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5 Fun Valentine Day Party Ideas for Kids

5 Fun Valentine Day Party Ideas for Kids - USA Toyz

Valentine’s Day: Cards, gifts, and party ideas? Check, check, and check! From handmade favors, fun games that can be played at home or in the classroom, to giveaways for friends and classmates - we’ve got you covered for fun, easy, and heartfelt ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids.

The 100 piece bulk Valentines Day Party Pack is bursting with love-themed Valentine's Day party favors, games and heart-shaped accessories that has inspired the 5 St. Valentine's Party ideas below!  

Make Handmade Cards

Unique ideas for kids to make DIY handmade Valentine's day cards for friends and classmatesIntroduce a heartfelt way for kids to say “I Love You” by letting them design their own Valentine cards.

Encourage them to prepare cards for their siblings, friends, classmates, teachers, and of course, for Mom and Dad.

Make each card special by using different styles - kids can either cut out paper hearts, paste some ribbons, sprinkle with glitter, or use a spirograph for personalized and hands on designs and patterns.

Giving out Valentine cards is one easy yet meaningful way to teach kids how to show appreciation to the people around them.

Go on a Galentine’s Day Out

Celebrate Galentine's instead of Valentine's Day with glam heart-themed accessories, heart shaped sunglasses and love themed toys and games for girls, birthday party favors and Valentine gifts for the classroom school partyLadies, celebrate ladies! Moms, celebrate daughters, sisters and friends and go on a Galentine’s Day Out!

Get fancy and accessorize with heart-shaped Valentine wearables like love-themed rings, colorful heart bracelets, and fabulous heart-shaped sunglasses.

Drink a cup of hot chocolate and go treat yourselves for a little shopping.

This Valentine’s Day will definitely be one that your little princess will remember.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Kids who love to be active - Host a love-themed scavenger hunt or load all the PartySticks Valentine party favors into the Saran Ball games. Fun Valentine party ideas for home and schoolGather the kids and host a Heart Hunt!

Similar to Scavenger Hunt but this time, let kids hunt for hearts, heart-shaped treasures, sweet candies, and lovely treats.

You can use inexpensive, small, and simple assorted pink and red toys like mini spin tops, love-themed pencil toppers, heart-shaped toy jewelry, candies, and jellies.

Watch the kids get busy hunting for hidden hearts and prepare a reward for whoever finds the most.

Valentine's Heart gifts, prizes and parade giveaways for kids. Wholesale bulk toys to pass out at school, parades, treasure box prizes and carnival games. Pink and purple small toys, games and accessories for girls and boys.What better way to create a fun and laughter-filled Valentine’s Day for kids than with games!

You can turn classic games into Valentine-themed ones:

Play mini frisbee with love-designed flying toys. Start from one flying disc toy then gradually increase the number to make it more challenging and fun.

Heart-Scotch instead of Hopscotch. Same rules and mechanics apply but draw hearts instead of boxes. Make it more fun by adding special rules like blowing bubbles or saying “I love you” if the marker lands outside the hearts.

Heart Pinata. Fill a huge pinata heart with mini toys then have the kids take turns breaking the heart pinata while being blindfolded. 


Non-Candy Valentine Gifts

Non-candy Valentine's Day treat alternatives for kids with allergies and teachers and parents who want to avoid and limit sugar while celebrating Valentine's Day with kidsA party is not over until you hand out giveaway toys and gifts.

Prepare a Valentine Party Pack filled with pink, red, and purple mini toys.

Toys can be simple and inexpensive like lip whistles, springy hearts, pencil toppers, heart toy rings and bracelets, bubble wands, and many more!

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