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Velocity X USB Battery Charger

USA Toyz

Are you in search of the best USB battery Charger? Find the best quality velocity X boat charger to give more power to your devices! This velocity X USB charger extends the lifetime of your devices, keeps them safe, and helps you play with your lovely gadgets for a long time.

Bear in mind: Velocity X UsB battery charger is compatible with the 7.4v 1100mAh lithium_Ion battery with green plugs.

Usability: Velocity X USB battery charger can be used for remote control vehicles, toy cars, and drones. Give more operating power to your devices with this charger and extend their battery time. 

Batteries: 1 AA battery is used in velocity X USB charger. With 7.4 volts and 1.0 unit count, the charger is perfect to charge your crucial devices. It has a battery capacity of 1100 mAh that extends its time of operation. It is used as a spare battery for cyclone RC cars, or boats to keep them always alive and powerful.

Safe to Use: Velocity  X USB battery charger is a JST connector, safe in normal use. It is easy to plug in and out.

Quality Assured:  We’ll provide a full refund, if you're not happy with your fun-oriented jaunting adventure with this quality Velocity X Boat Battery.

So, what else to ponder about? Shop it right away and give life to your lovely gadget!