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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023

When it comes to fathers and gifts, they either have it all or don’t need anything, so thinking outside the box is key. And if you’re looking for unique gifts, why not get something that will make the dad in your life feel like a kid again? That’s where we come in: from office-friendly desk toys to galaxy-defying light blades, USA Toyz has the best gift ideas that fathers can enjoy at work or at home with the kids. Check out our list for the coolest Father’s Day gift ideas for fathers and fathers-to-be, guaranteed to add thrills and excitement to their special day! 




UFO 5000 mini drone

Is your dad an adrenaline junkie?! Then surprise them with a LED Stunt drone he can fly anywhere, anytime! The UFO 5000 is an award-winning RC drone that comes with 3 different speeds and 11 LED patterns you can cycle anytime for maximum flight variety. Take dad for a picnic in the park and fly to your heart’s content or host a backyard BBQ and try to outdo each other's stunts! No matter how you play, the UFO 5000 assures that the fun stays on, day or night.




Scoot Pro mini drone

Looking for a drone that dad can take to the office? Then the Scoot Pro is the gift for him! One of our bestsellers, this cool indoor drone moves about with simple hand gestures, and it comes with bright LEDs that can bring any office to life. The drone is very portable, so dad can take it to work and fly it around to decompress, or he can bring it to lunch and pass it around his coworkers while discussing their day. It’s sleek, fun, and unique, so no matter where dad plays with it, the Scoot Pro is sure to liven up his day.

The Scoot Pro is also an award winner! In 2022 it won Mom’s Choice Awards’ silver medal for toy excellence, and it currently holds Amazon’s #1 choice for toy quadcopters.




Velocity RC Boat

Tackle dad’s need for speed with the Velocity H102 Speed Boat! A dynamic and durable high-speed RC boat, the Velocity comes with many excellent features, including a double sealed hatch for improved boat control, a capsize recovery mode to help it flip back over, and a high-capacity battery for longer playtime. Take dad to the nearest lake and join him as he ventures into unexplored waters or place the Velocity in a pool and race your kids from end to end! Trust us, no matter the current, the Velocity speed boat is sure to impress and thrill the father in your life.




Whipz Mini Car

The best Father’s Day gift is just a keychain away! The Whipz Mini car is the perfect gift for dads who love curious gifts or fun gadgets, as it’s a keychain-sized toy car you can race on any flat surface. It comes with two different speeds you can switch around, and its durable chassis lets it take hits like no other. Take it to work and use it to destress throughout the day or place it in its see-through stunt orb and watch as it performs 360-degree stunts over and over! It may be small, but the Whipz truly delivers fast-paced adventures and endless hours of fun.




 Galaxy Light Swords Light Force

Is your dad Geeky at heart? Then get him a Father’s Day gift that’s truly cosmic! The Galaxy Light Swords: Light Force set comes with two LED-filled expandable/retractable swords that can switch between four colors: blue, red, orange, purple, and green. Give one to dad and challenge him to a duel on his day or hand him both sabers and watch as he becomes an unstoppable whirlwind of blade strikes! It’s the perfect gift to get dad and kids into imaginative play, so don’t miss your chance to get yours!


Set aside the typical Father’s Day shirt, tie, or handkerchief, and instead give your dad what he truly deserves on his day: thrills and excitement!

Which of these toys are you planning on getting for the dad in your life? Let us know in the comments below and tag us on social media using @usatoyz or #usatoyz.

From us at USA Toyz, we wish the dad in your family a wonderful Father’s Day, may it spark wonderful family memories your family can cherish.

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