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Toy of the Month - February

Toy of the Month - February - USA Toyz

Don't you love the love month? We do too! But besides celebrating hearts’ day, we’re so excited to dive into February because of another Toy of the Month special! On this month of Valentine’s, we are featuring one of our favorites, the Scoot drone - Duo.

February Toy of the Month Feature: Scoot Duo

While we love remote-controlled drones (of course, we have our own favorites like Blue Jay, Blue Heron, and so much more!), we also enjoy kiddie drones that are equally as entertaining. Here are the top features of our favorite hand-controlled drone.


Scoot Duo Features:

  • Hands-Free drone set. Look, ma - no hands! Enjoy fun flights with the Scoot duo without a remote control. 
  • Toss to launch. Unique flights are in order with this remote control-less drone - just gently toss to launch and catch to stop.
  • Safe indoor drone. The Scoot drone features a webbed shell to protect tiny hands from touching the propellers when the drone’s in flight. The webbed shell also prevents the drone from accidentally scratching walls and furniture around the house. 
  • Cool tricks up its sleeve. See the cool drone perform 360-degree flips! Guide the drone to do flips and stunts to impress friends and family - or to entertain yourself while playing with your drone.  
  • Double the fun. With Scoot Duo, there’s fun for all! Each set contains two classic Scoot drones, one in red and one in blue. It’s no fun flying these drones alone - it’s best shared and enjoyed with company. You can have awesome indoor drone races with your Scoot Duo - try it out with a family member or a friend and see who’s the better drone player! 

TOTM Surprise

We’ve gone for something different to surprise you with this February. Instead of the mini race cars and mini talking robots, we’ve gone for something the little kids (and parents) would enjoy. For February, we’re giving away a free Moosh clay set (Value: $15.99) with dinosaur molds for each TOTM purchase. 


Toy of the Month - February - USA Toyz


So, what’s so special about this Moosh clay kit?

  • Fluffy clay. Moosh is unlike any other clay - it’s fluffy and airy and easily moldable even for tiny hands.
  • Non-sticky clay. While some clay toys are sticky and leave residue on your hands, the Moosh clay doesn’t. You’ll love clean hands while you craft cool things with Moosh! 
  • Easy to clean up. Moosh is easy to clean up and much easier to tidy up than craft sand, play sand, or putty.
  • Sensory play all-day. Moosh is non-toxic and safe to use even by little children. Let kids enjoy working with their hands with Moosh fluffy clay, all day! 
  • Dinosaur molds included. Each Moosh clay kit includes four fun dinosaur molds so kids can have some imaginative, prehistoric fun!

What You Need to Do

To enjoy this month’s Toy of the Month special, simply add both the Scoot Duo Set and the Moosh Fluffy Clay with Dinosaur molds to your cart and simply proceed to checkout. There’s no need for codes because we’ll automatically apply the discount for you!*

Toy of the Month - February - USA Toyz

P.S. It’s easier to add these two items to your cart when you visit our Toy of the Month page for February here. 

The Scoot Duo + FREE Moosh Clay Dinosaur kit is available only this February - promo ends February 28 @ 11:59 pm PST. Make sure to get yours before time runs out! 😊🛒

*Please note that our TOTM promo can’t be used with other promotions or discounts. 

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