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6 Ways to Make Kids Feel Special on Valentine's Day

6 Ways to Make Kids Feel Special on Valentine's Day

If it’s just your first time celebrating Valentine’s day with your little gremlin/s, fret not - we’ve got some fun ideas to help you make your kids (or niece, nephew, stepchildren, younger siblings, etc.) feel extra special this hearts’ day. 

1. Make them a Valentine’s day card

If kids can make cute Valentine’s cards, you can make them one too! Try to make them as silly as you can though - feel free to add cute stickers, foam/felt hearts, glitter, and even googly eyes! Throw in some kid-friendly puns and you’re all set.

2. Write them love notes

Don’t like making cards? How about simple love notes instead? Cut out paper heart pieces and write on each one encouraging words for your little (and not so little) ones. Post these heart notes on your kid’s door, your fridge, or sneakily decorate their room with it on Valentine’s day.


3. Surprise your kids with a Valentine’s buffet

Plan a Valentine’s inspired breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack for your kids. You don’t need a full-on meal spread - It can be as simple as heart-shaped pancakes, waffles, egg, or sausages. Or pink milk, pancakes, and eggs. If you love to bake and have the time to make stuff ahead, pull out your heart cookie cutter and bake heart-shaped cookies, pink macarons, or fancy strawberry danish pastries. 

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Don’t forget to add small details like pink or red sprinkles, or heart sprinkles when available. if you prefer healthier options, serve heart-shaped strawberries plus blueberries and raspberries alongside your favorite home-cooked meal. Or, you can also serve fruits and veggies in heart-shaped containers. 

4. Valentine’s Candy (or treat) Jar + message 

For treat loving kids, how about a cool treat jar - or bucket, or candy bouquet - with their favorite chocolates and candies? Fill a giant jar with their sweets and small love notes with affirmations for them. 

If you’d like to surprise them even more, get a tiny robot (like the TokTok) to record your message to go along with your treat jar. Watch your kids play crack up when they play back your message in 3 voices - happy, speedy, and even grumpy! 

5. Have a Valentine’s date with them 

Before your romantic date with your special someone, take out your kids on a special V-day date. This could mean taking them to their favorite restaurant, ordering their favorite takeaway food, or even cooking their favorite meal at home. 

You can also take them to their favorite store and have them pick out several things they like. Or you can take them to watch their favorite game. Another idea is to have a Valentine’s day game night with a new Playstation, X-Box, or Switch game - or any classic board game. 

6. Give them a cute gift 

    As their valentine, you can surprise your kids with a cute gift they can’t resist! It can be as simple as a new book, clothes, fuzzy room shoes, or a light-up globe that doubles as a night light. Kids would love the surprise for sure!

    Simple Valentines Day Ideas Can Go a Long Way

    Here’s a secret - it doesn’t take much to make your kids feel happy and special this Valentine’s day! When you give them time and attention, it can be all that they need. 

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    P.S. Don’t forget to share your kiddie Valentine’s day photos with us! Tag us on instagram @USAToyz ❤️

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