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Fun Activities and FREE Coloring Pages for Kids

Fun Activities and FREE Coloring Pages for Kids

Fun Activities and FREE Coloring Pages for Kids

Anyone else feel like you became a homeschool teacher and camp counselor overnight?

If you're one of the millions of parents, grandparents or guardians at home with school-aged children looking for constructive activities, we have some really fun ideas for you.

Before you pull out the glue gun and glitter, check out these simple activities that keep kids moving, productive and entertained.

Whether they need a quiet, solitude activity or a get-up-and-move activity, we've got plenty of ways to make the most of indoor and backyard fun!

Free Coloring Pages


Free printable coloring book page from USA Toyz. Unicorns, heats and rainbows to print and color as many times as you want.

Do your kids love unicorns and rainbows? YES! Then they will love coloring this adorable scene inspired by our Unicorn kids play tent.

Click to download the unicorn coloring page.

FREE printable coloring pages from USA Toyz. Download the mermaid under the sea coloring book page with a magical ocean scene for kids to color over and over.

If mermaids, sea turtles and dolphins are your kids' jam, they will love this under the sea scene to color! This printable coloring book page was inspired by the original artwork featured on our award-winning mermaid play tent for kids - a perfect play space for quiet coloring, reading and doing homework!

Click to download the mermaid coloring page.

 Target A Treat

Fun Kids Activity Idea! Hide small prizes or candy and use Nerf blasters to shoot your prize. This target game from USA Toyz is perfect for shooting games with prizes or fun Easter Egg hunts.Variety is the spice of life; and when variety is in short supply, let imagination make up the difference!

Here's a game that is easy to play and can be adapted to whatever you have on hand. Start with little prizes that kids can win. It can be anything from a piece of candy to a plastic Easter egg with a coin to a small toy.

Place prizes around the house or backyard and have kids use foam-dart blaster guns to shoot the prize once they spot it.

Or use glow stick bracelets to toss, like a ring toss. Or play in the yard using a small ball.

Party With Your Toys

Need some companionship? Gather your toys around and host a party for them. It can be an old fashioned tea party for toys or something a little bit more elaborate with colorful decorations or a fun theme. Or let kids switch roles from student to teacher. They can lead a class on a topic they are interested in. Bring out the globe or the Scrabble letters. Let kids read their favorite book to their toys or sing them a song. Give kids the opportunity to be in control and the hostess with the mostess!

Organize Toys

Let kids bring out their inner Marie Kondo! If you're spending a lot of time inside, now is a great time to make your surroundings look great! Have kids practice grouping by color or size. Challenge them to arrange by oldest to newest toys. This may even inspire them to decide to donate some of their toys to charity - just be sure to wash everything you send out.

Make a Photo Book

While all this cleaning and organizing is going on, don't forget to snap some photos. Seeing before and after photos are SO satisfying and tell a great story. Or make your own educational photo books such as learning colors, shapes and rhymes. For example, gather all toys and books of the same color and snap a photo. Now search for the next color grouping. Or set a kids drone, an ice cream cone and a phone, and take a photo of the rhyming words. You'll be left with so much to show and tell when family and friends call.

Share Your Fun

If you have super fun ideas we'd love to hear them. And if you download our coloring pages, we'd love to see you share them on social media. Be sure to tag @USAToyz so we can like your post!

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