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Best Graduation Day Gift Ideas for 2023

Best Graduation Day Gift Ideas for 2023

The end of the school year is a month away, and if you have a future graduate, you know that they’re excited to take the next step forward in their lives. Such a momentous occasion deserves a memorable gift, so we’ve come up with a list that does just that: from multiplayer games to fun desk toys, USA Toyz has it and more! Check out our list for our top 5 gift ideas for school graduates, guaranteed to reflect your loved one’s unique interests and passions.



Galaxy Light Swords: Light Force

Galaxy Light Swords Light Force

Looking for an epic duel post-graduation? Then the all-new Galaxy Light Swords: Light Force is up to the challenge! This unique set comes with two LED retractable/extendable sabers you can dual-wield or share with a friend for unforgettable duels. Choose between five LED blade colors, and even cycle them at will via 3 distinct LED modes. Duel with your friends as you talk about your future goals or get together and reenact scenes from your favorite sci-fi movies! There’s a lot to love about the Galaxy Light Swords: Light Force, which is why it’s one of our top sellers.



Scoot Pro

Scoot Pro

Need a cool toy you can play with inside your new dorm? Then the Scoot Pro will surpass your expectations! This indoor drone doesn’t need a remote since you move it using simple hand gestures. Its 360° object detection prevents it from hitting anything inside your home, and its bright LEDs assure the fun stays on, even at night. Use the Scoot to destress after a long study session or pass it to your roommate while you both discuss your day. With its easy controls and its small size, you’ll have a portable toy drone you can use anywhere, anytime!

The Scoot Pro is also an award-winner! In 2022, The Scoot Pro won the Mom’s Choice Award silver medal for toy excellence! It also holds Amazon’s best-seller badge in the Hobby RC Quadcopters & Multirotor category.



UFO 5000
UFO 5000 mini drone


If you’re looking for a drone you can take to the campus field, look no further than the UFO 5000. Illuminate the sky or your living room with 11 different LED patterns you can cycle through, switch from 3 different speeds, and even do 360° flips with the push of a button! Explore the outside like never before and fly ‘till your heart’s content. There is lots to do with the UFO 5000, all you need is its remote and a sense of adventure.

The UFO 5000 won the Mom’s Choice Award gold medal for toy excellence in 2022, so you know its quality is assured.



Laser Tag
Rechargeable Laser Tag


Space swords not your thing? Then try a galactic shootout instead! The Rechargeable Laser tag is a Sci-Fi experience: it comes with two rechargeable electronic guns and two adjustable vests, so that you can start laser-blasting your friends from the get-go. Pick from 5 different colors to set your team, and even cycle through 5 different gun modes for optimal accuracy. Looking for bigger battles? Then try our Rechargeable Laser Tag 4-pack!



Ditto Mini Talking Robot

Ditto mini talking robot

The interactive desk toy you didn’t know you needed; the Ditto Mini Talking Robot is an engaging little toy with lots of personality. Move its joints, position it comfortably on your desk, and prepare for a fun discussion, as the Ditto repeats your every word! Use it to repeat key terms and phrases from your class, or just enjoy its LED eyes as they light up with every word you say. It’s a unique desk toy that’s fun and portable!


Let us know which of these engaging toys you picked for yourself or your future graduate by commenting below, or by tagging us on social media using @USAtoyz or #usatoyz.

From all of us at USA Toyz, we wish to congratulate all new 2023 school graduates. May your future be bright and your professional dreams even brighter!


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