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The Best Kids’ Table Ever

The Best Kids’ Table Ever - USA Toyz

For many, the memory of the kids’ table is crystal clear: Adults at the big table; kids at the card table. So, this year, how about making the kids’ table the Best Kids’ Table Ever?

Set the kids’ table with FUN.

Let the adults huddle around the pies, the potatoes, the giant roast beasts, but give the kids a centerpiece of flashy party favors, and tiny toys.

These stocking stuffers and party favors will add that extra something that’s always been missing - it might even make the adults jealous! Kids will love staying busy with a wide variety of party toys while adults catch up with family and friends at the big table.

Keep reading to discover multiple kids’ table ideas for your holiday festivities this year.

Make it Flashy

LED Fingerlights, glow rings and glow in the dark sunglasses make awesome stocking stuffers for kids of all ages.</br></br>Set them out on the kids' holiday table and make it fun this year!

Adults can keep their fancy candlestick centerpieces. Give the kids the gift of glow in the dark toys to illuminate the occasion.

This 50-pack of LED toys includes finger lights, glowing jelly rings and LED shutter shade sunglasses.

For kids who don’t want to dress up for dinner, these party accessories let them get fancy in their own way – with light up toys that can be added to whatever they’re wearing to “lighten” the mood. 

Pro Tip: It might be tough to use utensils when wearing the finger lights, but fingers and hands should be free when wearing the shutter glasses and jelly rings.

So Many Table Decorations

Shop small bulk toys and games to fill stockings and decorate the kids' table at the holidays. Fun treasure box toys for teachers, too!Spread the good cheer with a bounty of small toys. This 120-pack of party favors includes finger puzzles, mini yo-yos, googly eyes and so much more. We have a few ideas for these toys:

1) Rally the kids before the meal is served and tell them that they’ll be in charge of setting the table. But instead of handing them plates and utensils, let them grab a handful of these bulk party toys to embellish their place setting.

2) Throw a giant piece of paper on the table for the spirographs – these unique drawing toys are part of the party pack and could be fun drawing activities for kids to stay busy before dinner.

3) Keep the toys for a post-dinner surprise. After the meal and after dessert, bring out a giant bowl of party favors to present to the kids’ table. They’ll be ecstatic to dig into the treasures and prizes while parents enjoy each other’s company at the other table. 


(Photo credit @modernfarmhousefamily)

Stunt Car Surprises

The Whipz pocket racer comes with a stunt ball - kids can use as a fidget toy and fun stocking stuffer idea. Decorate the kids table with this fun toy to pass around!

Whipz mini race cars will spark plenty of fun for any celebration. These small LED toys will spin around a pencil while flashing bright lights. Plus, each Whipz micro racer comes with a stunt globe to keep these portable powerhouses contained - and you entertained. Fun tricks and ideas to try: 

1) Get 2 Whipz cars and attach them together to see them spin into a Whipz-nado.

2) Each Whipz toy car comes with a little keychain lanyard that could transform these tiny wonders into Christmas tree decorations!

3) This would require an adult’s assistance, but we’ve seen some spin these mini cars in an empty wine glass. Sounds like a fun trick to try at the adult table – with supervision. 😉

(Photo credit @epic_kendall)

An Extra Guest at the Table

Ditto the talking robot is a toddler travel toy for boys and girls. Start conversations using this voice-changer robot toy. Great stocking stuffers for kids

The holidays are a time for breaking bread with friends old and new. We heartily recommend inviting Ditto to the kids’ table this year. This mini robot toy is delightful company as it repeats everything you say in its own silly voice.

Kids will love taking turns recording messages and hearing Ditto echo them back. If your family has a tradition of offering wishes of thanks before the meal, it could help take the pressure off kids in the heat of the moment if they had Ditto to record their own message to play back for guests.
Also, this talking robot toy has completely posable arms and legs; make him part of the table by letting him hold a flower, a napkin roll, or even a soup ladle!

A Trip to the Beach After the Meal?

Did you know you can use beach toys in the snow? Sculpt snow using sand molds for year-round fun! Shop fun beach accessories and sand molds from USA Toyz!

These Beach Toys might be better suited for the desert, but we’re proposing you use them after dessert.
Why are beach toys on this list? We hear there’s a lot of snow on the ground all over the country. We’ve always thought our beach toys are great for the sandbox, but guess what - they’re also great for the snow!
Bundle up the kids and send them out on their own crafty adventure in the snow. Let them get busy making 3D snow creatures and sculptures. Who says that snow is only for snowmen?
Final thought: These sand castle toys might be just the thing to remind you that warmer temperatures are just a few months away – just one more thing to be thankful for over the holidays.

(Photo credit @dropdeadpaige)



We hope these ideas launch some fun new traditions this season - especially at the kids’ table. From all of us at USA Toyz, Happy Holidays!

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