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Best Drones For Kids

Best Drones For Kids - USA Toyz

Who doesn’t love drones? From small kids to full-grown adults, everyone loves a good drone. Today, we share our top drone picks and what makes them the best drones for kids to play with this season. 

From action-packed, stunt riding drones to cool otherworldly space flyers, it’s time to reward your loved ones (or yourself) with one of these exciting drone toys! 

Stunt Riders 2-in-1 Drone

If you want a mini drone with serious air time but also super fun to fly at the same time, this drone is for you. Unlike run-of-the-mill drones, this Stunt Riders 2-in-1 drone flyer comes with an action figure so you can fly it by itself or with a rider. Cool, right?

Why it’s awesome: It’s small yet powerful and packs so much fun in such a small package. The Stunt Riders drone is a hit with kids and young adults for its awesome-ness factor—we think it’s super awesome that it can transform from a regular drone into a stunt rider in a hoverboard or a paraglider. Plus, it flies in three speeds, has an altitude hold function, has a one-key lift land for easy flying, and also features an emergency landing function. 

Fun game ideas: While the Stunt Riders drone is great to fly (or show off to friends😜) on its own, kids love it for super-spy playtime and indoor drone racing.

Ideal for: Kids 14+ (or younger children with adult supervision)

UFO 4000 Mini Drone

Transport yourself lightyears into space with the UFO 4000 mini drone! It’s a handy, easy to maneuver drone excellent for young drone flyers or beginner drone enthusiasts. But while it’s a beginner drone, don’t underestimate the power of the UFO 4000 Mini—it has big drone features even for its small frame. And yes, in case you’re wondering, this alien quadcopter can *warp* in hyperspeed, hence leaving stunning light trails at night. 👽🛸

Why it’s awesome: The UFO 4000 mini drone measures only 5” by 5” and yet offers so much power and control. It’s one of our best beginner drones, making it great for honing rough drone piloting skills before transitioning to more ‘mature’ and advanced drones. Cool features include easy joystick control, altitude hold, and one-touch 360-degree flips that can make you look like a pro. Plus, the UFO mini has vibrant LEDs that make it visible for your night flights.

Fun game ideas: An excellent drone for day to night flying time, you can use it for indoor drone racing, backyard racing, quick neighborhood explorations, and even glow-in-the-dark flights or races.

Ideal for: Kids 14+ (or younger children with adult supervision)

Syma Helicopter

If you’re into Apaches, Chinooks, or Black Hawks, you’ll enjoy our mini helo version, the Syma Wind Hawk. Whether you’d like to learn how to fly a drone, have some indoor flying fun, or channel your inner special ops pilot, we recommend the Syma Wind Hawk for you. 

Why it’s awesome: The Syma Wind Hawk helicopter drone is compact and lightweight but it’s a solid piece of flying equipment with awesome flying capabilities. Some of its best features include stable flight control (thanks to its altitude hold), an uncomplicated one button lift/land, and two-speed options (plus, it spins too!). While this cool helicopter is best flown indoors, it’s also suited to outdoor flights within a 65-feet range. 

Fun game ideas: This helicopter drone is best for indoor flying, stunts, and indoor drone racing. Since it has LEDs, it’s also great for glow-in-the-dark races with friends and family.

Ideal for: Kids 8+ (or younger children with adult supervision)

Scoot UFO Drone

Last but not least among USA Toyz’s fun kid-friendly drones is the Scoot drone. Scoot is a growing drone family collection of hand gesture-controlled drones in a cute, UFO-like shape. The Scoot drone family features a regular-sized (mini) version, a light-up LED version, a two-pack version, and a large (XL) UFO drone version. 

Also, since the Scoot drone family is our Toy of the Month for August, we're giving away a special freebie (valued at $16.99) for each purchase of any Scoot drone.

Learn more about the August Toy of the Month Promo here.

Why it’s awesome: We love the Scoot drone family because easy to maneuver (it’s hand controlled🙌🖐👐) and super fun to play with. Just toss your Scoot to launch, direct its flight with your hand, and gently catch when you’re done. And did you know that it can do flips? Just flick your hand to see your Scoot do a solid 360! 

Fun game ideas: Like the drones above, Scoot drones are fun to fly on their own, but are more fun to race with family and friends. Since they’re equipped with LEDs, Scoot drones are also awesome for glow-in-the-dark races. Make them pass through glowing LED hoops for an added challenge (they can take it for sure!) when you try a night drone race. And more importantly, you can enjoy a good volley-drone with Scoot—in case you don’t know it yet, volley-drone is like volleyball but with a Scoot flying ball drone instead of a ball.

Ideal for: Kids 8 and above (and younger children with adult supervision)

Grab a Drone and Have Some Fun!

Make the most out of your extended home vacation with these USA Toyz drones. Whether you’re planning to have some indoor or outdoor flying fun, with these drones, you’re guaranteed to have lots of fun! 

P.S. Remember to tag us when you share a photo (or video) of your drone on social media. Tag us at Facebook (USA Toyz)  or Instagram (@usatoyz) and we’ll feature you on our pages!

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