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Toy of the Month Blog - December 2020

Toy of the Month Blog - December 2020 - USA Toyz

How’s your December going so far? We’d like to end this year with a bang and to kick off this month’s series of promotions (yes, we have a LOT in store for you this month!), we present you December’s Toy of the Month, the gravity-defying AstroShot Zero GS target shooting set!

December Toy of the Month Feature: AstroShot Zero GS

Level up your foam dart shooting game with our Toy of the Month, the AstroShot Zero GS toy gun set! The AstroShot Zero GS is a foam dart shooting game but with more exciting features you’ll enjoy. 

Embark on zero-gravity adventures with the Zero GS and enjoy the following cool features:

AstroShot Zero GS Features:

  • Zero gravity target shooting sessions. The AstroShot Zero GS’s most notable feature is its gravity-defying floating ball target module. Instead of the mainstream static targets, this game set has an airflow-controlled module that can float 5 ball targets at once.
  • Adjustable airflow module. Another cool thing about the Zero GS is that it features an adjustable airflow module. You can choose the best airflow strength to help you fine-tune your target shooting skills. 
  • Flip target function. Besides the cool hover ball target shooting function, the module also converts into a flip target module! Be prepared to fire at flip targets after honing your floating ball target shooting skills.
    • 25-ft range blaster range. Fire at both hovering and flip targets within a 25-feet range with this shooting game for kids.
    • Two power options. With the AstroShot Zero GS, you have the option to plug your AstroShot Zero GS using the USB power cord, but you can also power your Zero GS using 4x AA batteries. 
    • Kid-friendly and safe to use. Snap Trax is safe for boys and girls ages 6 and above. 

    Shop the December Toy of the Month Now

    TOTM Surprise

    You’ll surely love our December freebie for this month’s special toy! We’re giving away this adorable, talkative mini robot toy, the TokTok bot. Tiny as it is, this voice-changer bot records and repeats what you say and in 3 different ways! 

    Here are a few more of this cool robot’s features:

  • 3 cute voices: TokTok features a speedy voice, a high-pitched voice, and a low-pitched voice.
  • 3 different faces: This robot has 3 glowing LED faces! Just swipe the faces to change into a grumpy, happy, or speedy face.
  • Portable travel toy. With a 3.7” height, TokTok is a perfect travel toy and portable enough to bring as a playdate toy or as a desk accessory. 
  • Get this fun talking robot for FREE when you purchase the Toy of the Month, the AstroShot Zero GS toy!

    What You Need to Do

    If you want to enjoy the perks of our December Toy of the Month feature, go ahead and visit our TOTM page and add the AstroShot Zero GS and TokTok bundle to your cart then checkout. 

    Remember, you have to click “Add Bundle to Cart” to add both AstroShot Zero GS and TokTok to your cart with the discount code DECTOTM automatically applied. 

    If you add the AstroShot Zero GS and TokTok separately, you will have to enter to code DECTOTM manually to enjoy the offer.

    Toy of the Month Blog - December 2020 - USA Toyz

    (P.S. The TOTM promo cannot be combined with other existing promotions)

    This AstroShot Zero GS and TokTok TOTM special runs until December 31 only, so purchase now if you want to enjoy the freebie! 

    Shop the December Toy of the Month Now


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