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5 Kids Party Games for Indoor Fun

5 Kids Party Games for Indoor Fun - USA Toyz

There are so many outdoor games to keep toddlers and older kids entertained and so little indoor games to do so.. or so you thought. With this list, we’re sharing indoor game ideas and fun tips to turn ordinary games into laughter-filled indoor activities. Let’s get started.

Mini Drones Race in the Dark

Kids indoor games for a kids party, sleepover or sibling fun. Race indoor mini drones. Create drone obstacle courses using glow sticks!

You may have already participated in an indoor drone racing before but have you tried it with glow sticks yet? Sure there are LED drones you can easily fly in the dark but we’re making the game extra fun and challenging with this upgraded glow in the dark drone racing idea.


What You’ll Need:

How to Play:

  1. Create a racing course using glow sticks and make glow hoops to fly your drones through.
  2. Setup your remote control drones and get ready to fly.
  3. Have at least 2 groups - the first group races while the second group holds the glow rings up in the air.
  4. Time it. The fastest team to complete the race wins.

Tip: Make the game more challenging by creating glow hoops of different sizes. Have bigger rings at the start of the race and smaller rings towards the end of the course. 

Scavenger Hunt

Best Mom TIP ever! Order small bulk toys from USA Toyz to use as kids party favors and scavenger hunt prizes. Also great filler for Saran Ball game! Keeps kids entertained for hours - even days.
Kids and kids at heart all have this in common--the love for treasures! In this season of staying indoors, it’s a must to include the classic game of Scavenger Hunt into the list of indoor party games. Aside from it being super fun, it’s also a great way to squeeze in some exercise into your kids’ daily routine. Get the kids moving, develop cognitive skills for younger kids, earn lots of giggles, and enjoy treasures! 

What You’ll Need:

 How to Play:

  1. Hide the “treasures” around the designated child-proofed play area.
  2. Let the kids hunt for treasures.

Tip: To make the game more indulging, throw in some dimes and quarters or treats and candies. To upgrade, set a time limit and assign each kid which toy they need to find.

Shoot and Score!

Kids indoor party games for teams or individuals. Check out Astroshot Zero G shooting target that comes with foam-dart blaster gun. Orbs float in mid-air and kids get to shoot them down. So much fun for a kids birthday party, sleepover game or indoor activity.
Got older and more active kids to entertain? Start an indoor shooting game competition and replace screen time, bust boredom, and occupy active kids all at the same time!  

What You’ll Need:

  • Foam dart guns or foam ball guns
  • Targets (standing target with scores or plastic cups to knock off)
  • Table

How to Play:

  1. Divide into teams (a friendly competition always keeps the adrenaline pumping).
  2. Set up the targets on the table.
  3. Start shooting!
  4. First to knock down all targets or score the most points wins!

Tip: Challenge to shoot floating ball targets (Astroshot Zero G) to amp up the difficulty level of the game. Raise the bar some more by setting a time limit for each round.

Volley Drone

Need indoor party games for active kids? Fly the Scoot Drone - a motion sensor drone that kids can volley back and forth with the wave of their hand. Made for indoors and multiplayer game for teams or individuals. #momhack #kidsgames

Play modern day catch or high-tech air volleyball without leaving the comforts of your home! Turn living rooms and family areas into a  ballpark in an instant. This game can be played by siblings, parents, and the whole family.

What You’ll Need:

  • Hand operated drone (Scoot Blue)
  • Line or net
  • Open floor space

How to Play:

  1. Create a ball court by setting up a line on an open floor space in the house.
  2. Place a line or a net in the middle to divide the home courts of each team.
  3. Unleash the hand controlled drone and volley the ball drone back and forth.
  4. The team that lands the drone on the opponent’s court scores a point.
  5. The team also earns a score if the other team volleys the ball drone out of bounds.

Tip: Increase the intensity of the game by throwing in 2 hand drones (Scoot Duo) at the same time! Play and see how this game keeps players on their toes and the spectators on the edge of their seats.

Build and Race

Mom Hack -fun indoor game idea - take race track set and split pieces evenly and let kids race to build their own custom track. Then see whose car goes fastest. Snap 'n Glow Race tracks from USA Toyz is a 360 piece set that comes with 2 LED cars. Everything you need for this indoor kids party game and toy set!

We’re capping off this list with a brain game idea that’s educational, engaging, and entertaining. Building toy games encourage imaginative play and help develop children’s problem solving skills. Add toy car racing into that and you’re in for hours of fun! This game is a fusion of building toys and car racing where kids get to build their own race tracks using straight and curved race track pieces and accessories.

What You’ll Need:

  • Building toy race track set (Glow Trax)
  • Table or floor space
  • Timer

How to Play:

  1. Take out all the building pieces and lay them down on the table or on the floor.
  2. Set the timer and start building.
  3. Compete with a sibling or a friend and see who can build faster.
  4. First race car to reach the finish line wins!


Tip: Turn the game into a building contest where each kid builds their own race track and have another family member be the judge. Set up an enticing prize for the most elaborate race track design. Additional brownie points to whoever uses the most pieces.

Got more party game ideas? Let us know in the comments section below!

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