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5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the 2022 Holidays

5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the 2022 Holidays

The Holiday season is here, which means that the window for purchasing presents on time is getting smaller by the day. If you’ve missed someone on your list or if you’re looking for a last-minute present on the double, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help! We’ve made a list of 5 of USA Toyz’ most engaging-yet-inexpensive toys, so you can get them quickly and without exceeding your budget. So, which are USA Toyz’ 5 best last-minute gift ideas? Read on to find out!

Price: $34.99

One of our newest RC car products, the Zero G Climber literally defies gravity! When you switch it to wall mode, the Zero G can climb and race atop any flat surface, including glass, walls, and even ceilings! The RC car is sturdy, rechargeable, and comes in three different colors: green, red, and blue!

Price: $39.99

The newest Scoot in our line of indoor drones, the Scoot Pro comes with a host of great features. It has full 360° motion sensing for accurate obstacle avoidance, bright LEDs around and at the center of the drone and can do 360° flips via hand gestures! The Scoot Pro also won the 2022 Mom’s Choice Award silver medal for product excellence, assuring its quality.

Price: $21.99

The Dino Whirler RC stunt car has the scales and the might to dominate in any racetrack. Since it’s an all-terrain car, you can drive it on flat, rocky/uneven, and even grassy ground! You can also do wheelies and 360° flips when you rotate its front axle. Did we also mention that this RC car won’s seal for STEM excellence? Oh, and it comes in 3 dinosaur shapes/colors: T-Rex (green), Raptor (blue) and Triceratops (red)!

Price: $29.99

Ready to take on your own galactic-wide quest? Then you’ll need a space sword; lucky for you, we’re offering two in one box! The Galaxy Sword-Crossbeam set comes with two swords you can use individually or together via its included connector. You don’t have to limit yourself to one blade color, either, as a single sword tap lets you switch between four colors: blue, red, green, and purple. It’s the perfect gift for any star warrior in-training!

Price: $39.99

If your kid enjoys target practice, then look no further than the Astroshot Zero GX! This nifty shooting game comes with a target platform, two different target types, and a blaster gun with 12 foam darts. Challenge yourself by placing different targets simultaneously or challenge your family to shoot for the fastest time! To top all this off, the Astroshot Zero GX is glow-in-the dark, so you can shoot till your heart’s content, day or night!

We hope that this guide has given you enough gift ideas to cover any last-minute gift you were looking for. However, if you still need more gift suggestions, check out our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, where you’ll find our best toy suggestions for the year. And remember that our Holiday Sale runs from December 15-31st! Get up to 30% off site-wide by using code HOLIDAY30 at checkout!

From all of us at USA Toyz, we wish you and yours a memorable Holiday season!


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