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4 Ghoulish Activities for You and Your Family this October!

4 Ghoulish Activities for You and Your Family this October!

Hear the howls of wolves and the flapping of leathery wings? October is here, and with it comes the ghastly celebration known as Halloween! Whether you enjoy binge-watching scary movies or dressing up/trick-or-treating, Halloween has something for everyone. Still, you don’t have to wait until the 31st to get spooky: you can do it all month long!

To motivate you and your kids into getting ready for Halloween, we’ve scoured the web for fun activities you and your little ones can do together. So, grab your vampire cloak or your zombie outfit, and tag along as we explore four ghoulish activities you and your family can do this October.


Bake Gingerbread Mummies/Skeletons/Zombies!

Gingerbread cookies are typically more of a Christmas thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose them with some Halloween flair! Get your favorite gingerbread cookies recipe, grab some human-shaped cookie cutters, and get cutting!

Once the cookies are baked, you can mummify, zombify or skeletonize them by adding thick or thin icing lines. You can also add eyes! Use black icing or edible candy eyeballs to add personality to your mummies. Enjoy with a glass of cold milk.

Make Paper Monster Puppets!

Want your kids to do something more interactive? Then try making monster puppets! The process can be as simple or as complex as you want, but for simplicity’s sake, here’s what you’ll need: A4 construction paper, glue, color markers, and scissors.

Gather the materials and sit with your family on the living room or dining room table. Talk to each other to see what kind of monster each wants to do; then grab the crafting materials you have and get creative! And if you simply can’t make up your mind, ask your family for advice!

Give your monster five eyes, three teeth, and maybe some dragon ears; or give them bat wings and spider legs. Anything is possible with monsters!

Sensory Stories

Sensory stories are tales told in a group, where you close your eyes and you’re given different items to “feel” what’s happening in the story. They are a fun activity to do with your children, so why not give them a go?

You can easily find sensory stories and the materials you need online, but if you’re having trouble finding one, we liked this story from the Autism Inspiration website.

Halloween-themed Slumber Party!

If you want to go all out and integrate all these activities into one night, why not have a Halloween-themed sleepover? You can invite friends and family to come and partake in Halloween activities, themed snacks, and maybe even a movie/series marathon!

For a more thematic experience, you can choose a topic or a costume theme for everyone to come as. If your idea involves astronauts or unicorns, then the Rocketship and Unicorn tents can become excellent centerpieces at your event.

And that’s it! Four activities you can do with your kids and family this October! What other fun/spooky activities have you concocted this year? Let us know in the comments below!
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