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Celebrate National Earth’s Rotation Day with the LED World Globe

Celebrate National Earth’s Rotation Day with the LED World Globe - USA Toyz

We’re celebrating National Earth’s Rotation Day today!

On this day, January 8 in 1951, French physicist Leon Foucault demonstrated how the earth rotates on its axis. While this is basic to kids nowadays, it took scientists and philosophers years for scientists and philosophers years to work out how the earth moves around the sun.

In 1851, Foucault showed the world how the earth rotates using a simple pendulum experiment. 

Today, Foucault’s pendulums are a staple in science museums around the globe. If there’s a science museum near you, it’s highly likely that they have a Foucault pendulum somewhere. Pretty cool, right? 

To commemorate this special day in history, we’re offering 10% off on our favorite light-up globe toy! Use the code GLOBE10 upon checkout to enjoy this one-day-only deal 😊

LED World Globe 🌏 Features

We know you’ve seen plenty of globes but not like our special 3-in-1 globe. Here are some of the globe features that we’re most happy about:


  • ✅ Sturdy chrome base. Our world globe features a rust-resistant steel chrome base. That’s one huge point for durability!
  • ✅ LED function. Globe lights-up and can double as a night light. 
  • ✅ Constellation map. When lit-up, this cool globe transforms into a constellation map. Get ready to chart the stars with the LED globe using the included star map.
  • ✅ STEM certified. The 3-in-1 globe is a certified STEM learning toy! Check out the STEM seal of approval here: Authenticated Trustmark

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