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 7 Glowing Halloween Party Game Ideas

 7 Glowing Halloween Party Game Ideas - USA Toyz

***Newsflash*** You don’t have to bob for apples this year! (You’re welcome.)

We’re putting a new spin on Halloween games this year with GHOULISHLY GIDDY GLOW GAMES! Chances are, you’ve got your costume picked out; you’re planning your Halloween decorations; you’ve got the fog machine all tuned up – but what about Halloween games?

We’ve got a list of games for every haunted house, Halloween carnival, and classroom celebration on the calendar. Stock up on vibrant party favors and prizes and highlight your October with GLOW!

Halloween Idea #1: Halloween Headbands (No headbands required!)

Halloween Party Ideas for kids - use as Halloween games, trick or treat candy alternatives or classroom game prizes; a new twist on the Hedbanz game, DIY headbands for Halloween version of the Hedbandz game

Put your own spin on the classic Hedbanz guessing game with Glow Pods! These glowing puffy stickers come in classic Halloween designs: mummy, ghost, bat, skull, pumpkin, witch, eyeball, and spider. 

Pass out the stickers (no peeking at the designs) and use the adhesive backing to stick the glow pods to each player’s forehead. Give each player a minute to ask questions about their Halloween “character” and guess which one they are. 

Protip: Glow Pods also make great safety stickers when you’re keeping a group of trick-or-treaters together on Halloween night.

Halloween Idea #2: Halloween Ring Toss

Halloween Glow in the Dark Party Ideas for kids and adults - use as Halloween games, trick or treat candy alternatives or classroom game prizes; use PartySticks glow stick bracelets for DIY Halloween game ring toss

Our glow sticks come in 100, 200, 300, and 400 packs – and guess what? They’ve all got connectors. That means you can create glow bracelets, glow necklaces, and most importantly – giant glow rings.

So here’s the idea: Stock up on prizes like candy, bottled beverages, costume pieces and such, then set them out on the lawn. Create a starting line to throw from, then toss the glow rings and try to “ring” your prize! 3 rings per play; you ring it, you win it!



Halloween Idea #3: Spooky Punch Prizes

Halloween Party Ideas DIY Games for Halloween or trick or treat candy alternatives, classroom game prizes Halloween piñata fillers and goody bag stuffers

Our 120-Pc. Party Pack is loaded with noisemakers, tops, finger puzzles, mini yo-yo party toys and more. This idea involves stuffing a lot of mystery boxes or cans with these prizes. 

First, get crafty with shoeboxes and cover the openings with colorful tissue paper. Then, place the party prizes in each one and arrange your containers into a festive Halloween shape; they could all be on the floor, or they could be fastened to a vertical board for easy access. 

Lastly – let kids take turns “punching” through the tissue to find hidden prizes! For carnivals and fundraisers, try numbering the punch prize containers and letting players purchase a number to punch.

Shortcut: Don’t want to stuff all those boxes? Grab a pumpkin pinata and use the party pack prizes as pinata toys!

Halloween Idea #4: Pumpkin Patch Smash

Halloween Glow Party Ideas with glow in the dark novelty items you can buy in bulk for kids Halloween party, scary scavenger hunt, Halloween prizes and goodie bag fillers

We thought up a game specifically for kids who like to STOMP! First, add awesome Halloween party prizes to your shopping cart – we recommend Glow Critters, Glow Skeletons, and Light Up Jelly Rings

Then, seek out an assortment of black and orange Halloween balloons. Insert the glow toys into the balloons before inflating, then prettify your game with colorful ribbons. 

If possible, keep the balloons in a contained “Pumpkin Patch Smash” space so the stomping area can be controlled. Lastly, don’t forget to activate the glow sticks in your glowing party favors before putting them inside the balloons! 

Halloween Idea #5: Hide and SCARE

7 BEST Halloween Party Ideas for kids and DIY Halloween games, trick or treat candy alternatives or classroom game prizes for indoors or outdoors, day or night with glow in the dark bulk toys

Play Hide-and-Seek in the dark with glowing party supplies and Halloween toys! Here’s the catch: Everyone playing has to wear Glow Skeleton necklaces, Glow Critter necklaces, or glowing glasses and glow stick necklaces. Enhance the playing experience by turning off all the lights or play at night in the backyard to make the glowing toys extra bright for the seekers! (Be sure the area is safe.)

Our Glow Party Pack comes with tons of connectors to make wearable glow stick party supplies. This game is a great option for little ones just beginning to play hide and seek games - the glowing toys up the fun factor by making it easier to find each player. Put another spin on the game by turning the game into a scavenger hunt and letting the kids find the glowing prizes!

Halloween Idea #6: Glowing Egg Hunt

Haunted Halloween game ideas for kids party and adult Halloween parties; challenge trick-or-treaters to find a hidden glow egg in the yard

Who says Easter has to be the only holiday for egg hunts? Definitely not us.

Our Glow Eggs come with mini glow sticks and can be easily assembled with candy or candy alternatives. Hide them around the house, or challenge trick-or-treaters to find a hidden glow egg in the yard.

A special note of interest to anyone who’s decorating their house with giant spiders: There’s a huge opportunity to create an epic nest of glow eggs to match your spider décor on Halloween night. Giant Spider! Glowing eggs! EEEEK!



Halloween Idea #7: Primal Scream Contest

Who’s got the shrillest Halloween scream? That’s the game. Seriously.

Okay, this idea is actually NOT recommended. But we thought we’d throw it into the mix. Try at your own peril (get earplugs).


So, now that you’ve got the best Halloween party ideas – get glowing! Put down that pumpkin spice latte, take a break from carving that Jack-O-Lantern, pause your Halloween movie night and GLOW BIG this Halloween! 

Bonus Bad Joke for those who made it to the end:

Q: What did one ghost say to the other ghost?

A: Do you believe in humans? 


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tina herrin - October 13, 2019

Great ideas! Can’t wait to try some !

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