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Toy Of The Month - October 2020

Toy Of The Month - October 2020 - USA Toyz

We’re greeting October with a bang with our October Toy of the Month (TOTM)! For this month, we’re featuring one of our freshest toys this season, another out-of-this-world variation of our all-time best-selling toy. Meet your Toy of the Month for October (drumroll, please), the AstroShot Zero GS!

October Toy of the Month Feature: AstroShot Zero GS

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with USA Toyz’s newest foam dart target shooting game, the AstroShot Zero GS! The new Zero GS foam dart set is one of the newly-launched AstroShot toys for this year. Like its predecessor, the AstroShot Zero G, it’s a floating target shooting game with five targets, but with a few cool tweaks. 

AstroShot Zero GS Features

Toy Of The Month - October 2020 - USA Toyz


  • Floating target module. AstroShot toys’ claim to fame is the floating target module for hover targets. The new AstroShot Zero GS also features an 11.25" L x 3" W x 12.25" H floating target module with five (5) hovering targets for honing your foam dart shooting skills.
  • Adjustable airflow module. With the Zero GS, you can make orbs float higher or lower to suit your target shooting preferences by turning the knobs on the airflow module. 
  • 2-in1 target shooting game. Why shoot only floating targets when you can blast knockdown targets too? The AstroShot Zero GS allows you to do both! Connect the Zero GS knockdown target accessories to the target module and start flip target shooting alongside your hover targets.
  • Awesome blaster power. Fire at hovering and/or knockdown targets within 25 feet!
  • USB powered. Enjoy target blasting fun at home with USB power or bring the Zero GS wherever you go using battery power (4x AAA batteries).
  • Nerf-compatible. All AstroShot toys (including the Zero GS) are Nerf-compatible.

With these cool new features, we’re sure you’re going to have a blast with the all-new AstroShot Zero GS target blaster set

TOTM Surprise

This month’s Toy of the Month surprise is one of our favorites, the Whipz Micro Racer stunt car! Whipz is a power-packed mini race toy—a tiny, ultra-fast LED car that doubles as a fidget toy. Pocket-sized and comes with a keychain clip, you can make the Whipz car do 360-degree spins and “Whipz-nados”. Every Whipz car also comes with its own acrylic ball, so you can make it transform it into a glowing light sphere!

Get this exciting micro race car each time you purchase our October TOTM! Race your Whipz car, create Whipz-nados, put it in the clear orb to make stunts, use it as a fidget spinner, or show it off as a cool keychain.

What You Need to Do

To maximize this month’s TOTM promo, purchase the AstroShot Zero GS and we’ll send you the Whipz Micro Racer car for free. When you buy the AstroShot Zero GS, click ‘Add Bundle to Cart’ to add both the AstroShot and the Whipz car to your cart, then check out. We’ll automatically apply the promo to your cart.  (P.S. The TOTM promo cannot be combined with other existing promotions)

Toy Of The Month - October 2020 - USA Toyz
Click 'Add Bundle to Cart' to add both the AstroShot and Whipz to your cart!

The Toy of the Month promo runs until October 31 only, so remember to make your AstroShot Zero GS purchase early so you’ll get to receive our coolest tiny Whipz car along with it! 

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