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Toy of the Month: August 2020

Toy of the Month: August 2020 - USA Toyz

We've all been stuck at home for months and before we know it, August is here! The first half of 2020 may have been rough, but we’re all expecting good things ahead. That said, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest promo, the Toy of the Month!

Starting this August, we’re featuring top toys from our lineup and we’ll be offering top discounts for you every month. And for the month of August, we’re happy to announce our Toy of the Month (drum roll please), the Scoot Hover drone family! 

TOTM Surprise

But Toy of the Month isn’t just for featuring a new toy every month. We’ve added in extra offers so you can enjoy the perks of buying our featured toy—starting today, we’re giving freebies along with your TOTM purchase.

Free WHIPZ Mini Racer for every Scoot drone purchase!

As for August, For every purchase of a Scoot drone (whether Original Scoot, Light-Up LED Scoot, Duo/2-Pack Scoot, Scoot Combo, or Scoot XL), we’ll be giving away one of our top toy favorites, the super cool, super-fast, WHIPZ Mini Racer stunt toy car for F-R-E-E. That’s $16.99 worth of savings on your purchase, plus hours of added fun! 

August Toy of the Month Feature: The Scoot Hover Drone Family

If it’s your first time to hear about Scoot, Scoot is our line of hovering UFO drones, well-loved by kids and adults alike. However, unlike most drones that are remote-controlled, the USA Toyz Scoot drones are hand gesture-controlled, which means they’re excellent for drone games like volley-drone or indoor drone racing. 

You may choose any of these Scoot drone products to claim your free Whipz gift: 

  • Scoot Original. Our classic hover drone in colors blue or red. 
  • Scoot Light-Up LED. Scoot 2 has two-LED colors and comes in dark metal gray or matte black color options. 
  • Scoot Duo. Two Scoot Original drones (red and blue) in one super-saver pack. 
  • Scoot Combo. Classic Scoot drone in a combo-colored shell. Does 360-degree flips too!
  • Scoot XL. The larger version of the original Scoot. Comes with a one-button lift/land remote. 

Each Scoot UFO drone is equipped with easy motion sensor control, making it easy to control even by kids and beginners. Just gently toss these drones to launch, then steer it by hand to direct its flight, and catch to stop/land. 

Toy of the Month: August 2020 - USA Toyz

Have little kids at home? Scoot drones are designed with a kid-friendly webbed shell that protects small fingers from catching into the propellers. 

Here’s a brief rundown of the coolest Scoot drone features: 

  • Hand gesture-controlled (no joystick needed)
  • Easy motion-sensor control 
  • Able to pass through obstacles and won’t scratch walls
  • 360-degree flips (Scoot Combo)
  • Vibrant LEDs for glow-in-the-dark play
  • Webbed shell, won’t catch tiny fingers
  • Compact size (Scoot XL is larger than the rest)
  • Rechargeable, under 50-minute charge time

What You Need to Do

To avail of our latest toy of the month promo, simply purchase any Scoot drone (Original Scoot, Light-Up LED Scoot, Duo/2-Pack Scoot, Scoot Combo, or Scoot XL) and we’ll automatically include the Whipz mini stunt car to your order. Even if you don’t see the Whipz mini car during checkout, you’ll receive your Whipz freebie along with your Scoot drone. 

Remember, this Scoot/Whipz TOTM promo lasts only till August 31. Get your Scoot drone and freebie today!

P.S.  Make sure to watch out for our September TOTM deals just for you 😉

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