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Fun End of Summer & Fall Activities For Kids

Fun End of Summer & Fall Activities For Kids - USA Toyz

Autumn magic is in the air! This season has the perfect balance of cool and sunlight, making it an awesome time to spend more time outdoors before it gets too cold. And because the fall season is an excellent time to explore and relish the outdoors with the kids—we’d like to share a few fall activity ideas so you can maximize the autumn season with the little ones.

Fun Family Camp

Since it’s a great time to take kids outdoors and get them to enjoy the cooler temperatures, why not do a fun outdoor camp with the family? Plop a tent in the backyard, fill it with goodies, and spend some time in it. While you’re at it, grab walkie talkies and use it for camp comms (and spy games) to keep family camp more exciting. 

For backyard fall tent camping with your little ones, you can use easy-to-build adventure-themed tents. You can have a space-themed tent with free binoculars for your budding astronaut, an underwater-themed tent (with a kaleidoscope) for your little ocean explorer, or a unicorn tent (with a unicorn headband) for your cute unicorn princess.  

Given the right weather and supplies, you can also plan an overnight tent party! Just make sure you have the gear to keep you warm throughout the night and insect repellents or bug zappers to keep bugs away. 

Outdoor Target Practice

We know you love target shooting indoors, but now that fall season is here, it’s time to take the shooting games outdoors! Find target practice games—regular foam dart guns are cool, but how about something more challenging, like an intergalactic floating target shooting game? Or a target shooting game that comes with a rotating target machine?


Instead of the regular game, target practice with moving targets makes more fun time with the family. Whether you’re having a fall target competition or honing your foam dart shooting skills, these quirky, off-planet themed target games have got you covered! 

Check out these AstroShot Foam Dart guns for your autumn target fun:

Autumn Drone Fun

The fall season is also a good time to take your mini drones out for a spin. Fly your drone while enjoying the warm autumn light and when it isn’t breezy, call up friends, and have a mini drone race!

Try racing mini paragliding drones or any of the Scoot drones in your backyard. And when you’re done with the race, you can try volley-drone too (volley-drone is like volleyball but with hand-controlled drones😊). 

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Give kids some off-screen fun time by getting them to embark on an exciting scavenger hunt adventure! Hide cool toy treasures at home and in the backyard—these can be candies, toys from toy packs, or if you’re feeling generous, add in some mini toys like our Whipz mini car! 

Other Fun Autumn Activities to Try

There’s a host of autumn activities you can do during the fall season. Apart from the ones above, we suggest the following fun kid-friendly activities:

  • Leaf arts and crafts (leaf rubbings, hand-made leaf stamps, and many more)
  • Orchard visits
  • Zoo visits
  • Baking (seasonal cookies)
  • Family bike rides
  • Acorn art (collect acorns and paint faces on them)
  • Caramel apple making
  • Glow parties
  • Leaf pile jumping
  • Farm visits
  • Stargazing
  • ...and many more!


Enjoy Autumn Activities with Loved Ones

If kids have enjoyed the summer, they’ll surely enjoy the fall season too! There’s a ton of indoor and outdoor activities you can do during autumn, from family camps to autumn art activities. 

To celebrate the summer’s end (and welcome autumn), we have an End of Summer Sale especially for you! Enjoy 20% off of EVERYTHING with the code ENDOFSUMMER20 upon checkout. 

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