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Newest Action Camera Drone – F100 Ghost Brushless Quadcopter Review

Newest Action Camera Drone – F100 Ghost Brushless Quadcopter Review - USA Toyz

The rise of the Mavic, the Spark, the Karma, and endless other high-end “prosumer” drones has made it seem like it is nearly impossible to get your hands on a powerful action camera drone without paying out thousands of dollars. These drones are dominating the industry and they are taking your money because of it. Here at USA Toyz, we have specifically tested a variety of drones and then selected the F100 as the best option to ensure a high-end flying and aerial photography experience—without having to dish out thousands of your hard-earned cash!

Read on in this review to find out why the F100 and F100 Ghost are the perfect drone for the smart consumer looking for an inexpensive yet powerful alternative that still includes features such as a 1080p HD action camera, brushless motors, camera stabilization, and more!

This drone is as powerful as it is stylish, meaning you’ll be able to use it to both awe your friends and capture stunning full 1080p HD video from a bird’s-eye view! (As an added bonus, the camera comes off the drone, meaning you can use the camera by itself as well!) This is truly the complete package for anyone who wants a top-end consumer drone with many features only seen in professional drones.

The Drone

Newest Action Camera Drone – F100 Ghost Brushless Quadcopter Review - USA Toyz

Drone Body

The F100 Ghost is kept light by adding a modular canopy on top, which also allows easy access to the drone for repairs in the event of a crash, as well as adding some easy customization to your drone!

Check out some of these canopies, and other products, here!

The frame of the drone also keeps the overall weight low to increase flight time and maneuverability, but without sacrificing safety and crash performance. The arms, legs and propeller guards are all specifically reinforced to handle even rough crashes or hard landings, all while staying light and looking good. If you don’t care about filming at any time and want to increase the flight time and responsiveness, you can also remove the camera mount and high landing gear which results in a sleek and extra-responsive drone that you can race around to your hearts content!

The propellers are also thin yet durable, giving you ultimate air-cutting power while also resisting snapping in extra hard crashes -- that is, if anything can get past the propeller guards. You are really getting the whole package with this drone, far more than simply a “camera drone.”

Brushless Motors

One of the best features of this drone by far are the brushless motors. Brushless motors are more energy efficient than traditional brushed motors, and are becoming industry standard on all top-tier drones. One of the main benefits of this feature is the extended flight time. This drone boats an impressive 12-15 minutes of flight, which doubles to 24-30 minutes with the included second battery! Not only does this give you longer flight times, but it also makes your camera footage extra stable, the responsiveness even greater, and the overall experience fun, easy, and fast! This drone adds in several features such as 360 flips, multiple speed modes, and greater overall control!

Flight Performance

While looks, features and components are all important, they all hinge on one thing—can it fly? Let me be the first to tell you this thing can FLY! Not only is it super smooth because of the above mentioned brushless motors, but it really packs a punch in High Power mode! This can also be toned down to Low Speed mode which makes for easier flying and some ultra-smooth video shots!


And a drone wouldn’t be complete without some sick extra features such as 360° flips or ultra-bright underarm and forward-facing LEDs. Both these features are truly the icing on the cake that speak to the detail committed to this drone -- its ability to wow your friends and perform even better with you in the pilot seat.

 The Controller

Newest Action Camera Drone – F100 Ghost Brushless Quadcopter Review - USA Toyz

One of the most important parts of any drone package is the controller. This is the part you, the pilot, will have the most contact with. Because of that we went to extra measures to be sure of these important features that are integral to any flying experience.

Controller Look & Feel

The feel of the controller can make or break a drone. Some top drones may look good, but their controllers fall short in how they look and feel, making the drone package suffer. We avoided that here by customizing this controller to be extremely comfortable, attractive and intuitive. This allows you to fly like a pro and have fun while doing it!

Controller Functions

Some controllers look more like a piece of overly complicated alien technology rather than a sleek and powerful drone-controlling device. As you can see above, our controller boasts some great technology and functionality, while also keeping things simple and intuitive.

 Experienced and new pilots alike will love the power packed into this sleek and ergonomic Force1 RC custom controller. This makes for a better flying experience that looks and feels good.

Don’t wait to try this out! Get your hands on a controller today and start flying!

The Camera

Newest Action Camera Drone – F100 Ghost Brushless Quadcopter Review - USA Toyz

The camera is really what makes this an awesome package for the price. The drone itself is one of a kind as a top-end consumer drone; however, the added camera makes this possibly the best action camera drone package out there! Not only do you get a top-tier drone, you get a full HD 1080p action camera that can be used on or off the drone!

With some HD action cams selling alone for more than the price of just the drone, this really confirms the value of the F100 Ghost package and our desire to help you get a camera in the sky on a budget!

The brushless motors and simple camera stabilization also help to easily capture smooth video -- without the extremely expensive addition of a full gimbal. You and your friends will be astounded with the beautiful footage you will be able to capture in vivid HD video from this drone.

To Sum Up…

Overall, there is no other drone currently on the market that includes the features and accessories of this drone and comes to you at such a low price. Plus, right now you can also get 30% off another battery if you buy this drone now. That’s up to 36-45 minutes of total flight time!

This drone has a killer camera, unique and perfectly customized controller, which makes it one of the best flying action camera drones at this level! So ditch the overpriced brands and go for a drone that will capture breathtaking footage that will wow you and your friends while hardly making a dent in your budget!

You won’t regret owning this powerful piece of flying art -- buy yours here today!

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We offer all of our customers 1-on-1 customer support and a 100% money-back guarantee on all our drones.

Get yours today!

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William Pochick - March 9, 2019

our F100 Ghost just falls out of the sky. We are flying the F100 Ghost in a big open field, about 40 feet in the air and it stops working and falls out of the sky. it doesn’t turn off, the front lights are working the back lights turn off. any idea why this is happening?
the camera doesn’t work anymore.
this Drone was purchased last week.

Collin Taylor - December 25, 2018

I lost control of mine. I’m looking for it, but am I sure if it kept flying or went down. Do you know what it the F100 does when it loses connection with the remote?

Manny - November 24, 2018

Is there a case that is made for this drone?

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