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Galaxy Light Swords - Light Force

USA Toyz

Complete your Star Warrior costume with these laser swords! These motion-activated LED light swords expand and change colors with every swing. Play with a galactic soundtrack or not and enjoy ultra-bright yellow, red, blue, green, purple, and white color-changing LEDs. Battle with friends and family using 2 swords:
  • 2 Light-Up Saber Swords Set: Harness the power of the Force with this glow-in-the-dark lightsaber set with bright color-changing LEDs and FX sound; it includes 2 expandable and retractable lightsabers for kids or adults
  • Expandable and Retractable Swords: Prepare for battle, grab the easy-to-grip handle of the kid's light saber and swing to expand the galaxy light-up toy sword from 19” to 33.5” long; the translucent LED blades are non-toxic and safe for kids ages 6+
  • Motion-Sensitive Color Changing LEDs: Fling your light-up sword to change color and watch the vibrant LEDs change between orange, blue, green, purple, and red lightsaber colors every time you cross swords in battle or lock in the color of your choice
  • 3 Modes and Sound FX: Press the button on the realistic lightsaber handle to access the 3 toy saber modes: Classic Battle Mode: Swing to change color with FX sound and color changes during sword fight; Galactic Flash Mode: rapid color change with FX sound; Slow Fade Mode: color changes without music
  • Galactic Costume and Cosplay Accessory: Complete your costume or Star Warrior cosplay attire with these Galaxy Light Force toy lightsabers for adults and kids; includes 2 durable light-up swords (requires 3 AAA size batteries per sword - not included)
  • Dueling Lightsaber: The Light Force dueling lightsaber toy is fun to use with family and friends. Multiple toy lightsabers for kids and adults can be used at once. Pick a color on the led light-up sword and pick a side for epic galactic battles!