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Have a Blast with 3 Big-Time Bundles

Have a Blast with 3 Big-Time Bundles - USA Toyz

What’s better than toys? Bundles of toys!

We’re cruising into August with some of our hottest toys – all bundled up in 3 super-sized fun packs! Whether you’re tackling some suuuper early Christmas shopping, or you’re just a fan of good deals on great toys (lots of ‘em), these exclusive bundles are loaded with hands-on, crowd-pleasing fun for all ages. 

Buckle up for 3 big-time bundles of WOOHOO!


Brain Booster Bundle 

Get all the best STEM challenge toys in one brainy bonanza! Whether you’re getting ready for back to school, homeschooling or keeping little minds sharp in the offseason, this collection of educational toys keeps kids engaged, creative and inspired!

Our Brain Booster Bundle is brilliant. Seriously, these learning toys feed little ones’ curious minds while they get to, wait for it … play! This is the perfect back to school gift, and for early childhood teachers and homeschoolers - this is the ultimate classroom pack for the incoming class!

Kids will encounter valuable STEM engineering and building skills with Boltz building toys and Quarks multilink connectors and spheres. Both sets come with a travel tub, building guide and endless creative possibilities.

Add to that our squishy Moosh! molding clay sensory toys, and we’ve got a party. Moosh! is nontoxic, colorful, fluffy, easy to clean – and includes 4 prehistoric Dino-tastic sand molds. Squish, dig, mold, repeat.

And if that wasn’t enough – this bundle is maxed out with our 3-in-1 Constellation World Globe3-in-1 Constellation World Globe. Wanna be a whiz at world geography? A clever king or queen of the cosmos? Wish granted! This toy is an earth globe by day and a night light & map of the stars by night. Keep it on the bed stand and embrace your inner brainiac.

Extreme Explorer Experience 

Let little explorers set their imaginations to hyper-drive as they create their own, out-of-this-world play experience.

Our Extreme Explorer Experience is for all of the little excursionists who see the world as a giant jungle of adventure. Of course, we had to include our Vox Box Walkie Talkies and Binoculars for these intrepid fun-seekers. Great for coordinating backyard missions or keeping in touch on hikes and camping trips, these exploration toys are the first thing to add to your checklist.

For anyone that’s always looking skyward, our Rocket Ship Play Tent for boys and girls lets them have a blast - as they blast off - in their own private play space. The tent is a cozy space for quiet learning, reading, or just hanging with friends and/or plush animals. Bonus: We’ve included a space projector flashlight stocked with galactic imagery from across the Milky Way.

And for all of the bold, daring souls playing long into the night – we’ve rounded out this pack with 100 LED finger lights. Use them as party favors or glowing light up toys for sleepovers, campouts, or any activity that lasts all night long.


Glitzy Glamping Kit 

Get the gang together to experience a world of fantasy adventure with the USA Toyz Misty Mountain Unicorn Tent, glitter unicorn headbands, LED jelly rings and fun toys and games for everyone! Vibrant colors and an exclusive design will sweep kids away to the realm of unicorns!

Get giggly, get glittery, get the Glitzy Glamping Kit! For anyone with an imagination on full throttle, this kit is packed with make-believe magic.

Our Misty Mountain Unicorn Tent for girls and boys has been a top-seller ever since its launch. Designed in-house to immerse kids in a truly unique world, these princess tents are the perfect private play tent to put up in the playroom, bedroom, even the backyard! Or, if your princess just wants a place to hang alone while letting her imagination soar - the unicorn tent makes a great headquarters for reading, writing, drawing, or all of the above.

We’d be kicking ourselves if we didn’t include the most important unicorn toys of all - Unicorn Headbands! A pack of 7 unicorn horns for girls and boys lets everyone prance and strut while rocking some serious style. And because these unicorn hair accessories are soft and flexible, they can be worn by kids and adults.

Ready for the glitz? Little princesses will love digging into a treasure trove of 36 Jelly Glow Rings and 100 Princess Party Supplies. These carnival prizes, light up rings and pinata filler toys are quite the plum pile of party favors – let unicorns run free, let princesses prevail, let fun reign!

Stock up on top-selling toys with the bundle that fits your fun! MORE is the name of the game with these select bundles, so save big, play big, and GO BIG while supplies last!

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Karen - August 18, 2019

I love your company and this is great! Thank you

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