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USA Toyz 2023 Easter Gift Ideas!

USA Toyz 2023 Easter Gift Ideas!

Easter is but a month away, and we know that you’re looking for something exciting other than egg hunts or egg-painting activities: you’re on the hunt for something unique. Here is a list of our best toys for the Easter season, guaranteed to bring more fun to your family’s Easter celebrations.




Perfect for kids and adults, the Tornado LED is an egg-citing gift option for your loved ones this Easter. Perform gravity-defying stunts with its easy controls and continue racing even if it flips! This sleek and durable RC car is not only a stunt machine, but it also comes with built-in LED lights that will light up your living room or backyard. Race against other RC cars this Easter, or even drive it around while you collect eggs in your Easter egg hunt!

To make things even better, the Tornado LED is also an award-winner! In January 2023, it won the Mom’s Choice Awards gold medal for toy excellence, cementing it as one of the most reliable RC cars online. It also currently holds the Amazon’s Choice badge for the “RC cars for boys age 8-12” category, making it one of our top sellers.




Take your Easter playtime to new heights (literally!), with the Zero G Climbers! These gravity-defying RC crawlers are perfect for adventure-seekers with a thirst for thrills, as they can race atop any flat surface, including walls, ceilings, and glass doors/windows!

This amazing RC crawler provides a fun and exciting way to explore your surroundings from a new perspective, making it the perfect Easter gift for you and your loved ones. Prefer a specific color? Then you’ll be glad to know that the Zero G comes in 3 colors: red, blue, and green.




Take flight with your family without leaving home with the Orbiter drone! This unique spin to indoor drones comes with simple controls, as you can move it around your home effortlessly with basic hand gestures. It also comes with powerful LEDs and an on/off remote you can use mid-flight or after it lands. It’s the perfect Easter gift for anyone who wants to experience the thrills of flying a drone, but without the hassle. Want more than one Orbiter? Then you’ll be happy to know we have an Orbiter 2-Pack that comes with two Orbiters and two on/off remotes.

The Orbiter is an award winner, too! In 2022 the Orbiter won the’s authenticated trust seal for STEM excellence! This means that the toy personifies the best in STEM principles, supporting the development of student’s 21st Century skills.




The perfect gift for sci-fi lovers, the Galaxy Light Swords Crossbeam are bound to bring excitement to your Easter festivities. With two expandable/retractable toy swords and four LED blade colors you can switch around, these swords are ready to take on any intergalactic foe you face. Practice your galactic sword fighting solo or give one to an opponent and engage in epic duels!  It’s the perfect gift to light your loved one’s imagination to the next level. If you want another set but don’t want the same design, you can also opt for our Galaxy Light Swords Starfire.




Does your family love all things fast and fun? Then the Whipz Mini Racer LED car is guaranteed to light up your Easter celebrations! This miniature racing toy can race on any flat surface and has ultra-bright LEDs that makes every race exciting. It also comes with a see-through stunt ball you can use to make the Whipz spin endlessly inside.

Give it to your significant other as a unique gift or hide the miniature car in an Easter egg and surprise your kids when they open it in their Easter egg hunt! With two different speeds and durable chassis/tires, the Whipz is guaranteed to provide endless fun and excitement.


Easter is an excellent time to spend it with loved ones and family, and with our help, you’ll be creating memorable moments you and yours can share. Which of our products did you get for your Easter festivities? Let us know in the comments below, and tag us on your Easter posts using @usatoyz or #usatoyz!

As always, we wish you and yours a wonderful and memorable Easter!


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