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Drone Inventions That Make a Difference

Drone Inventions That Make a Difference - USA Toyz

With Veterans day behind us and Thanksgiving coming near, thankfulness is in the air. Drones too can contribute to this feeling of thankfulness and this article will highlight some of the best drones which can save people’s lives, improve day to day life, and even help our veterans in the field. With drone technology constantly evolving and growing into different aspects of people’s lives, there is always a drone invention to be thankful for.

Ambulance Drone

One of the best drone inventions backed by a creator who desires to change the world and save lives is Alec Momont’s Ambulance-Drone “Dronesforgood”. This drone packs a fully functional AED and is able to autonomously fly miles to the spot where the AED is needed. It is easily dispatched by the emergency dispatcher and is projected to get there minutes before the first responders. This is important when each minute decreases chance of survival by 10%. These drones on average could potentially increase the chance of survival from 8% to 80%! These drones can reach a top speed of 60MPH as well as having live feed to the dispatcher. Sound familiar? The drone is autonomous and the onboard defibrillator can be controlled by the dispatcher. This drone is the next step in first responder technology and definitely a drone invention to be thankful for. Want a drone of your own? Who knows? you could be the next drone first responder! Check out the UDI U45W Blue Jay here!

Lifeguard Drone

The greatest obstacle to rescuing a drowning swimmer? Time, according to the German Lifeguard Association. Because most beaches don’t have motorized vehicles to reach struggling swimmers, lifeguards often have to resort to swimming. While small pools aren’t an issue, lakes and oceans can pose a greater risk to a drowning swimmer because it may take the lifeguard minutes to swim and reach them.

That is where MicroDrones Lifeguard Drone comes in. By holding two “RESTUBEs” underneath the drone body, a lifeguard drone pilot is able to fly a drone out and drop a self inflating tube within a matter of seconds. While these wouldn’t completely replace traditional lifeguards, this gives them more time to respond to the swimmer as well as calm the swimmer down to put the lifeguards own life less at risk.

With similar models like this currently in development lifeguard drones may be as common as sunscreen at beaches across the world. Want to start training for the life guarding job of your dreams? Get started by buying your own drone today! 

Pentagon’s Military Scouting Drone

With Veterans Day comes a great sense of gratitude for those service men and women who have risked their lives as well as remembering those who sacrificed their lives to protect a country where innovation can thrive became of the selfless sacrifice of others. Shield AI chose to use their ability to innovate to give back to those who make it possible. A $1 million contract from the pentagon has gone to developing autonomous scouting drones which can be used indoors.

The drones use complex sensors and gps arrays to map the insides of buildings as well as spotting any threats. More than one drone can be used at a time allowing for quick searches of massive complexes. The contract comes from the branch which oversees the Navy SEAL program, because of the danger of the unknown which comes with being a SEAL, companies like Shield AI are aiming to make the job of protecting the country a little safer by eliminating some of this unknown.

These drones could be the newest gadget aiding the SEALs in future missions. We salute you veterans!

Infrastructure Inspecting Drone

Current methods of inspecting bridges, oil and gas sites, power lines, etc. can be both time consuming and dangerous. With these industries constantly growing, there is a strain on current inspectors.

This is where GE’s Raven comes in. This drone can speed up inspections by around three times while there is no risk for inspectors. (Wait, did you say Raven? USA Toyz has one of those too! Check it out here!) The ability to carry high tech sensors also allows them to do a better job than a human. These drones are able to fly autonomously to set waypoints, inspection points of interest, and are currently used for methane inspection. They can also gather important emission information.

These drones help companies like GE to work faster and smarter while keeping workers safe. While only used for methane right now, there are various similar models with different uses, another prime example is the Idaho based Empire Unmanned which does many differing types of land inspection from agriculture to engineering. With things becoming easier and safer, what isn’t there to be thankful for with this drone.

Car Drone

While this drone isn’t saving any lives, this drone is capable of saving time. Released by a Chinese drone manufacturer Ehang Inc, this car drone is the first of its kind and while it may seem like another type of helicopter transportation for the rich, it is actually aiming to be for the consumer. What makes this different than a helicopter is its autonomy.

While helicopters require a trained pilot and knowledge of airports and procedures, this drone is able to get you from point A to point B while you can sit back and read a book using the built in reading light, or simply enjoy the view in the comfort of the spacious air conditioned cockpit. It can reach 63 MPH and fly up to 11,500 feet, although intended for use at an average of 1,000- 1,650 feet.

While still a long ways off from releasing to consumers, this may be useful in search and rescue in hard to access areas. Plus, this is basically an autonomous flying car, what's not to be thankful for! 

Drone Inventions That Make a Difference - USA Toyz
We hope this article makes you thankful for the amazing future of drone technology and inspires you to thank a vet and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you're interested in stepping into this wonderful world of technology and purchasing a drone for yourself, check out our drone section at Thanks for reading!
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