battle teams and gear up for greatness with this Nerf gun accessories pack that maximizes your dart arsenal!

Laser-Focused Fun!

Lazer gun set is fun with to share with friends with the fun 4 player pack. It is a good starter outdoor kit with a gaming carrying case that you can bring anywhere. Have a fun multiplayer lazer tag games like capture the flag.For those that want to avoid the high-impact velocity of soft foam darts zipping through the air, we have the solution. Lasers.

Laser tag has been around for a long time, but we’ve put the targets right in the laser tag guns - no vests needed.

Our Laser Tag Battle Box equips up to 4 friends (or family) with ready-to-play laser tag guns.

Start an epic game of indoor or outdoor laser tag with a laser tag set that reaches targets up to 130 feet away.

Have a blast with these party games in 4 blaster modes: pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket launcher.

Also, because there are no specific vest sizes to worry about, this laser tag gun set is great for kids and adults!

Play laser tag in the office for team building exercises or to loosen up after a long business lunch.
(That’s what we do!)

Party on the Prance Floor!

Unicorn headband is perfect fit for pincess magical birthay party supplies. Imagine having tiaras for costumes and glitter ears that makes your party stand out from the rest. Have a fun unique unicorn theme birthday party.It doesn’t all have to be lights and zaps. Maybe you’re looking for group games for kids that are a little more magical, mythical, mystical – we’ve confirmed that these adjectives are indeed distinct from one another.

Our 6-pack of Unicorn Headbands lets your little ones party like unicorns in shiny, sparkly colors. These wearable unicorn horn party favors feature glittering gold ears, and pink, purple, yellow and blue flower decorations to accessorize any playdate in the unicorn realm.

These bendable unicorn costume headbands are one-size-fits-all and make great party gifts for those who love everything unicorn!

So, round up the unicorn squad, add a dash of imagination and you’re off to the races – err – magical places!

Did we say little ones? Yes we did. But we also said bendable and flexible – enough so that they fit adults, too. The kids don’t have to have all the fun!

Host a mother-daughter brunch, and the moms get to wear a glittery unicorn headband like her daughter.

Or hand them out to your bachelorette party and bridal party!

These headbands are the perfect prop for party selfies, photo booth fun, party invitations and more!

Glow Together.

Know what brings people together? Light. Friends gather around campfires, vacationers flock to sunny destinations, kids tell ghost stories with a single flashlight. For anyone who likes to glow in the dark, we’ve got a combo party pack that outshines them all.

This 50 pack has glow sunglasses that makes you look flashy among the rest. You can wriggle your fingers with glow rings. This pack is pefect as goody stuffers or party favors supplies.

Our 50-pc. LED Glow Party Pack includes light-up rings, glowing jelly rings, and 5 pairs of LED party sunglasses! Whether it’s for Halloween, New Year’s, July 4th, or another glow-in-the-dark party occasion, this glow party supply pack is full of light-up accessories to brighten up any room.

With 50 pieces total, there are plenty of options for a group of friends to each choose their favorite LED party favor. And, each light-up toy has an on/off switch so you can enjoy these party gifts again and again.

Organizing a sleepover? A camping trip? A midnight round of hide-and-go seek? How about upcoming music festivals, night runs and sports events? Glow big with glow party favors that’ll light the night!

Stay Connected.

This walkie talkies for kids has long range signal that allows fluid commuication. Enjoy having a backyard safari play pretend with friends. This childrens pack walkie-talkies are the best indoor outdoor 2 way radio camping gear toys.There’s one classic toy we haven’t mentioned yet in the midst of all this team fun. It has to do with keeping in touch.

After all, you can run around the house, through the halls, across the playground, but you’ve gotta stay connected to the rest of the fun-seekers!

Yes, you guessed it: We’re talkin’ old-school walkie talkies. Our Vox Box walkie talkies are ready for adventures day or night. Take your walkie talkie set on hikes, trips to the beach, to the backyard, and beyond!

Here’s the truly unique thing about these walkie talkies for kids – they’re voice activated!

That’s right, they’re basically a 2-way radio version of Siri in a handheld smart-tech communication device.

Walkie talkies for kids will never go out of style, and these rechargeable walkie talkies for boys and girls deliver the best kind of fun for all those epic excursions that require some close coordination across the neighborhood.


Hanging with friends is best when everyone can join in the fun. We love launching toys that bring people together, and hope that you find the fun that fits your gaggle, your flock, your pack. Don’t forget to keep us posted and spread the word by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – we can’t wait to see what kind of fun you’re up to!

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