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Five Reasons Why Fall Is Great

Five Reasons Why Fall Is Great

As the summer cools down, in comes Fall with its falling leaves and chilly climate. Some see Fall as a time to slow down their daily activities and reflect on their year; others jump straight to planning for upcoming holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

No matter what your take on Fall is, it’s certain that there are great things to look forward to. So, to get you excited, we’ve come up with five things you can anticipate throughout the season.

Chilly Weather

Summer’s Heat-filled days lead to sweaty evenings, which is why so many cool off by going to beaches and pools. Fall is the opposite: Starting in September, temperatures start to drop gradually until Winter sets in. Why is this good, you ask? For starters, you can leave your windows open without worrying about hot temperatures seeping in. You can also take your kids or pets for walks without having to put sunscreen on. Finally, colder weather means you can wear anything from your wardrobe without any trouble. Light sweater with jeans and boots? You got it! A tank top with shorts? Done! Fall’s moderate weather makes all this possible.

Staying Inside for Longer

Cooler temperatures also means that you can plan for family events or weekends without worrying about leaving your home. Have a game night, bake/cook together, or even binge series you and your family want to watch; you have the chance and the comfort to do this and more. If you’re looking for family game suggestions, we recommend Galaxy Sword-Crossbeam, our Rechargeable Lazer Tag 2pk, and the Astroshot Zero GSX! They all offer different game challenges, so pick the one that suits your family most!

Breathtaking Foliage

One of Fall’s greatest treats is the brown, orange, and gold of its plant life, and how they gradually change colors. It starts subtle, but as months go by, you get to see nature at its artsiest. Remember to plan a hike or a camping trip during this time, your eyeballs and stress levels will thank you. Sure, you’ll have to pick those leaves later in October or November, but for now, enjoy the show!

Apples and Pumpkins

Get ready for fruits and pies galore, as the season harvest opens various culinary possibilities. Granted, half of the things you’ll see on the market are pumpkin-flavored, but now is the time to savor them to the fullest. Pumpkin-everything comes only once a year, you know!

Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Getting excited over these holidays is a no-brainer. Halloween offers endless costume possibilities while promising bags of candy. Thanksgiving, on the other hand, is an event where you and your family can eat while sharing experiences and stories. Beware of stomach aches and food comas, however, they are the strongest contenders you’ll face.

And there you go! Five great things you can look forward to during the Fall season. Were you already looking forward to all of them? Did we miss your favorite activity? Let us know in the comments!

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