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Why We are Thankful for Drones this Thanksgiving

Why We are Thankful for Drones this Thanksgiving - USA Toyz

While to some it may seem a silly thing to be thankful for, we have made huge bounds in the world of drones this year which has brought many positive things to our society. These innovations have led to some great strides forward with far reaching implications in multiple industries that have helped to improve the lives of tons of people across the globe. Read on to learn about some of the drone innovations we are most thankful for in various industries!


NBC News Commercial Drones

One of the areas of drone applications that has seen the most beneficial improvements is the commercial drone industry. From keeping workers safe by using quadcopters for traditionally dangerous inspections to precision agriculture to entertainment. The commercial drone industry is popping with cutting-edge technology improving our lives and keeping us safe.

Inspection and Surveying

Why should you care about drones being used for inspecting and surveying? Because chances are you rely on or are affected by the things being inspected. For example, millions of people are reliant on natural gas and oil. These often utilize long pipelines to transport it long distances efficiently. However, before drones there was constant fear of an undetected leak.

Now that drones have been adapted to this industry, inspections can happen much more efficiently and are far safer, quicker, and more accurate. Paired with specialized imaging software, quadcopter and straight wing drones alike can inspect hundreds of miles of pipelines ensuring accuracy and keeping human inspectors away from potentially harmful fumes.

With increasing incidents of leaks and breaks, this technology is helping to mitigate these hazardous incidents that often have national impacts.

Precision Agriculture

With an ever-growing population, we are approaching a time where we are beginning to worry about food supply. In light of these concerns, companies everywhere have developed UAVs to assist farmers in producing the highest yields possible.

These drones help increase farmers production by giving an inexpensive and fast way to survey many acres of crops and return valuable information such as crop density, water density, soil condition, etc. This information can then be used to allow targeted watering, fertilizer, pesticide, and more.

This technology is a huge step forward in feeding our growing population.


One of the previously overlooked facets of drone commercialization is the entertainment industry. While single drones have been used for personal entertainment for a while now, (See this video of Halloween drones for a great example) the commercial industry is now starting to use drones to wow large audiences as well.

The most notable use of drones for entertainment is the 2017 Superbowl 51 halftime show. At the start of the show, Intel used 300 drones equipped with color changing globes to create an absolutely breathtaking demonstration. This involved making complex shapes and colors in the sky and ended with a stunning “waving American flag” formation. You can see a beautiful demonstration of these drones here!

This is just the beginning of drones in entertainment and they continue to be incorporated into movie making, special effects, and more.


CNN Military Drones

With Veteran’s day right behind us and giving thanks for those who have served and protected our country. What a better thing to talk about than how drones are helping to keep our troops, our country, and civilians safe.


One of the greatest strides made in the use of drones for military applications is in tactical operations. By flying a drone into an area before any personnel physically enter, troops are able to discover where any potential threats could be hidden, as well as identify any civilians. This helps to keep our troops safe, target the real threats, and keep innocent people safe.

Emergency/Disaster Response

One of the primary functions of our military is providing aid during disasters and emergencies across the globe. These situations come with their own dangers, especially with our troops often being some of the first people to enter a disaster area. In addition, these situations usually require a fast response to keep people safe and save lives.

Quadcopters have helped to solve both of these problems. By covering large areas from the sky, people on the ground can know where to focus their efforts to be most effective. The advanced drone imaging can help identify any victims in need of immediate help while also detecting dangerous areas to prevent further injuries to both parties.

This is one of the drone applications we can be thankful for as it is helping to save lives across the globe. The applications of drones in emergency and disaster response are continually expanding. For example, drones are now beginning to be used to move blood in Africa when timely delivery of a transfusion can mean life or death, among other ever-increasing applications, the possibilities are endless.


Camera and special imaging drones can also be used in a more passive application as extra security measures.

Drones were used during the Rio Olympics to provide the security forces up-to-date information about the areas surrounding the events. This allowed for detailed aerial photos and videos not otherwise accessible. Use of these images helped to focus security resources appropriately and keep the events extremely safe for everyone.

The military also uses drones for perimeter security on base, as well as security when on the move in caravans, some are even being tested in detecting roadside IEDs. The endless application of drones for security purposes means we can be thankful for a safer world with more eyes in the sky looking out for our safety.


This blog wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about drones for you and me! There have been tons of recent improvements to the world of consumer and “prosumer” level drones which make for great drones for everyone! We can be thankful for the awesome technology that enables us to soar through the air and capture killer birds-eye views. We all have the innate desire to fly and with improvements in accessible consumer drones the sky is the limit!

Camera Drones

Camera drones used to be only for the movies, now they are affordable for everyone! With camera and flight stabilization, intelligent flight modes, easy capture and more, you too can have videos from these awesome pieces of technology. You can see some great examples here. Also, read our other blogs for more information on this technology!

Beginner Drones

This technology wasn’t just historically expensive, but also used to be very difficult to fly for beginners. However, with new beginner flight modes such as headless mode, 1-key lift/land, tilt-to-fly, on-screen flight paths, and more, anyone can pick up a controller and start flying! Get your easy-to-fly and easy-to-learn beginner drones here!



There are lots of innovations and improvements to be thankful for. From safety to entertainment to improved standards of living, drones are making a splash in the world of applied technology. We can be thankful for such cool drone technology, the benefits it brings, and where this technology is going.

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