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Toys From the Future!

Toys From the Future! - USA Toyz

We found a time machine a few days ago. After making sure the hyperdrive, space-time compass, and flux capacitor were working, we decided to take it for a spin – to the future! Our mission: To find the best futuristic toys and bring them back home!

This is an account of our travels. Read on, and find the best toys from everyWHEN we went!


Building Toys from the Year 2345 

Quarks building blocks are great engineering toys that will surely test children's creativity in constructing futuristing structures. It has an easy-snap construction feature that kids will enjoy. Build your way in to the future and discover tiny engineers within!

We first traveled just over 300 years in the future to find Quarks building toys!

If you’ve got a little engineer on your hands, look no further than these easy-snap construction toys for boys and girls aged 3 and up!

Kids can get a head start on designing futuristic spaceships, buildings, rovers and more with 160 pieces of STEM toys that are both fun and educational.

And, guess what? The toy designers of the future included a handy travel tub to take these colorful spheres and connectors anywhere. (We couldn’t have brought so many building sets back to 2019 without these super portable travel tubs.)

Get your Quarks construction set today and get a head start on creating tomorrow! 

Laser Tag from the Year 3464 

Laser your way into the future. Take play pretend space agent to the next level with these safe Laser tag 2 pack blasters. Share it with a friend and have a showdown target practice with the spider bots.

Apparently, laser tag will never go out of style.

We checked all the future timelines for the best laser tag guns we could find and these are the ones.

This laser tag 2-pack blaster set is built for 2 players and comes with 2 target practice spider bots.

Did we say spider bots? We did!

This laser tag game set features high-tech crawling robots that act as moving laser tag gun targets to keep the fun going for hours!

Play with family and friends and defend the peace with 4 space blaster modes: pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket launcher.

Stay locked and loaded for indoor and outdoor battlegrounds - and most importantly, take down the spider bots! (Spider bots are quite the pests in 3464 A.D.)

Glow Like it’s the Year 4999 

Throw an awesome futuristic rave parties. Accessorize with these cool LED pack with glasses, blinking rings and finger lights. It comes in multiple color so you won't be a bore. Blink and flash the whole night and light up in the dark.

So ... spoiler alert:

The sun goes out for a few years starting in 4999 A.D.

The good news?

Everyone throws the most epic light-up parties with rave glasses, blinking rings, and LED finger lights in multiple colors!

This 50-pack of glow in the dark party supplies keeps the brightness going with 32 LED finger lights, 13 LED flashing light up rings, and 5 pairs of glow glasses! They’re nontoxic and safe for kids 3 and up!

Gather the squad and party all night; these glow in the dark toys can be switched on or off, letting you use them again and again - which comes in handy in the distant future.

Stock up today, and party bright! (You know, like your great, great, great, (multiplied by 172) grandkids in the absent-sun era of 4999!)

Flying Butterfly Robots of Tomorrow!  

Monarch butterfly drones are great palm controlled drones. There comes in pretty glittery pink that will surely mesmerize as it flies. Maneuver it with your palms and not worry about remote controls.

After so much time-hopping, we set the controls to return to 2019.

But our time machine dropped us smack dab into tomorrow.

That’s right. Tomorrow - 24 hours from today.

And what did we find?

Butterfly drones.

These glittery hand drones for kids are controlled with a palm transmitter.

Simply tilt your hand while flying and see the butterfly drone follow your lead. Drone flying has never been so easy and sparkly!

But wait, there’s more:

This mini child drone isn’t just pretty; it’s designed with wings that light up with bright LED lights - and they perform 360° flips and barrel rolls!

If you’re on the lookout for the next toy drone for kids, grab one of these pink or blue Monarch flying toys and get soaring. Don’t wait for tomorrow to roll around - get yours today!

Time-Traveling UFOs! 

Seeing unusual lights from the sky? It must have been a UFO! UFO4000 drone will bring you an excitement of having your own UFO inspired drone ship. It is equipped with ultra-bright red, white, and blue LED lights that are perfect for night time flights.

There’s one thing we haven’t mentioned yet:

During our trip through time, we were being followed … by a fleet of UFOs!

Dun dun dun …

Luckily, we found a shrinking ray in our time machine’s glove compartment and turned the UFOs into mini drones for kids!

These UFO 4000 small quadcopters are super easy drones for beginners to fly. One button is all it takes to get these mini drones started.

They’ll fly, land, and even perform 360° flips with the simple joystick remote!

Wanna make glowing light trails under the stars? This light-up drone for kids is equipped with ultra-bright red, white, and blue LED lights that let you track your remote control drone as it zooms across the night sky!

Who would have thought that UFOs chasing us through time could be so much fun?

We hope you find some awesome futuristic toys! We’re currently doing some routine maintenance on the time machine, but stay in the loop! We’re already planning more futuristic toy supply runs for the future!

We’ll keep you posted!


-The USA Toyz Time Travel Team

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