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What's Your Dream Drone?

What's Your Dream Drone? - USA Toyz

Take the Valentine’s Day Quiz – Find Your Flyer!

You’re a hover lover. Every day you dream of soaring, zipping and zooming your RC drone across the sky. But there’s one burning question you’ve never been able to answer: Which quadcopter truly wins your heart?

Whether it’s for you, or a sweet surprise gift for your Valentine, there’s a dream drone for everyone. Let’s go back to the early ‘90s to find the perfect match for this Valentine’s Day - that’s right - it’s quiz time!

Does your heart yearn for a camera drone? A drone for beginners? An FPV drone with WiFi? There’s only one way to find your perfect match!

Cancel those Valentine’s Day chocolates - Take our V-Day quiz and see which drone’s got an altitude hold on your heart:

Take a quiz to see which USA Toyz drone is right for you. Are you ready for a beginner drone, FPV drone or camera drone. Get in the pilot seat to find the best drone for you or your teen.

So … assuming you’ve taken the quiz, get to know your Dream Drone a little better before you “launch” your relationship:

My Crush: U45WF Blue Jay

Take the USA Toyz quiz to find out which drone is the best for you. Learn more about beginner drones, FPV drones and camera drones so you know what fits your needs.

Congratulations! The Blue Jay 720p HD camera drone is your perfect match! This dreamy drone is one of our best beginner drones for kids and adults with easy control features like Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, and a 6-Axis Gyro that keeps the drone stable in the air – you were looking for stability, right?

Pick up a Blue Jay today and spend some quality time with a drone that’s with you for the long haul. Make everyone jealous when you launch this lovebird, and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember with pictures and videos streaming to your phone’s screen from 320 feet away!

There’s a whole lotta love packed into this beautiful bird. We’re so happy you found each other.

Total Hunk: F100 Ghost

Check out this new F100 Ghost drone by taking a USA Toyz quiz to find out if this drone is the perfect fit. Know more if you or your teen is a match for beginner drones, FPV drones or camera drones.

You must be into adventure! The F100 Ghost is up for anything with long-range batteries, a 1080p HD camera and Brushless Motors, to boot! These drones with camera live video and a GoPro compatible mount are ready and willing to venture far and wide with you at the controls.

You two are going to be so cute together! As promised, this video drone has plenty of thrills and surprises. The Ghost is super quick and quiet with its powerful brushless motors. Plus, the Ghost will want to show off its flips and maneuvers for you in 2 speeds!

You’ve netted one of our best drones - get the Ghost remote control drone today and prepare for some serious high-flying action!

The Heartthrob: U49WF Blue Heron

This Heartthrob of a Blue Heron may be the one for you. Take this quiz to answer your questions about different drone models; which USA Toyz drone is right for you. Experience the thrill being in the pilot seat to find out if beginner drone, FPV drone or camera drone fits you best.

Ooooh, yes! Blue Heron drones with camera live video are the perfect surprise Valentines! Through thick and thin, the Blue Heron is a trusty FPV drone that will always enlighten your deepest desires by sharing its VR first-person view (FPV) right to your phone!

This super stable bird comes with tough propeller guards that will hold up for any long-term relationship.

Cherish every second with a drone for beginners and pros that somehow manages to be down to earth while cruising high in the air. Get your Blue Jay drone today and savor every magic moment. You two are going to share some special memories for years to come!

Thanks for taking the quiz! We hope you had fun, now pass it along! Share the quiz and let everyone know which drone you got!

We hope you live happily ever after, Hover Lover!

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Jonathan dichosa - February 14, 2019

Love f100 and f200c. Would love the f200se

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