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6 Ways to Kick the School Year off Right

6 Ways to Kick the School Year off Right - USA Toyz

Word on the street is that a new school year has started…

What?!? How did that happen? Summer just started and now it’s over? Time to roll up those sleeves and suit up for some serious back-to-school shopping. No, we’re not talking about new clothes, pencils, notebooks, glue sticks … we’re talking REALLY AWESOME ITEMS to kick your school year off right.

Whether it’s tackling homework and reading assignments in a private play tent, or stocking up on treasure box prizes for the class, our insider list of must-have products is designed to keep students, parents and teachers fueled with fun all year long!

Back to school doesn’t have to be back to the grind. Learning can be inspiring for everyone with great activities and toys for the classroom, home and beyond. Check out the list and find that special something to get the most out of your 2020 school year.

Happy Homework Spaces

Let kids have their own homework corner where they can find interest and fun finishing their homework. Awesome designs like Rocket Ship, Unicorn or simple Teepee tents makes it an awesome study fort. Find awesome way to enjoy going back to school!Yes, there will be homework. So why not set up the perfect private study space for kids to focus?

Our Unicorn Tent, Rocket Ship Tent, and Kids Teepee Tent fit the bill by providing a personal space for kids to read, do homework, or just take a deep breath at the end of the day.

Sometimes, the best learning comes down to just having the right space. Get the perfect tent and let kids chip away at those reading logs in their own calm kingdom. (Tents make awesome play spaces for weekend sleepovers and playdates, too!)

After School STEM Activities

Kids can play after school and can still learn with BOLTZ building blocks. Let them have fun while keeping their creativity engaged. Remember, all work and no play makes a child dull.Set out the snacks, bring out the Boltz building kit! For little ones still buzzing after a busy day at school, let them get creative with colorful Boltz engineering toys.

These building kits are wonderful STEM toys for fine-tuning motor skills, harnessing energy and learning to use basic tools. 

For teachers and homeschoolers in early childhood education, Boltz are great to have on hand for rainy day recesses or quiet learning activities. Above all else, they’re durable enough for countless classes to play with through the years.

Dream Big, Learn Big

Get your kids imagine the beautiful corners of the world with USA Toyz World Globe. Learn capital cities of each country and familiarize with the different continents. The World Globe will surely teach them geography.Pop quiz – what’s the capital of Peru? 

Make geography fun with the perfect World Globe to keep by your side. These learning toys make great interactive visual aids to learn continents, countries, and capitals. (Spin your globe and discover the capital of Peru is Lima!)

If that wasn’t enough, these earth globes double as constellation night lights. This is where we chime in and say: Make sure your child gets plenty of rest every night. The soft glow of nighttime stars on the bed stand is just the thing to keep kids sleeping soundly before that big test in the morning.

Classroom Carnival Prizes

Get their attention with cool prizes for every right answers in QandA, every perfect score or every time they do a great job in school. Party favors and glow stick packs are awesome box prizes for classroom activities. Promote a healthy competition and get your kids interested in participation.Don’t forget about the classroom carnivals! Whether it’s celebrating all the monthly birthdays in the class, or throwing Halloween or Valentine’s Day parties, there’s always a need for fun prizes!

Our Party Favors and Glow Sticks Packs make great treasure box prizes for the classroom. Get students excited about achieving awesome grades with fun toys and trinkets, or hand them out as party favors at PTA events.

Whatever the occasion, these party supplies kick the fun factor up a notch!

Accessorize those Backpacks

When breaks and lunch time become boring, Whipz is there to keep you entertained. It is the perfect bag accessory with its mini design. Twirl the LED car in the crystal ball and witness an awesome spectacle!Can you take toys to school? We think so! Whipz Cars are mini cars that can be clipped to your backpack. Their small size makes them great LED toy accessories to add a stylin’ touch to your day one look. 

Show friends at lunch or recess how they race and spin! There are plenty of tricks to learn; get your small car spinning around a pencil, or attach two Whipz together to create a Whipz-nado!

Bye-bye fidget toys, hello Whipz! (Super important note: Don’t take ‘em out during class! 😉)

A Teacher’s Pet?

A robot toy with sound recording feature can bring lots of fun. Let you or your kids record voices to leave fun messages. Simply record awesome moments with the Ditto talking robot toy.Lastly, if you’re a teacher that likes to add a little fun to the classroom, replace the apple with a Ditto Talking Robot! Ditto makes a great pal to meet and greet the class, and he’s completely posable, so he can hold a pencil or dry erase marker – and even sit on the edge of the desk. 

If you’re a parent or student, show your teacher how awesome they are by gifting them a Ditto!

Teachers love knowing they’re making a difference; they work hard to create positive learning environments, so return the favor with a gift that’s positively perfect!



We can’t wait to see what the 2020 school year brings! Feed those brains, and from all of us at USA Toyz: Learn well, sleep well and play well!

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