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USA Toyz Summer Buyer's Guide 2020

USA Toyz Summer Buyer's Guide 2020 - USA Toyz

At last, summer 2020 is here and we’re here with our USA Toyz Summer Buyer’s Guide with all kinds of great ideas! While this might be a different summer than we’re used to, we’re still expecting a great summer experience filled with fun staycation memories and lots of indoor excitement.

In case you’re wondering if it’s possible to make this season extra special for the family, the answer is YES! As we’re trading tropical trips for the backyard pool and indoor parties, it’s only right to stock up on fun summer essentials.

On that note, we’d like to share this summer’s buying guide to which cool toys and gizmos to buy for family, friends, or yourself this beach (less) season:

Safe Games for Toddlers

Warm, sunny days are ahead and they pair perfectly with these toddler and baby-safe products from our magical toy factory. Whether your little ones like to splash around like a little fishy in a pool or to hang out with friends in the neighborhood sandbox, these toys have got you covered. Keeping them safe and happily entertained is always top of mind for us at USA Toyz.

Shop the Babies/Toddler Collection Now 

Pool Floats and Swim Rings

Keep your water-loving little ones safe with bright pool floats and swim rings. Get your kids either a 3-pack inflatable swim rings for sharing (check out these fun and silly themes: pet theme swim rings or mythical animal pool floats) or a fun llama-designed float with leg openings for an added layer of safety. These are fun to bring to the beach or lake in the summer - but backyard pools work too!

Check Out Pool Floats and Swim Rings Here 

Sensory Toys


USA Toyz Summer Buyer's Guide 2020 - USA Toyz
Toddlers love to play with their hands and explore what they can do with them, and we know how important that sensory experience is for their development. For little children who love playing with clay and hanging out in the sandbox, why not get them some smushy, moldable, and non-sticky play sand


Or, you can get them this fun beach molds set (recently voted #1 in She Knows as “The Best Kinetic Sand Tools for Taking Sensory Play to the Next Level”) that they bring to the playground, beach, or use at home. Just make sure to get the kids only sensory toys with safe, non-toxic ingredients for your peace of mind. 

Check Out Fluffy Clay and Beach Toy Molds Here 

Play Tents

Got a little adventurer in the making? Why not give your little explorer her/his own kiddie tent? Get your ocean explorer, unicorn party princess, or future astronaut a tent to her own, plus the matching accessories. Your kids will love hanging out in these cool tents whether indoors or outdoors — trust us! We also know that children appreciate having their own special safe space for finding their little paths to emotional calm. 

Check Out Play Tents for Little Explorers Here  

Educational Toys for Grade Schoolers (ages 5 to 8)

School-age children enjoy toys with a bit of challenge and fun. Keep them occupied with exciting summer toys geared towards learning, just like these cool suggestions in this Summer Buyer’s Guide. 

 Shop the Grade School-Age Toy Collection Now 

Talking Robots

A talking robot is sure to make kids swoon — ‘cause who doesn’t love robots, right? Get your grade-schooler a talking robot (that tirelessly records and repeats what they say) to keep them company. Worried it might cost too much? You’ll be surprised how inexpensive this awesome toy is! 

Check Out DITTO Mini Talking Robots Here

Constellation Globe

USA Toyz Summer Buyer's Guide 2020 - USA Toyz

For children who are fascinated with continents and stars, give them a globe that doubles as a constellation map and functions as a night light too. Unlike common globes, this 3-in-1 LED World Globe is outfitted with a robust chrome base, making it a sturdy piece of furniture that will last for a long time. This toy-slash-learning-tool surprisingly doubles as a night light too.                                                                                                      Check Out the 3-in-1 LED World Globe Here 

Beginner RC Toys and Cars

Kids who love speed will be ecstatic playing with super-fast RC cars all summer, like this extra tiny LED mini cars with their own stunt globe or this rugged, off-road car that does high-speed 360-degree flips. These toys are fun to play on their own, but way cooler to race with friends and family. 

Want hours of ‘learn and play’ time? Get kids this kid-friendly, build-your-own race track with 2 RC cars. Kids will have hours of exciting RC time building their own curvy, bendy race tracks and racing after. And oh, did we mention these tracks are glow-in-the-dark too?

Check Out Kid-Friendly RC Cars Here 

Fun Target Practice

Who doesn’t love target practice? You may have your classic foam dart guns at home, but did you know that there are *cooler* ways to do target practice? AstroShot blaster gun toy sets take your regular foam dart gun shooting to an otherworldly summer experience. 



Still unconvinced? How does ‘floating orb targets’, ‘rotating target machine’, and ‘glow in the dark fun’ sound? We know — awesome, right?

Check Out AstroShot Blaster Sets Here  

Fun Gizmos for Older Kids and Tweens (ages 9 to 12)

Surprise your picky tween with high-tech gadgets they can use whether for playing alone or with their friends. From kid-friendly drones and RC racers to spy toys, these fresh toy suggestions will definitely keep your tweeners happily entertained all summer. 

Shop the Tweener Toy Collection Now

Cool Beginner Drones


USA Toyz Summer Buyer's Guide 2020 - USA Toyz
Beginner drones are top of mind for the best indoor outdoor toys for your tweeners to indulge in this summer. At USA Toyz, we have coolest kid-friendly drones available — we have a motion-sensor (gesture-controlled) drone, a stunt (paragliding) drone, plus other fun drones in different shapes and sizes.                                                                       


                      Check Out Beginner Drones Here


Spy Toys

Here’s one for your kiddie spies — a legit, wide-range walkie talkie set for kids. Dubbed ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ by the Chicago Tribune, these voice-activated walkies may be built for kids but have adult 2-way radio capabilities. Best used for backyard adventures, spy games, talking to friends in the neighborhood within a 2-mile radius, or just fooling around with family indoors. For a full outdoor adventure experience, grab the 2-walkie set with a pair of binoculars. 

Stunt RC Car

Best for older children, the Cyclone stunt car is built for rugged use. If you’re looking for an RC car that’s awesome to race both indoors and outdoors, this Cyclone RC is the way to go. Flashy, fast, and with sturdy wheels, kids will enjoy racing the Cyclone even on rough terrain. Wanna know a secret? Just hit the red button and see what happens!


Check Out the Cyclone Stunt Car Here

Cool Gadgets Teens and Adults will Love

Who says teens and adults can’t have their own fun gizmos this summer? Treat them with high-tech toys to enjoy while stuck at home. Our teen/adult toy collection is perfect to gift your loved ones on their birthday or as a special summer present. 

Shop the Teen/Adult Toy Collection Now

Drone Fun

Teens and adults looking for a fun drone experience will enjoy piloting our mini wind hawk helicopter drone with altitude hold. Lightweight and fits just right in your palm, this powerful mini drone is safely launched and landed by using one button. While best for indoor flying, it's also great to use outdoors (up to 65 feet).

More serious drone enthusiasts can choose from our selection of classic, camera-equipped drones, from affordable beginner camera drones to more high-tech intermediate variants. These drones are perfect to bring while exploring the great outdoors, but are also great to fly while hanging out in your backyard.

Check Out the HD Camera Drones Here 

Bonus: Summer Party Packs

Summers are incomplete without parties. Make backyard pool parties and indoor celebrations more exciting with colorful party packs and toy loot from USA Toyz. From tiki luau parties to scavenger hunts and unicorn parties, our party packs are here for you.  

Love glow-in-the-dark parties instead? Our best-selling glow sticks can help. These are perfect for night parties, camping, glow-in-the-dark races, and nighttime scavenger hunts (and apparently, for TikTok dances too, like the video from @adrovet) so make sure to stock up on these essentials this summer.

Make Awesome Summer Memories With USA Toyz

There are many ways to enjoy summer while we're stuck at home. With our kid to adult toy selections, there's always something for everyone to enjoy. Use these toys to connect, spend more time with loved ones, and make awesome summer memories at home!

P.S. Please remember to tag us (@usatoyz) when you share your fun USA Toyz experiences on Instagram so we can feature your photos/videos on our IG account. 

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