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USA Toyz 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

USA Toyz 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!
The Holiday season is a few weeks away, which is why you should be getting a head start on your shopping! Whether you haven’t started a shopping list yet or you’re just looking to mark the last presents off yours, our Holiday 2022 gift guide is here to help! We’ve gathered and listed among the most fun/engaging toys in our catalog, so if you’re looking to gift amazing toys that guarantee hours of fun, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin!

Drones Galore!

It’s no surprise that we love drones, especially those who follow the “easy to learn/hard to master” concept. If you’re looking to add a drone to your life, here are our best offerings and their features.


The newest entry on our Scoot family of indoor drones, the Scoot Pro can do what its predecessors could and more! Use your hands to control its flight by simply placing them on any of its sides; the Scoot Pro will fly toward that direction. The drone also comes with bright LEDs that can illuminate your home with kaleidoscopic patterns, and it can do 360° flips. If that wasn’t awesome enough, the Scoot Pro also won this year’s Mom’s Choice Awards’ silver medal for product excellence. This means that the Scoot has been approved as among the best family-friendly toys on the market!

If you’re looking for an edgier indoor drone design, then the Orbiter is the way to go! Its LEDs aren’t as fancy as the Scoot Pro’s, but that doesn’t stop its impressive features. Use hand gestures to move it to any direction and turn it on/off at a distance with its own remote! To top it off, the Orbiter also won this year’s STEM Award for STEM excellence!

If you want to directly control your drone, then the UFO 5000 is hands down your best choice. Not only does it come with an RC controller for smoother flying, but it also has a one-button 360° flips feature! Did we also mention that the UFO 5000 comes with 11 LED patterns you can switch at will?! The UFO 5000 is also a award winner, so you know its quality is guaranteed.

RCs With Style

Looking for driving speed instead of flying speed? Then our RC list is here to put the pedal to the metal! This year we have an excellent selection of dynamic RC cars, including stunt cars for off-road fun and gravity-defying RCs!


A whirlwind of LEDs and off-road stunts, the Tornado LED is an excellent starter-to-intermediate RC car! Its sturdy frame helps it withstand any tough terrain, while its LEDs can brighten up any home or backyard. If tricks are what interest you, then you’re in luck, as the Tornado LED can do two-wheeled 360° spins with the touch of a button! Need we say more?

If 360°-wheel spins aren’t your cup of tea, then how about five wheels and a 360° rotating axle? That’s the Whirler 360 Stunt Car in a nutshell! This RC has easy controls that are perfect for kids 6 or older, and it can spin its front axle to create outrageous stunts. It also comes with a fifth wheel that helps it achieve wheelies on command. Lots of power in such a small package!

Ready to defy gravity?! Another unique selection from our RC catalog, the Zero G is an RC crawler that can race through any flat surface, whether it’s horizontal or vertical! Therefore, you can race it on floors, walls, glass surfaces, and even ceilings! To top it off, this RC crawler comes with bright LEDs, and you can choose from 3 colors: red, blue, and green!

Something Otherworldly

If drones and RCs aren’t your thing, we’ve still got other toys for you to peruse! Here are our best toy selections for the year:


You’ve heard that the galaxy is vast, and that good and evil are always at odds. Well, now you can follow any galactic path you choose, with the Galaxy Light Sword-Cross beams! The toy comes with a set of galaxy swords you can use separately or combined using the included connector. What’s even cooler is that you can change the sword’s colors with a simple tap, and you can opt from four: blue, red, green, and purple. The sword also emits galactic sword-fighting FX sounds with each impact, making each fight a cinematic experience!

Does your youngling have astronaut aspirations? Then the Rocketship tent is right for you! This portable tent for kids is spacious and sturdy enough to withstand single and group missions, and its two windows allow ample ventilation. The tent also comes with a flashlight that can project 24 space-themed images, bringing the space exploration theme full circle.

If your kids are looking for something more magical and less sci-fi, then the Unicorn tent is your best bet! Just like with the Rocketship Tent, the Unicorn tent is kid-safe, sturdy, and big enough for multiple kids. The tent comes with its own carrying tote bag for quick set up and storage, and it also comes with a unicorn tiara! No sparkles needed, this tent has it and more.

Want a space shootout for the holidays? Then the Laser Tag 2-pack answers your call! The set comes ready with two laser tag guns and vests, so you can play straight out of the box with friends or family. The vests feature 4-D haptic feedback, meaning that they light up and spray steam as your life depletes! It’s one of our most engaging/dynamic sets, so you know you’re in for a treat!

And that’s our list! Remember that our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale runs from the 18-30th, just use code BFCM at checkout for 30% off site-wide!

No matter how much or how little you buy this Holiday season, remember that what’s most important is to spend it with those you love and cherish most. From all of us here at USA Toyz, we wish you and yours a wonderful, unforgettable Holiday season.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your Holiday photos with us! Tag us on Instagram @USAToyz!
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