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Best Drones 2018 | Top 3 Camera Quadcopters (Gift Ideas)

Best Drones 2018 | Top 3 Camera Quadcopters (Gift Ideas) - USA Toyz

Looking for the best drone gift in the new year? Check out this quick guide to find the best drones on the market for 2018! From beginner to advanced, read on to find out about 3 of the most cutting-edge drone out there!

3. F72 Rogue

Wanted to get into drone flying or know a new pilot? Then the F72 Rogue is the perfect drone for you! It’s packed with really cool features in addition to its easy-to-learn controls, and has a great HD camera for anyone who’s interested in aerial photography! Best of all – it comes in at under $100!


The Rogue comes with many advanced and beginner features that make this one of the most versatile drones on the market.

It combines several features to ensure you’re up in the air as fast as possible - and stay that way. For example, the Altitude Hold feature uses a state-of-the-art barometer to hold its altitude automatically. This means you can focus on flying while the drone stays steady.

Combining this feature with Headless Mode makes the Rogue an ideal beginner drone. When activated, Headless Mode orients the drone relative to your position, not the position of the drone. This means no matter which direction is the drone is facing, it will always respond as if you were sitting in the cockpit!

These awesome beginner features paired with up to 15 minutes of flight per battery, High/Low Speed Mode, 1-Key Lift/Land and a low signal alarm makes for the ultimate beginner quadcopter for any new or aspiring pilot!


The camera on these drones is often the most important part because with FPV you can get a real-life look in a stunning bird’s-eye view. The F72 doesn’t disappoint with its HD 720p front-facing camera. Tilted just enough for an optimal view, this camera is perfect for capturing your memories from the air.

This drone is fully equipped with FPV capabilities. That means you can record and view spectacular photos and videos from the sky as it happens. This lets you and your friends and family observe your world from the sky all from your phone or tablet.

The iPhone and Android app also allows delivers advanced functionality not otherwise possible such as on-screen custom flight path drawing, tilt-to-fly and other great app features.


With powerful brushed motors, safe propeller guards and sturdy construction, this drone is a great pick for the fledgling pilot, or the daring one. Headless Mode, Altitude Hold and other advanced features mean this drone will be easy and safe to fly. And of course, what drone would be complete without a highly popular flip function? Just hit the button and with the Rogue do a 360° flip!

Get your F72 Rogue here today!

2. F100 Ghost

While the F72 does pack in many great features, especially for the brand-new pilot, the F100 is a huge step up from the F72 in many ways. From brushless motors to a full 1080p detachable action camera. This drone is an ultimate intermediate drone for anyone wanting to really dive into the world of drones! Not to mention it is well below any budget under $200!


The F100 Ghost packs in all of the same great beginner features found in the F72 Rogue, but also includes more great features to give you even better power and control.

While still boasting up to a 15-minute flight time, one of the best things about the F100 Ghost are its brushless motors. As apposed to its slower, smaller and less powerful brushed cousins, this drone has magnetically driven brushless motors that deliver a smoother and more controllable flight experience with more efficient flight.

This drone also has impressive range. You can maintain complete control of this drone up to 500 meters (over 1,600 feet) away! That’s far enough away that you won’t be able to see it, which technically farther away than you should be flying any drone.

New this year, this drone pack also includes two extra shells for added protection and a new look for your drone.


The detachable 1080p HD camera that comes with this drone is a huge selling point. You can use it with several compatible action camera mounts (including the GoPro Hero 3 and 4) or easily mount it on the bottom of your F100 Ghost! This is the perfect package for capturing all the action - both from the ground and the air!

And, since the camera can operate independently of the drone (and remote), you’ll still have the full 500-meter range in any direction to capture astonishing scenery and life events in full HD 1080p.


This drone is the next step for beginners and experts alike. With a full 1080p HD camera, a slew of features and some next-level motors for a buttery flight experience, there is no reason not to get this drone. This made our Top Intermediate Drone for 2018 list for good reason!

Check out the F100 Ghost here!

1. F200W Shadow

If you are looking for a drone that really “has it all” you’ve found it right here! The F200W Shadow really packs a punch with a ton of next-level features!


The F200W Shadow really adds in some next-level features which is why it’s one of our best advanced drone for 2018!

It starts off with Headless Mode, Altitude Hold and other powerful features that really are the core of these great drones. But, what sets this drone apart is the stunning low-latency HD FPV you get on your phone or tablet, and the included GPS capability that amplifies a plethora of features!

The GPS paired with this powerful FPV is really what makes this drone one of the best. Because of the GPS, you can fearlessly fly and test your boundaries, all while viewing crisp first-person aerial views.

Fly to far and run out of signal? Forget which direction your drone is facing and can’t fly it back? Drone about to die and you can’t get it back fast enough? These common worries are quelled thanks to the 3 amazing return-to-home (RTH) functions! The GPS can accurately bring this drone home and land it automatically.


The HD FPV can be seen at up to 500 meters and honestly blew me away when I first tested it. This drone boasts some of the quickest and highest-quality FPV of any drone I’ve ever tested, while still coming in at below $300!

The camera itself can record in full 1080p HD to capture breathtaking views in amazing HD video to be easily shared with your friends and family. Perfect for social media!

Integrated right into the front of the drone, this camera is low-profile, light and supported by smooth flying brushless motors for optimal viewing and recording experiences.


This drone is the ultimate drone package for any pilot at any stage. With strong construction and fast, smooth and efficient motors, there is nothing you can’t do with this ultimate HD FPV quadcopter that returns like a boomerang under nearly any condition.

Don’t miss this drone - check out the F200W Shadow here!

But wait. Maybe you’re thinking, what if I want the GPS, but would like to save a little dough? Check out the F200C Specter drone here for a great GPS option under $200 that still comes with a 1080p HD camera!


To Sum Up…

These are our top picks for some of the best drones going into 2018. Thanks for reading with us and make sure to check out our full range of drone and RC products! These drones are the ultimate gift, so be sure to check them out!

Still not sure? Feel free to contact us at! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We offer all our customers 1-on-1 support and a 100% money-back guarantee on all drones.

Get yours today!

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VIRGINIA DILLON - December 30, 2018

Really want to get a drone for expert photographer but new to drones. What do you suggest? What add ins do you recommend, particularly for stability and hovering as well as any for photos? Thanks very much!!

Donna Eastman - July 27, 2018

Great article! It’d be better if you’d also include its pros and cons and if it’s attachable with a gps tracker devices such as trackimo or any other gps tracker brands that are popular among drone users these days.

USAToyz - June 25, 2018

Hi Nathaniel!

Great question. We’ve got some great drones for beginners. Generally speaking, we recommend seeking out drones that are easy to learn because of features like Altitude Hold, 1-Key Lift Landing and Headless Mode. Check out the 3 posts below that profile some of our best drones for beginners. Happy flying!

Nathaniel - June 22, 2018

Planning to buy drone next month. Do you have any advice or tips for a first time user?

Conal - June 19, 2018

I got my eye on that F200W Shadow for my next drone.

Austin - June 18, 2018

Drones are really popular, saving up to get one.

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