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Best-Selling AstroShot Toys for Boys and Girls

Best-Selling AstroShot Toys for Boys and Girls

The AstroShot shooting game toy collection has remained one of our best-selling toys for several years in a row. With cool, otherworldly features, no wonder AstroShot toys are a crowd favorite. But what exactly makes these toys extra special?  In this blog, we share what makes each AstroShot toy unique and well-loved by toy gun fans of all ages.

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The Classic AstroShot Toy

For those of you who are familiar with AstroShot, this model is the first thing that comes to mind, the AstroShot Zero G Floating Orbs Target Foam Dart Gun Set, or simply the AstroShot Zero G. This target shooting module is known for its fun zero-gravity floating targets and its 45-feet shooting range. If you’re looking for a gravity-defying space adventure toy, the AstroShot Zero G is for you!

Each AstroShot Zero G set includes a (1) foam dart gun blaster, (10) floating orbs, (12) foam darts, (1) target module, and (1) dart clip holder. Batteries not included.

AstroShot Zero G Highlights:

  • Floating orb module with 5 anti-gravity pedestals
  • Comes with 10 floating orbs
  • Nerf-compatible 
  • Cool sound effects

Get the AstroShot Zero G Here


AstroShot Gyro

Another fan favorite is the AstroShot Gyro Rotating Target set. This AstroShot gun toy set features a rotating gyro target module with two sets of 7 rotating targets for single or two-person play. Shoot rotating targets to perfect your aim—battle with friends and family to see who’s the sharpest shooter.

Each AstroShot comes with two (2) foam dart gun blasters, (1) gyro target module, (14) targets, (24) blue foam darts, and (2) dart holder attachments. This gun target set is built for multiplayer target shooting and dual target shooting battles. Batteries not included.

AstroShot Gyro Highlights:

  • Rotating target module with 14 targets
  • Comes with two dart gun blasters
  • Nerf-compatible
  • Cool sound effects

Get the AstroShot Gyro Here


2-in-1 Glow-in-the-Dark AstroShot

For kids who love glow-in-the-dark toys and nighttime play, the Astroshot Zero GX is an excellent choice. The AstroShot Zero GX is AstroShot Zero G’s glowing sibling; this gun toy set features a glowing target module you can easily see in the dark. Besides the floating orb targets, the GX features a glowing flip target option in case you want a knock down shooting game.

Each set includes (1) glow-in-the-dark foam dart gun, (1) glow-in-the-dark module with 5 anti-gravity pedestals, (12) foam darts,

AstroShot Zero GX highlights:

  • Glow-in-the-dark floating orb module with 5 anti-gravity pedestals
  • Glowing flip targets
  • Comes with 10 floating orbs
  • Nerf-compatible 
  • Cool sound effects

Get the AstroShot Zero GX Here


AstroShot Gemini for Kids

But the fun’s not only for the older children! A hit with smaller kids, the pump-action AstroShot Gemini is a cool yet safe shooting gun toy set with a 20-feet range. This soft ball gun shooter set requires no batteries, comes with its own 43-inch giant target board, and 1-inch soft foam bullet balls. If you’re looking for a target set that’s great for backyard shooting practice but also awesome for indoor playtime, this is it!

Each set includes (2) 14.5-inch air blaster guns, (24) 1-inch foam balls, and (1) 43-inch standing target.

AstroShot Gemini Highlights:

  • Pump action guns with zero batteries required
  • Giant target board - compatible with other foam shooters
  • Comes with 24 1-inch foam ball bullets
  • Safe for kids

Get the AstroShot Gemini Here


New AstroShot Toys

We’re thrilled to announce that we have not one, but two brand-new AstroShot toys for you! Introducing the AstroShot Zero GSX and the AstroShot Gyro glow, two more glow-in-the-dark additions to the AstroShot Family. 

AstroShot GSX

The AstroShot Zero GSX is like a sleek crossover of the AstroShot ZeroG and the AstroShot GX. Featuring floating orb targets, adjustable air stream in module, and glowing knock-down targets, this new AstroShot toy is one you’ll want for your nighttime target practice.

AstroShot GSX Highlights:

  • Glow-in-the-dark floating orb module with adjustable air stream; 5 anti-gravity pedestals
  • Knock-down target option
  • Comes with 10 hovering orb targets
  • 25-feet shooting range
  • Power with (4) AA batteries or via USB

Get the Astroshot Zero GSX Here


Coming Soon: AstroShot Gyro Glow

The long-awaited glow-in-the-dark version of our favorite AstroShot Gyro is here! The AstroShot Gyro Glow is the cool glowing version of the well-loved rotating target game. Like the Gyro, the Gyro Glow comes with (2) foam dart gun blasters for multiplayer shooting and (2) glowing, rotating targets.

AstroShot Gyro Glow Highlights:

  • Glowing, rotating target module with 14 targets
  • Comes with two dart gun blasters
  • Nerf-compatible
  • Cool sound effects

Watch Out for the Astroshot Gyro Glow Availability Here

Have Fun with AstroShot Target Shooting Games

Have you ever had your own AstroShot toy? If so, make sure to share your cool AstroShot pics on social media and tag us @usatoyz on Instagram and at USA Toyz on Facebook. Do you have awesome AstroShot stories to share? Feel free to share your AstroShot experiences in the comments section!👇👇 🙂

Want to check out all AstroShot toys? Visit the full AstroShot Toy Collection Here.

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