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Toy of the Month: September 2020

Toy of the Month: September 2020

Say hello to September and get ready for our newest Toy of the Month (TOTM) feature! We hope you’re as excited for the Toy of the Month as we are, and for this month, we’re featuring one of our best-selling STEM toys for kids of all ages. Meet your TOTM for September—the dazzling 3-in-1 Constellation Globe!


September Toy of the Month Feature: The 3-In-1 Constellation Globe

In case you’re wondering what the 3-in-1 constellation globe is, it’s similar to your regular school/home globe—but way, way better. It’s a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) certified toy, meaning this constellation globe can be helpful for learning these crucial skills through play.

Constellation Globe Features

USA Toyz’s constellation globe looks just like a regular globe. However, it differs from your typical plastic globe in several ways:

  • It’s a sturdy piece of learning equipment. The 3-in-1 globe has a solid chrome base, allowing the globe to withstand regular and repeated whirling action when used. As it is well-made, it won’t topple down easily, unlike the lightweight plastic ones you can buy at the gift shop.  
  • Luminous LED night light. One of the best things about this 3-in-1 constellation globe is its cool LED action. If you’re keeping it in your room, just flip the switch and watch it transform from a regular globe to an awesome night light.  
  • Learn the stars. If you’re passionate about the galaxy and outer space (or if you have a loved one who’s passionate about that), this is the globe for you. Not only does this globe light up at night; it also shows cool constellations. And in case you’d like to learn more about constellations and stars, the globe comes with a booklet to guide you in your star-plotting journey.

Use the globe for learning more about continents and countries, and let it transform into a stunning desk lamp or night light in your bedroom. If you’re eager to learn about constellations, grab the booklet and start plotting the stars right away.


TOTM Surprise

As you may know, the Toy of the Month feature comes with a cool surprise. For the month of September, we’re sending you cool LED glasses along with each constellation globe purchase. You’ll get a 12-pack, PartySticks glow-in-the-dark LED party sunglasses perfect for any occasion. Each of these shades come with a flip switch to help you conserve power for the next use. 

toy of the month freebie 12-pack party sunglasses LED shutter glasses

Whether a birthday party, kids game night, or a backyard soiree, these shutter-type sunglasses will help take the fun to another level. Plus, it’s a must-have for your upcoming Halloween party!

What You Need to Do

To enjoy the perks of the TOTM promo, you know the drill—purchase one 3-in-1 Constellation Globe and we’ll add the 12-piece LED party sunglasses to your order. No need to add the freebie separately; even if the LED party set isn’t included in your cart, we’ll make sure to send them along with your LED Constellation Globe. 

And like every Toy of the Month promo, this ends by September 30, so remember to grab your own LED Globe before this sale period ends.

Shop the September’s Toy of the Month Now


But Wait, There’s More!

Here’s another fun surprise for you: Labor Day Toy Sale!

In celebration of Labor Day, we’re giving you 20% off on all toys on our website—yes, you’ve heard it right, we’re giving the discount on ALL items! So if you’ve been eyeing a couple of toys for a while and waiting for the time to make a purchase, this is it 😊 

labor day sale 20% off on everything

How does it work? Just use the code LABORDAY20 upon checkout to redeem the discount. 

This kids’ toys sale isn’t gonna last forever—promo runs only from September 1 to September 8, so hurry and grab these exciting toy deals today!

Not sure where to begin? Start by checking our New Arrivals and Best Sellers!

P.S.  We love to give our valued clients the best online toy deals, so stay tuned awesome discounts in the near future, like our Toy of the Month for October 😉

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